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Les samples de Budgie

Rap UsBudgieComing soon / tied up
Amos davis & the angelic choraleersHe's coming soon
Rap UsBudgieComing soon / tied up
The new orleans gospel soul childrenWrapped up tied up tangled up
Rap UsBudgieLead me
Phebe hinesLead me
Rap UsBudgieNever alone
Trenora parker & l.a. cathedral choirYou're never alone
Rap UsBudgieCall me
Le johnnCall me
Rap UsBudgieDon't be selfish
OmniDon't be selfish
Rap UsBudgieHey girl
Con funk shunNow and forever
Rap UsBudgieI love you
Steffen fishaMajic in you (majic in me)
Rap UsBudgieSneak upstairs
Chuck jacksonI'm needing you, wanting you
Rap UsBudgieSpinning
The groupSpinning around
Rap UsBudgieTalking to the birds
Derek martinThat's what i'll do
Rap UsBudgieTouching me up
Brown sugarLay some lovin' on me
Rap UsBudgieWant and need you
Three flights upI'm only half
Rap UsBudgieBonsai garden frolics
Shunzo ohnoQuarter moon
Rap UsBudgieConfession
Hiroshi fukumuraThe only one for me
Rap UsBudgieLighter
Masayoshi takanakaSundrops
Rap UsBudgiePicking petals
Tatsuro yamashitaひととき
Rap UsBudgiePimples for dimples
Masayoshi takanakaStruttin' on broadway
Rap UsBudgieRose tinted
Issei noroTransparency
Rap UsBudgieThe vapors
Seaside loversEvening shadows
Rap UsBudgieThe vapors
Yoshiaki masuoTwo hearts
Rap UsBudgieTouch me
The king tonesTouch me lightly
Rap UsBudgieSo scared
Carl jensenA different corner
Rap UsBudgieThe trees and the sky
Isaac douglas & the new york community choirSave thyself
Rap UsBudgieWith my soul
The greater williams temple choirIt is well
Rap UsBudgieCpt
Florida mass choirCan't forget
Rap UsBudgieRecess
Dr. jonathan greer & the cathedral of faith choirsHe's worthy
Rap UsBudgieSalvation & light
Rev. richard white & the atlanta mass choirYe must be born again

Les artistes qui ont samplé Budgie

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