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Les samples de Cro

Rap Interna.AccrophoneSecteur haute ville
Duke ellington & john coltraneIn a sentimental mood
Pop VarietAnaïs crozeSi j'etais une cigarette
Eliane embrunSi j'etais une cigarette
Elec. Tech.Andrew "necros" segaMechanism eight
WinstonsAmen brother
Rap FrCoup 2 crossMack the knife
Louis armstrongMack the knife
Rap FrCoup 2 crossMack the knife
Louis armstrongMe and brother bill
Rap FrCoup 2 crossClasse et panache
Mr scruffGet a move on
Rap Interna.CroEasy
Bobby hebbSunny
Rap Interna.CroGeht gut
Vampire weekendOttoman
Rap Interna.CroKein benz
CaesarsJerk it out
Rap Interna.CroRockstar
Bloc partyBanquet
Rap Interna.CroVorbei
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)
Rap Interna.CroVorbei
Birdy nam namAbbesses
Rap Interna.CroWir waren hier
Iggy popThe pasenger
Rap FrCromaJe fous le boxon dans ton studio
Mel gibson et danny glover # dialogue #
Rap UsCroniteReach for the sky
Five fairstepsOoh child
Rap UsCrooked iNeed a blessin
Queen the show must go on
Rap UsCrooked iRap or die
David bowie & trevor jonesOpening titles including underground
Rap UsCrooked iCrowns
Jay-zNever change
Rap UsCrooked iLeave us alone
Michael jackson I wanna be where you are
Rap UsCrooked iDynasty
Rap UsCrooked iTen rap commandments
Notorious b.i.g.Ten crack commandments
Rap UsCrooked iTakeover
Rap UsCrooked iThe finale
Run-dmcRock box
Rap UsCrooked iMr. pigface
Rap UsCrooked iReal thugs
Les mccanGo on and cry
Rap UsCrooked iAll i ever wanted
Solomon burkeFlesh and blood
Rap UsCrooked i gangRide til we die
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsCrooked i gangThese bitches
Gap bandYearning for your love
Rap UsCrooked i gangWest side ride'n
Dr. dre feat. snoop doggNuthin' but a 'g' thang
Rap UsCrooked stiloStepback
Cypress hillI wanna get high
Rap UsCrooked stiloStepback
Cypress hill3 lil' putos
Rap UsCrooked stiloMis colegialas
Rodolfo & tipica ra7La colegiala
Rap UsCrooked stiloYa lo saben
La sonora santaneraLa boa
Rap UsCrooked stiloTraicionera (oye traicionera)
Pastor lópezTraicionera
Elec. Tech.CrookersSveglia
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Pop VarietCrookersLone white wolf (featuring tim burgess)
BeatlesCome together
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgersCrooklyn dodgers, part 2
Young-holt unlimitedStrangers in the night
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgersBrooklyn in my mind
Curtis mayfieldLove to keep you in my mind
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgers 95'Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgers 95'Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Gang starrThe place where we dwell
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgers 95'Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Black moonWho got da props?
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgers 95'Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Young-holt trioStrangers in the night
Elec. Tech.CrookramTomorrow all right
Charles aznavourComme ils disent
Rap UsCross movementEpiphany (let it shine)
Friends of distinctionAnd i love him
Rap UsCrown & nefastDon't let me be misunderstood ft. mc killa
Nina simoneDon't let me be misunderstood
Rap UsCrown city rockersB-boy
5th dimensionDimension five
Rap UsCrown city rockersWithout love feat. zion i
Peter brownWithout love
Rap UsCrown city rockersSoul
The brothers johnson"q"
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
Scred connexionTranchants
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
MédineLecture aléatoire
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
Scred connexionTranchants
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
Scred connexionLes diables et les anges
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
Akhenaton feat. le rat lucianoRien à perdre
Rap FrCrown feat. atk, gwenzel, fayçal & tupanEn roue libre
BakarMon cv
Rap UsCrown feat. le turfJust listen
Lew kirton Let me up off my knees
Rap Interna.Dan le sac vs scroobius pipFixed
Dizzee rascalFix up, look sharp
Rap UsDan le sac vs scroobius pipLetter from god to man
RadioheadPlanet telex
Rap UsEnois scrogginsWest coast thing
Brenda taylorYou cant have your cake and eat it too
Rap FrFidel escro feat double pactDallas
Jerrold immelDallas theme
Rap FrHell maf ft micronologieProse froide
Big punisherLeather face
Rap FrHell maf ft micronologieProse froide
Big lDanger zone
Rap FrHell maf ft micronologieProse froide
Notorious b.i.g.Suicidal thoughts
Rap FrHell maf ft micronologieProse froide
EmcGit sum
Rap UsIll bill feat. necroOur life
Michael kwanXiao sheng ming
Elec. Tech.Jamie xx feat. romy madley croftLoud places
Idris muhammadCould heaven ever be like this
Rap FrJoe & crossMonsieur joe
Lou bondTo the establishment
Rap FrJoe & crossPour ou contre
Gang starrFull clip
Elec. Tech.Kid cudi & crookersDay n' nite (crookers remix)
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap FrL'entourage ft casse crouteLes choses se passent
Love unlimited orchestraMakin' believe that it's you
Rap FrLa microfauneSpliff au réveil
Strip tease # dialogue #
Rap UsManu crook$ feat miracleBlowin up
Ultra nateFree
Rap FrMicro organism & j.m. sissoko3'30 de répit
ChicWill you cry
Rap FrMicronologieMicronologie
Lafayette afro rock bandHihache
Rap FrMicronologieMicronologie
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Rap FrMicronologieRien à foutre
AssassinJe glisse
Rap FrMicronologie & panel largeLe son qui déhéboite
Michael jackson # bruitage #
Rap FrMicronologie & panel largeLe son qui déhéboite
James brownFunky drummer
Rap FrMicronologie & panel largeLe son qui déhéboite
Doug e. fresh & slick rickLa di da di
Rap UsMicrophone princeMemory lane
James brownFunky president
Rap UsMicrophone princeMemory lane
Dennis edwardsDon't look any further
Rap UsMicrophone princeGettin' paid for my vocals
Cypress hillHow i could just kill a man
Rap UsMicrophone princeYvonne and corry
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Rap UsNecro first blood
Mobb deep G.o.d. pt. iii
Rap UsNecroDrug dealing
Gang starrFull clip
Rap UsNecroThe real reality
Los angeles negrosTu y tu mirar yo y mi cancion
Rap UsNecroDopesick
Keith mansfieldResearch establishment
Rap UsNecroEvery second someone dies
Piero umilianiFree in minore
Rap UsNecroFranck zito
Jay chattawayCemetery chase
Rap UsNecroWhite slavery
LibraIl fantasma suona il piano
Rap UsNecroAs deadly as can be
Fabio frizziVerso lignoto
Rap UsNecroBelligerent gangsters
CaravelliMétamorphose démentielle
Rap UsNecroCreepy crawl
Lata mangeshkarPyar sikha doon
Rap UsNecroDeath rap
Rap UsNecroNo remorse
Ennio morriconeDies irae psichedelico
Rap UsNecroPortrait of a death rapper
Rap UsNecroF.u.b.a.r.
Sylvester stallone (tango), kurt russell (cash) # dialogue #
Rap UsNecro Asbestos
Paul mauriat and his orchestraEtude in the form of rhythm & blues
Rap UsNecroBrutalized
Steven seagal (gino felino) # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroDie
Shocking blueLove buzz
Rap UsNecroF.u.b.a.r
Emerson, lake & palmerThe endless enigma
Rap UsNecroFirst blood
Jerry goldsmithHome coming
Rap UsNecroFirst blood
Mobb deep Survival of the fittest
Rap UsNecroFirst blood
Dan hillIt's a long road
Rap UsNecroHey now
Serge gainsbourgDanger
Rap UsNecroPush it to the limit
Chou fu-liangCai yang nu bang zhu (main title)
Rap UsNecroSerpent's bite
Bill contiRedemption (theme from rocky ii)
Rap UsNecroSet it
Betty everettYou're no good
Rap UsNecroSorcerer of death's construction
Stelvio ciprianiLa polizia sta a guardare
Rap UsNecroSorcerer of death's construction
Black sabbathWar pigs
Rap UsNecroThe a**hole anthem
Ani difrancoUsed to you
Rap UsNecroThe kink panther
Rick jamesSuper freak
Rap UsNecroThe kink panther
Herman's hermitsFor love
Rap UsNecroThe kink panther (intro)
Maurice ravelBoléro
Rap UsNecroThin line between love and hate
MoodyWhile my guitar gently weeps
Rap UsNecroThugcore cowboy
Scott walkerThe rope & the colt
Rap UsNecroViva necro
Sonny chiba # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroViva necro
MetallicaMaster of puppets
Rap UsNecroAll hoties eat the jizz
Nico findencoVia della prostituzione
Rap UsNecroBury you with satan
Larry coryell & eleventh houseSuite
Rap UsNecroDead body disposal
Francis laiMelissa
Rap UsNecroDead body disposal
Francis laiUn homme qui plait
Rap UsNecroDead body disposal
Bad boy lincoln, sol & vincent # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroDead body disposal
Salt-n-pepaLet's talk about sex
Rap UsNecroDead body disposal
Brick top# dialogue #
Rap UsNecroLight my fire
Michel polnareffVoyages
Rap UsNecroLight my fire
DoorsLight my fire
Rap UsNecroOne way or another
Rap UsNecroPoetry in the streets
MziuriSong of the lamplighters
Rap UsNecroScalpel
Otis spannLooks like twins
Rap UsNecroViolins of violence
John lurieA woman can take you to another universe
Rap UsNecroCockroaches
Tangerine dreamRain forest
Rap UsNecroGet on your knees
Dionne warwickYou've lost that lovin' feeling
Rap UsNecroI need drugs
Ll cool jI need love
Rap UsNecroI'm sick of you
Stanley myersOpening credits
Rap UsNecroI'm sick of you
Herbie hancockDo a thing
Rap UsNecroUnderground
Bee geesNew york mining disaster 1941
Rap UsNecroUnderground
Seitaro omoriMain theme
Rap UsNecroYou're dead
Piero umilianiNel cosmo
Rap UsNecroYour fuckin' head split
Stu phillipsThe amazing spider-man
Rap UsNecroFire
Tommy jacksonToo hot to touch
Rap UsNecroButcher knife
Frank strazzeriCloudburst
Rap UsNecroRobbery
Bob jamesI want to thank you (very much)
Rap UsNecroDedicated to the trife
Bob jamesI want to thank you (very much)
Rap UsNecroReflections of a man feat. ill bill
Big noydLouder feat. prodigy
Rap UsNecroBillie jean 2005
Michael jacksonBillie jean
Rap UsNecroThe black wings of apocalypse
GoblinProfondo rosso theme
Rap UsNecroSharon's fetus (the pre-kill)
Krzysztof komedaLullaby
Rap UsNecroCaught it
Philipp glassCandyman theme - music box
Rap UsNecroGrave old world
The turtlesEve of destruction
Rap UsNecroParty killer
Men without hatsThe safety dance
Rap UsNecroWhat's this world coming to?
Nina simoneDon't let be me misunderstood
Rap UsNecro86 measures of game
Gene simmons & terry gross # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroBeatiful music for you die too
Umberto smailaLa belva col mitra
Rap UsNecroHuman consumption
Sean buckley # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroHuman consumption
Hannibal lecter # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroHuman consumption
Hannibal lecter # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroHuman consumption
Master sardu # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroIt skit (interlude)
Buffalo bill & catherine martin # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroNirvana
Juan carlos calderonOpening theme
Rap UsNecroNirvana
Paul naschy # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroPush it to the limit
Paul engemannScarface (push it to the limit)
Rap UsNecroReflection of children coming up in the grave
Paul mauriatMelancholy man
Rap UsNecroRogue skit (interlude)
Hannibal & clarice starling # dialogue #
Rap UsNecroThe dispensation of life and death
Fabio frizziApoteosi del mistero
Rap UsNecroWe did it
Billy joelWe didn't start the fire
Rap UsNecroHorny honeys
Rap UsNecroPiss
Marvin gayeAnna's song
Rap UsNecroPussy is my weakness
Dave grusinRag bag
Rap UsNecroSuckadelic
Karl heinz schaferKidnapping
Rap UsNecroThe whore
Tommy jacksonToo hot to touch
Rap UsNecroVaginal secretions
Tony silvester & the new ingredientPazuzu
Rap UsNecroWho's ya daddy
ZombiesTime of the season
Rap UsPerrion ft microphone preRollin'
John klemmerBarefoot ballet
Rap UsQ-unique feat goretex, ill bill & necroCanarsie artie's revenge
GoblinNon ho sonno
Rap UsReal crookzDa' redzone
Rap FrRez0pr0ds avec micronologie et panel largeNasty
The eleventh hourNasty
Pop VarietSheryl crowI want you back
Jackson 5I want you back
Pop VarietSheryl crowHere comes the sun
BeatlesHere comes the sun
Rap UsThe crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Black moonWho got da props
Rap UsThe crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
gang starr the place where we dwell
Rap FrYezi l'escrocJe suis...
Michael masserIt's my turn (instrumental version)
Rap FrYezi l'escrocLe dernier cow-boy
ChicSavoir faire
Rap FrYezi l'escrocLes choses de la vie
Tom jonesAin't no sunshine when she's gone
Rap FrYezi l'escrocNarrateur des derniers temps
Luther ingram(if loving you is wrong) i don't want to be right
Rap FrYezi l'escrocQu'on parle de moi
DouchkaQuelqu'un viendra
Rap FrYezi l'escroc feat souheilaDonne-moi du rêve
L.t.d.Promise you'll stay devotion

Les artistes qui ont samplé Cro

Rap UsMf grimmWords
Andraé crouchI'll be thinking of you
Rap UsCount bass dShould there be some reign
Andraé crouchI'll be thinking of you
Rap UsSpectac & shakimShine
Andraé crouch & the disciplesI come that you might have life
Rap UsSnoop doggy doggI love to give you light
Andraé crouch and the disciplesI come that you might have life
Rap UsSean kingstonGot no shorty
Bing crosbyI ain't got nobody
Elec. Tech.Amon tobinNightlife
Bing crosbyTemptation
Rap UsThe foreign exchange Let's move
Bing crosby A gal in calico
Pop VarietArnaud fleurent-didierLe reste tu devines
Christopher crossRide like the wind
Rap UsPuff daddyMy best friend
Christopher crossSailing
Rap UsMasta aceBrooklyn masala
Christopher crossSailing
Rap UsJust blazeMiracle
Christopher crossSailing
Rap UsApathyI remember...
Crooklyn dodgerCrooklyn
Rap UsSnowgoons ft masta ace & stricklinBenz bema dreamz
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsFashawnRemember the times
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsBekayIntro
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsIll bill & vinnie pazSplatterfest
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsSkyzooClick
Crooklyn dodgers Crooklyn
Rap UsCrooklyn dodgers 95'Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsFu-schnickensVisions (20-20)
Crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap UsClear soul forcesStrangers in the night
Crooklyn dodgers 95Return of the crooklyn dodgers
Rap UsCypress hillArmada latina
Crosby, stills & nashSuite: judy blue eyes
Elec. Tech.CassiusAlmost cut my hair
Crosby, stills, nash & youngAlmost cut my hair
Rap UsApollo brownCloudy day
Crosby, stills, nash & youngCountry girl
Pop VarietBlack sabbathEvil woman
CrowEvil woman
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothAll the places
Crown heights affairFar out
Rap FrIamUn cri court dans la nuit
Crown heights affairFeeling tall
Rap UsRick ross ft dr dre & jay-z3 kings
Crown of gloryI'm so grateful
Rap Fr1984Le sablier des siècles
David cronenberg # dialogue #
Rap FrButter bulletsL'hiver approche
Denny crockett & ike eganLa malédiction des dieux
Rap UsJiggy djé feat. unorthadoxS.w.o.t.
Francis lai, michel legrand:chant nicole croisilleLes uns et les autres
Rap UsTyler, the creator ft kanye west & lil wayneSmuckers
Gabriele ducrosMetropolis notte
Rap FrPiroksenA la recherche du micro d'or
Indiana jones et la dernière croisade # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.LovageArchie & veronica
Jerry la croixMean ole world
Rap UsSkyzooMaintain
Jerry lacroixMean ole world
Rap UsGravediggazHere comes the gravediggaz
Jim croceYou don't mess around with jim
Rap UsGrouchThe enchanted
John abercrombieTimeless
Elec. Tech.The cinematic orchestraDurian
John abercrombie, dave holland and jack dejohnetteSorcery i
Rap Interna.Paskaman ft luca j and naytTorna da noi (come on biatch)
Kid cudi & crookersDay 'n' nite (crookers remix)
Elec. Tech.Girl talkGet it get it
Kid cudi & crookersDay n' nite (crookers remix)
Pop VarietMarcel et son orchestrePolitiquement x
La croisière s'amuse # dialogue #
Rap FrBoobaIntro
Maximus (russell crowe) # dialogue #
Rap FrVii Seul avec le diable
Necro Bury you with satan
Rap FrViiMélancolie d'un linceul
NecroCircle of tyrants
Pop VarietBack to square oneBtso
Rap FrB.jamesJ'incarne la hargne
NecroOne way or another
Rap FrViiSi douce, si perverse
NecroThe most sadistic
Rap FrCaseyUnderground connexion
NecroYou're dead
Rap FrT-kaï ceeConte cruel de la jeunesse
Necro & ill billOur life
Rap Fr2 bal 2 neg'Ma vision du monde
Nicole croisilleI'll never leave you
Rap UsAceyalone & rjd2Fire
Nicole croisilleJ'ai appris la misque avant toi
Rap UsGhostface killahMighty healthy remixed by nuttkase
Nicole croisillePlus fort que nous
Rap UsNyg'zYa dayz r #'d
Nolen & crossleyWinterlude
Rap UsNyg'zYa dayz r #'d remix
Nolen & crossleyWinterlude
Rap UsPublic enemyGive it up
Pop staples, albert king & steve cropperOpus de soul
Rap UsBeanie sigelFeel in the air
Raphael ravenscroftWhole lotta something goin on
Rap UsBeanie sigelFeel it in the air
Raphale ravenscrofftWhole lotta something goin on
Rap UsJay-zWhat more can i say ?
Russel crowe # dialogue #
Rap FrTandemAvant la tempète
Russel crowe # dialogue #
Rap UsMc 900 ft. jesusIf i only had a brain
ScarecrowIf i only had a brain
RnB, SoulIsley brothersSummer breeze
Seals & croftSummer breeze
RnB, SoulMain ingredientSummer breeze
Seals & croftSummer breeze
Pop VarietTalentEverywhere i go
Seals & croftsSweet green fields
Rap UsBusta rhymesPut your hands where my eyes can see
Seals & croftsSweet green fields
Rap FrOxmo puccinoHitman
Sheryl crowTomorrow never dies
Elec. Tech.ScooterAll i wanna do
Sheryl crowAll i wanna do
Rap UsYelawolfBeer buzz
Sheryl crowAll i wanna do
Rap UsJay-zSo ghetto
Steve cropperCrop dustin
Rap UsJay-zSo ghetto
Steve cropperCrop dustin'
Rap UsPublic enemyGive it up
Steve cropper, pop staples and albert king Optus de soul
Rap UsCzarfaceDead zone
The crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn
Rap Us7l & esotericThink back
The crooklyn dodgersCrooklyn

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