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Les samples de All natural

all natural
Rap UsAll natural50 years
Ramsey lewisJulia
Rap UsAll naturalCashin' the checks
Dorothy ashbySoul vibrations
Rap UsAll naturalStart the revolution
Nancy wilsonAin't no sunshine
Rap UsAll naturalKeep it movin'
Rap UsAll natural feat iomos marad & allstar the fabulouElements of style
Dave hamiltonMarriage is a state of vibes
Rap UsLone catalysts feat all naturalRenaissance
Ahmad jamalYou're my everything
Elec. Tech.Natural mysticEchos
BlowflySesame street
Elec. Tech.Natural mysticEchos
WinstonsAmen, brother
RnB, SoulThe natural fourGoing in circles
Friends of distinctionGoing in circles

Les artistes qui ont samplé All natural

Rap UsPoor righteous teachers ft brother jThey turned gangsta
Galt macdermot's first natural hair bandWalking in space
Rap UsMr. voodooReturn of the 45
Natural elementsBust mine
Rap UsHell razahHeaven on earth
Natural fourHeaven right here on earth
Rap Interna.Hilltop hoods1979
Natural fourWhat's happening here
Elec. Tech.Bulldog breaksSwing thing
Natural fourWhat's happening here
Rap FrModa & danViens pas toucher
Natural fourLove's society
Rap UsAzRise and fall
Natural fourLove's society
Rap UsMorNlp
Natural fourLove's society
Rap UsPete rockIt's a love thing (feat. cl smooth)
Natural fourTry love again
Elec. Tech.Makoto & kabukiLook of love (feat. deezim)
Natural fourTry love again
Rap UsO.c.Story to tell
Natural fourTry love again
Rap UsUgkPurse come first
Natural fourTry love again
Rap UsBlackaliciousAs the world turns
Natural gasThe all powerful man

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