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Les samples de Ramsey lewis

ramsey lewis
Pop VarietBarbara lewisThe windmills of your mind
Noel harrisonThe windmills of your mind
ReggaeCj lewisR to the a
WhispersAnd the beat goes on
Elec. Tech.Dj pippi & jamie lewis Impress me
Double dee Found love
Elec. Tech.Jamie lewis feat keith thompsonBody music
Chicago Street player
Elec. Tech.Jamie lewis feat. michelle weeksBe thankfull
Montefiori cocktail Gipsy woman
Pop VarietJerry lee lewisShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Mickey newburyShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Pop VarietJerry lee lewis ft little richardI saw her standing there
BeatlesI saw her standing there
RnB, SoulJoe williams, thad jones & the mel lewis orcheGet out of my life, woman
Lee dorsey Get out of my life, woman
RnB, SoulLeona lewis feat. timbalandReady to get down
ChicI want your love
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerBang
Lalo schifrinNunzio in danger
Rap UsLewis parkerBig impact
A tribe called quest ft l.o.n.sScenario
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerBig impact
Brian bennettNuplex
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerGo head wid ya self
Dick walterPacific coast highway
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerGrand manoeuvres pt i
The mike hankinson big bandCaprivi strip
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerCommunications
Mike sammes singersHow much of the dream comes true?
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerMovement & rhythm
Martin dennyThe wild one
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerNo escape
Sight and soundFragment of fear
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerFake charades
101 stringsTheme from summer of 42
Rap UsLewis parkerA thousand fragments
WhatnautsWhy can't people be colors too?
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerEyes of dreams
The geoff love singersThe shadow of your smile
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerFirewater
Big punFire water
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerFirewater
Dominic frontiereLove theme
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerRelease the stress
Yuji ohno & his projectA key to the mystery
Rap UsLewis parkerVisions of splendour
Krs-oneOutta here
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerVisions of splendour
101 strings orchestraDays of wine and roses
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerBlood in the water
Stefano liberatiShark jazz band
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerGreat wonders of 96
Ray conniffGreenfields
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerBig themes for little losers
Keith mansfieldWonderlust
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerAlone thoughts
Brian bennettThoughtful
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerHard endeavour
R. deroMoody feeling
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe facts remain
Nick ingmanTense preparation
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerWorldwide assassination
Karl heinz schäferNous n'irons plus au labrador
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerInternational takeover
Dennis farnonSouth bound
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerSnakes & ladders
Henry manciniTheme from the thief who came to dinner
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe big gamble
Frank sterling big bandWhispering giant
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe big game
Dennis farnonSnowmobile
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe unseen trap
Brian bennettImage
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerWhen it rains it pours
John cameronSatin 2
Rap Interna.Lewis parker & john robinsonDues paid
Brian bennettMigration
Rap Interna.Lewis parker & john robinsonWarrior princess
MagnumComposition seven
Rap Interna.Lewis parker & profoundSunny dedications
Al greenI'm glad you're mine
Rap Interna.Lewis parker & supa tCasa forte
Joaquín rodrigoAdagio
Rap UsMacklemore & ryan lewisOtherside
Red hot chili peppersOtherside
Rap UsMacklemore & ryan lewisMy oh my
Joe texPapa was too
Rap UsMacklemore & ryan lewisThrift shop
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat (female version)
RnB, SoulRamsey lewisDancing in the street
Martha reeves & the vandellasDancing in the street
RnB, SoulRamsey lewisBack in the ussr
The beatlesBack in the ussr
RnB, SoulRamsey lewisCry baby cry
BeatlesCry baby cry
Pop VarietRamsey lewisThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe look of love
RnB, SoulRamsey lewisSoul man
Sam & daveSoul man
Jazz, BluesRamsey lewis trioAnd i love her
BeatlesAnd i love her
Rap UsRob lewisMy dear, my dear, my dear
The pharcydePassing me by
Rap UsRob lewisMy dear, my dear, my dear
Gloria jonesTainted love
RnB, SoulTarralyn ramseyGotta have you
ImaginationMusic and lights
Jazz, BluesTed lewis and his bandMy woman!
Bing crosbyMy woman
Elec. Tech.The prodigy ft juliette lewisHotride
Ciccone youth # bruitage #
Elec. Tech.The prodigy ft juliette lewisHotride
5th dimensionUp, up and away
Elec. Tech.The prodigy ft juliette lewisSpitfire
Billy squierThe big beat
Jazz, BluesThe ramsey lewis trioLove theme from spartacus
Alex northSpartacus love theme
ReggaeU-roy & hopeton lewisTom drunk
Herman marquisTom's version

Les artistes qui ont samplé Ramsey lewis

Rap FrLa rumeurA contretemps
Barbara lewisThe windmills of your mind
Rap UsGang starrThe militia
Barbara lewisWindmills of your mind
Rap FrScred connexionTranchant
Carole laure - lewis fureyLorca in three movements
ReggaeStranger cole with tommy mccook & the all starsCrying every night (these eyes)
Hopeton lewis & u-roy with tommy mccookTom drunk
ReggaeHerman marquis with tommy mccook & the supersonicsTom's version
Hopeton lewis & u-roy with tommy mccookTom drunk
Elec. Tech.OsymysoIntro-inspection
Huey lewis & the newsThe power of love
Elec. Tech.Neil cicieregaNo credit card
Huey lewis & the newsThe power of love
Pop VarietRay parker jr.Ghostbusters
Huey lewis & the newsI want a new drug
Pop VarietJive bunny & the mastermixersThat's what i like
Jerry lee lewisGreat balls of fire
RnB, SoulAhmirHappy
Leona lewis Happy
Rap UsJoey bada$$ & cj flyHardknock
Lewis parkerEyes of dreams
Rap UsBinary starFreakin' flowz
Lewis ramseyWanderin' rose
Rap UsCommonGo!
Linda lewisOld smokey
Pop VarietBellerucheReflection
Linda lewisRock a doodle doo
Pop VarietKidz bop kidsThrift shop
Macklemore & ryan lewisThrift shop
Rap UsBlack moonNo way
Pat lewisI'll wait
RnB, SoulParliamentsI'll wait
Pat lewisI'll wait
Rap FrLunaticLe son qui met la pression
Paul lewisHomage to dr. jekyll (a)
Rap UsKyo itachi & dirt platoonAnimal shit
Paul lewisHomage to dr. jekyll (a)
Rap FrLone feat. busta flexQuel est ce schnaker (intro)
Paul lewisFilm opener
Rap UsThe creators feat. phil da agony Kronkite
Paul lewisHomage to dracula (a)
Rap FrIamLa saga
Ramsey lewisMemphis in june
Rap UsSunz of man & iamLa saga
Ramsey lewisMemphis in june
Rap UsBinary starGlen close
Ramsey lewisMood for mendes
Rap UsLittle brotherTake it there
Ramsey lewisI dig you
Rap UsA tribe called quest feat faith evansStressed out
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsA tribe called questElectric relaxation
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsA tribe called quest One two shit
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsA tribe called quest Stressed out
Ramsey lewisDreams
Pop VarietBeckDebra
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsGoodie mobSesame street
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsCj flyMidnight murder freestyle '11
Ramsey lewisDreams
Rap UsFugeesFu-gee-la
Ramsey lewisIf loving you is wrong, i don't want to be right
Rap UsSouth park mexicanEl jugador
Ramsey lewisIf loving you is wrong, i don't want to be right
Rap FrMc solaarTemps mort
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap UsJamal-skiPoom poom
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap UsMusiq soulchildGirl next door
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap UsScientifikJungles of da east
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Pop VarietBeckDebra
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap UsJay-zIn my lifetime (remix)
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap FrLes littleRessens le son
Ramsey lewisMy love for you
Rap Fr113 feat. boss oneLes regrets restent
Ramsey lewisMessenger
Rap UsGang starrLes fleurs
Ramsey lewisJazz music
Rap FrLes sages poètes de la rueCrève la meuf
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsNujabesHikari
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsAll natural50 years
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsJohn robinsonThere she goes (intro)
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap FrSchkoonk!Les amants de m-j
Ramsey lewisLes fleur
Rap FrCut killerIntro
Ramsey lewisLes fleurs
Rap UsMasta aceSaturday nite live
Ramsey lewisLes fleurs
Rap UsGang starrJazz music
Ramsey lewisLes fleurs
Rap UsBlack sheepSimilak child
Ramsey lewisLes fleurs
Rap UsPharcydeOfficer
Ramsey lewisMaiden voyage
Rap UsTha soloist & a dusty cinemaWorthy
Ramsey lewisMighty quinn
Rap UsArrested developmentU
Ramsey lewisThe mighty quinn
Rap UsPharcydeOfficer
Ramsey lewisThe mighty quinn (quinn the eskimo)
Rap UsIce tHome invasion
Ramsey lewisThe mighty quinn (quinn the eskimo)
Elec. Tech.The prodigyDirtchamber track 2
Ramsey lewisThe mighty quinn (quinn the eskimo)
Elec. Tech.AquariusAquatic
Ramsey lewisBack in the ussr
Rap UsShowbiz & a.g.Catchin' wreck
Ramsey lewisCry baby cry
Rap UsDas efxMicrophone master (dome cracker remix)
Ramsey lewisEverybody's got something to hide except me and my
Rap UsDa king & iMr. all that
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsUmc'sIt's gonna last
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsTha soloistLife is beautiful
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap FrAlliance ethnik & beatnutsJamais à l’heure
Ramsey lewisSummer breeze
Rap UsJurassic 5Concrete schoolyard
Ramsey lewisSummer breeze
Rap Interna.Little simzGorilla
Ramsey lewisSummer breeze
Rap FrLes sages poètes de la rueLa rue
Ramsey lewisHot dawgit
Rap UsPublic enemyI don't want to be called yo nigga
Ramsey lewisHot dawgit
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothEscape
Ramsey lewisSun goddess
Rap UsE-40Hope i don't go back
Ramsey lewisSun goddess
Rap UsMos defMr. nigga
Ramsey lewisSun goddess
Rap UsRahzelBubblin, bubblin (pina colada)
Ramsey lewisTambura
Rap UsThe coupFuck a perm
Ramsey lewisTambura
Rap UsCannibal oxBattle for asgard
Ramsey lewisTambura
Elec. Tech.Company flowLinoleum
Ramsey lewisTambura
Rap UsGreedy fingers (feat mf doom & megalon)I sell rhymes like dimes
Ramsey lewisTambura
Rap Fr3ème oeilManipule
Ramsey lewisLove theme from spartacus
Rap UsCapital d & molemenMrs manley
Ramsey lewisLove theme from spartacus
Rap UsReal liveCrime is money
Ramsey lewisA rainy day in centerville
ReggaeDave & ansel collinsDouble barrel
Ramsey lewisParty time
Elec. Tech.WiseguysOoh la la
Ramsey lewisRespect
Rap UsRun-dmcOoh, whatcha gonna do
Ramsey lewisThe look of love
Rap FrIamL'aimant
Ramsey lewisThe look of love
Rap FrDubmatiqueSoul pleureur
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap FrAfro jazzYou can't stop
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsGroup homeLivin' proof
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsSouls of mischiefMake your mind up
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsDa king & iFlip da scrip
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsSupastitionI remember
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsHard 2 obtainGhetto diamond
Ramsey lewisCollage
Rap UsThe coupLiberation of lonzo williams
Ramsey lewisConcierto de aranjuez
Rap FrAkh, main flow, king solomon, rockin squat, mastaDays are longer
Ramsey lewisSlippin into darkness
Rap FrMinistère ÄmerNègres de la pègre
Ramsey lewisSlippin' into darkness
Rap FrIamReste underground
Ramsey lewisSlippin' into darkness
Pop VarietBeckDiskobox
Ramsey lewis trio Upendo ni pamoja (love is together)
Rap UsCurren$yGet it ya self
Thad jones & mel lewisQuiet lady
Elec. Tech.Dj dioneEye of the storm
The prodigy ft juliette lewisHotride
Elec. Tech.The prodigyWake the f*** up
The prodigy ft juliette lewisSpitfire (nightbreed mix)
Elec. Tech.The prodigyRoadblox
The prodigy ft juliette lewisSpitfire (nightbreed mix)
Rap UsCookin' soulJazzy piano xmas
The ramsey lewis trioSnowbound
Rap UsSwv feat. foxy brownRelease some tension
The ramsey lewis trioCollage
Rap FrLbbObstiné
The ramsey lewis trioUpendo ni pamoja
Rap UsPuppetmastazGive peace a chance
U-roy & hopeton lewisTom drunk
Rap UsRakaaDelilah
U-roy & hopeton lewisTom drunk
Rap UsReflection eternal & mos def & mr manFortified live
U-roy & hopeton lewisTom drunk
Rap UsSzaSmoking on my ex pack
Webster lewisOpen up your eyes

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