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Les samples de Adl

Rap UsAdlDaddy
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Rap UsAdlibHate my gutz
OnyxThrow ya gunz
Pop VarietBradley leightonKeep that same old feeling
CrusadersKeep that same old feeling
RnB, SoulCharles bradley & menahan street bandHeart of gold
Neil youngHeart of gold
Rap UsDeadlyC'mon wit ya bad self
Lafayette afro rock bandHihache
Rap UsDeadly huntaTalk out loud
Spice girlsWannabe
Rap UsDeadly huntaTalk out loud
Lisa stansfieldAll around the world
Rap UsDeadly huntaTalk out loud
Rap UsDeadly venomsPillow talk
Minnie ripertonCan you feel what i'm saying
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & madlibHarold's
Rose royceLet me be the first to know
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & madlibScarface
KillarmyThe shoot out
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & madlibThuggin'
RubbaWay star
Elec. Tech.Jamie xx feat. romy madley croftLoud places
Idris muhammadCould heaven ever be like this
Rap UsJay dee & madlibChampion sound
Kalyanji anadjiDharmatma theme
Rap UsJay dee & madlibMcnasty filth
Paul mauriatMelancholy man
Rap UsJay dee & madlibNo games
Mantronix # bruitage #
Rap UsJay dee & madlibReact
Gentle giantPlain truth
Rap UsJay dee & madlibSex freaks
Jaco pastoriusOpus pocus
Rap UsJay dee & madlibThe exclusive
Phil collinsIn the air tonight
Rap UsJay dee & madlibThe heist
Gentle giantThe advent of panurge
Rap UsJay dee & madlibThe official
Gap mangioneDiana in the autumn wind
Rap UsJay dee & madlibSex freaks (feat. quasimoto)
Jaco pastoriusOpus pocus
Rap UsMadlibFor my mans
Don blackmanSince you been away so long
Rap UsMadlibThe come up (come down)....first part (that green
Archie bell & the drellsGreen power
Rap UsMadlibOuterlimit (space ho)
Chute librePénélope au balcon
Rap UsMadlibThe payback (gotta)
Thunder and lightningBumpin' bus stop
Rap UsMadlibAfrican walk
The ogyatanaa show bandDisco africa
Rap UsMadlibBlack mozart (opus ii)
Mos defSunshine
Rap UsMadlibBlack mozart (opus ii)
NasWhat goes around
Rap UsMadlibEternal broadcaster (authentic)
Rap UsMadlibFilthy (untouched)
Vivien goldmanLaunderette
Rap UsMadlibFilthy (untouched)
Pete rock & c.l. smoothIt's a love thing
Rap UsMadlibStax (strings)
Carla thomasI've fallin in love with you
Rap UsMadlibWest coast (coastin')
Elmer bernsteinTrapped
Rap UsMadlibWhutkanido (can do it)
Luther ingramYou were made for me
Rap UsMadlibAnother getaway
James brownThe boss
Rap UsMadlibDancing girls theme
Lata mangeshkar, mohammed rafiBol mere saathiya
Rap UsMadlibMore rice
Kishore kumarDe de pyar de
Rap UsMadlibVariations
Lata mangeshkar & kishore kumarShayad meri shaadi
Rap UsMadlibBeat provider (through the years)
SpecialsYou stood me up
Rap UsMadlibThe rumble
Mahendra kapoorMere desh ki dharti
Rap UsMadlibNew bombay
Asha bhosleSona roopa layo re
Rap UsMadlibMic check (smoke break2)
Ace spectrumTrust me
Rap UsMadlibLouder (blast your theme)
MetersHandclapping song
Rap UsMadlibOn the grind
Tanya gardnerWhen you touch me
Rap UsMadlibBrain melt
Just iceCold gettin dumb
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
BrainticketPlaces of light
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
The outsidersTouch
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
Los yorksMi mente en ti (when my mind is not live)
Rap UsMadlib Medicine show 6
The millenniumPrelude
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
Dirty filthy mudThe forest of black
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
The 'n betweensYou better run
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
The firesign theatreThe holygram's song (back from the shadows again)
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
AfterglowSuise's gone
Rap UsMadlib Medicine show 6
The third bardoI'm five years ahead of my time
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
The mystrysWitch girl
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
Arik einsteinThe banana man
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6
Crystal circusTwisted conversation
Rap UsMadlibMedicine show 6 intro
Spencer davis groupGimme some lovin'
Rap UsMadlibMedicine shox 6
EmbryoMusic of today
Rap UsMadlibBonus a
Samuel bèlayAynotchesh yerèfu
Rap UsMadlibBonus r
Alèmayèhu eshètéYebèqanal
Rap UsMadlibEpisode xvi
Marvin gayeTime to get it together
Rap UsMadlibEpisode xxvi
Marc moulinHumpty dumpty
Rap UsMadlibIntro in mind fusion
CortexSabbat (3eme partie)
Rap UsMadlibPlease set me at ease
Bobbi humphreyPlease set me at ease
Rap UsMadlibSlim's return
Krs-oneSound of da police
Rap UsMadlibSlim's return
Krs-oneMortal thought
Rap UsMadlibStepping into tomorrow
Donald byrdStepping into tomorrow
Rap UsMadlibAndrew hill break
Andrew hillIllusion
Rap UsMadlibDistant land (hip hop drum mix)
Donald byrdDistant land
Rap UsMadlibDistant land (hip hop drum mix)
Donald byrdDistant land
Rap UsMadlibMontara
Bobby hutchersonMontara
Rap UsMadlibMystic bounce
Ronnie fosterMystic brew
Rap UsMadlibPlease set me at ease
Bobbi humphreyPlease set me at ease
Rap UsMadlibSlim's return
Gene harris & the three soundsBook of slim
Rap UsMadlibSong for my father
Horace silver quintetSong for my father
Rap UsMadlibStormy
Reuben wilsonStormy
Rap UsMadlibFreeze
Bappi lahiri & usha uthupNa main hun tera na tu hain
Rap UsMadlibPiano garden
Lata mangeshkarTum samne baithe raho
Rap UsMadlibMovie finale
Lata mangeshkarDo jhoot jiye ek sach ke liye (sad)
Rap UsMadlibCome here my dear
Eddie hendersonComin through
Rap UsMadlibRiot call
Peter gabrielBiko
Rap UsMadlibThe come up (the come down)
Little anthony and the imperialsHelp me find a way
Rap UsMadlibNever front (ears up)
JamiroquaiDidgin' out
Rap UsMadlibParklight
Tim blakeLighthouse
Rap UsMadlib (beat konducta)J's day theme #3 (support)
The kay geesFind a friend (prelude)
Rap UsMadlib (beat konducta)Tape hiss (dirty)
Candi statonToo hurt to cry
Rap UsMadlib (madvilain)Accordion
Rap UsMadlib feat defari gamble on ya boy
Gwen mccrae I found a new love
Rap UsMadlib ft wildchildCut one
Roger rogerFrantique
Rap UsMadlib the beat konductaOuterlimit (space ho)
Chute librePénélope au balcon
Rap UsMadlib the beat konductaThe main inspiration (coltrane of beats)
Shuggie otisIsland letter
Rap UsMed, blu & madlibEven though
Willie hutchMother's theme (mama)
Rap UsPercee p feat madlibUntitled
Tommy youngbloodTobacco road
Rap UsQuasimoto alias madlibThe clown (episode c)
AntoinetteI got an attitude
Rap UsQuasimoto alias madlibThe clown (episode c)
Rap UsQuasimoto alias madlibThe clown (episode c)
Masta aceSittin' on chrome
Rap UsQuasimoto alias madlibThe clown (episode c)
Royce da 5'9"Boom
Rap UsQuasimoto alias madlibThe clown (episode c)
The rootsGlitches (the skin you're in)
Rap UsThe professionals (oh no & madlib)I want it back
The grodeck whipperjennyConclusions

Les artistes qui ont samplé Adl

Rap FrJoeystarr & nathyHow long
Charles bradleyHow long
Rap UsJay-zOpen letter
Charles bradleyI believe in your love
Rap FrK.oni / rezo, kenyon, sear lui même, dj sleemJ'y crois encore
Charles bradleyI believe in your love
Rap UsTayyib aliBills 2 pay
Charles bradleyThe world
Rap UsCyrus malachi feat wisemenMaster builders
Charles bradleyThe world (is going up in flames)
Rap UsEminemOffended
Charles bradley & menahan street bandIn you (i found love)
Elec. Tech.RitualzRhythmic release
Cradle of filthCruelty brought thee orchids
Rap UsSicktanickPayback
Cradle of filthThirteen autumns and a widow
Rap FrScareoneLa dernière action
Cradle of filthSerpent tongue
Rap UsProject pat feat. three 6 mafia & frayser boy Shut ya mouth, bitch
Cradle of filthFrom the cradle to enslave
Rap FrAlkpoteAppel privé
Cradle of filthFrom the cradle to enslave
Rap UsSicktanickBred to kill
Cradle of filthGilded cunt
Rap FrMc solaarProse combat
Hadley calimanLittle one
Elec. Tech.Crystal castlesMagic spells
Jane badler (diana) # dialogue #
Rap FrBaccarat & dj yepDeep inside ou la lettre à un ange
John et james bradley (george grizzard & thomas mc # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Bel amourPromise me
Madleen kaneRough diamond
Rap UsSupernaturalOff top
Madleen kaneRough diamond
Rap UsJedi mind tricksSacrifice
MadlibMovie finale
Rap UsMos def feat. slick rickAuditorium
MadlibMovie finale

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