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Les samples de Specials

Pop VarietSpecials Gangsters
Prince buster Al capone
ReggaeSpecialsStupid marriage
Prince busterJudge dread
ReggaeSpecialsToo much too young
Lloyd charmers (aka lloyd tyrell)Birth control

Les artistes qui ont samplé Specials

Rap UsRedmanIll at will intro
SpecialsGhost town
Elec. Tech.GorillazSlow country
SpecialsGhost town
Rap UsR.a. the rugged manL.i.'s finest
SpecialsGhost town
ReggaeSublimeWrong way
SpecialsIt's up to you
Elec. Tech.The prodigyGhost town
SpecialsGhost town
Rap UsMadlibBeat provider (through the years)
SpecialsYou stood me up
RnB, SoulAmy winehouseHey little rich girl
The specialsHey little rich girl

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