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Les samples de Ugk

Rap UsA$ap rocky ft juicy j & ugkWavybone
Syl johnsonCould i be falling in love
Rap UsJay-z feat. ugkBig pimpin'
Roland corporation170 ahoo yell
Rap UsUgkLife is 2009
Too shortLife is... too short
Rap UsUgkPreignant pussy dj screw remix
Mary j. bligeLove no limit
Rap UsUgkAin't that a bitch (ask yourself)
Public enemy Black steel in the hour of chaos
Rap UsUgkAin't that a bitch (ask yourself)
Johnny "guitar" watsonAin't that a bitch
Rap UsUgkChoppin' blades
Schoolly dP.s.k. - what does it mean?
Rap UsUgkChoppin' blades
E-40Captain save a hoe
Rap UsUgkDirty money
Grandmaster flash & the furious five featThe message
Rap UsUgkLike a pimp
Too $hortIn the trunk
Rap UsUgkWood wheel
Staple singersLove comes in all colors
Rap UsUgkDiamonds & wood
Boosty collinsMunchies for your love
Rap UsUgkDiamonds and wood
Dj screwElbows swangin
Rap UsUgkOne day
Isley brothersAin't i been good to you
Rap UsUgkPinky ring
Curtis mayfieldFuture shock
Rap UsUgkRidin' dirty
Wes montgomeryAngel
Rap UsUgkIt's supposed to bubble
PleasureThoughts of old flames
Rap UsUgkFeds in town
Hall & oatesSara smile
Rap UsUgkProtect and serve
SunMy woman
Rap UsUgkTake it off
BesideChange the beat
Rap UsUgkTake it off
Barry whiteLove serenade (part l)
Rap UsUgkPocket full of stones
Eugene mcdanielsFreedom death dance
Rap UsUgkShort texas
FunkadelicGood old music
Rap UsUgkUse me up
Bill withersUse me
Rap UsUgkPurse come first
Natural fourTry love again
Rap UsUgk Chrome plated woman
Aaron nevilleHercules
Rap UsUgkHit the block (bonus track)
Notorious b.i.g.Spit your game
Rap UsUgkInt'l players anthem (i choose you)
Project patChoose u
Rap UsUgkInternational players anthem
Willie hutchI choose you
Rap UsUgkQuit hattin the south
LatimoreLet's straighten it out
Rap UsUgk ft charlie wilsonHow long can it last
One waySomething in the past
Rap UsUgk ft infinityCramping my style
Isley brothersBetween the sheets

Les artistes qui ont samplé Ugk

Rap UsJay-z99 problems
Rap UsThree 6 mafia On some chrome
UgkPocket full of stones
Rap UsVolume 10Pistolgrip-pump
UgkPocket full of stones
Rap UsChamillionaireOne day
UgkOne day u here

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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