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Les samples de Lloyd banks

lloyd banks
Rap UsAlchemist & lloyds banksBangers
Vanilla fudgeBang bang
Rap UsAnt banksBig thangs
Kool & the gangSummer madness
Rap UsAnt banksHit it
FunkadelicHit it and quit it
Rap UsAnt banksHit it
FunkadelicNappy dugout
Rap UsAnt banksLivin' the life
Barry whiteNever, never gonna give you up
Rap UsAnt banksRoll 'em phat
Tom tom clubGenius of love
Rap UsAnt banksSittin' on somethin' phat
ParliamentLet's play house
Rap UsAnt banksThe loot
ParliamentChocolate city
Rap UsAzealia banksHarlem shake (remix)
BaauerHarlem shake
Rap UsAzealia banks1991
Margo martindale (carol) # dialogue #
Rap UsAzealia banksVan vogue
MachinedrumVan vogue
Rap UsAzealia banksEsta noche
MunchiEsta noche
Rap UsAzealia banksOut of space
The prodigyOut of space
Rap UsAzealia banksParadiso
Brenda & the big dudesWeekend special
Rap UsAzealia banksFantasea
Rap UsAzealia banksUsed to being alone
Tony igyAstronomia
Rap UsAzealia banks ft shystieNeptune
ReggaeDesmond dekker, lloyd charmers & the acesReggae recipe (alternate version)
Desmond dekker, lloyd charmers & the acesReggae recipe
Rap UsDj design feat. b.lloydMajor
Mobb deepShook ones pt. 2
ReggaeKen boothe & lloyd charmersOnly precaution
Ken bootheAin't no sunshine
RnB, SoulLloydLay it down
Patti labelleLove, need and want you
Pop VarietLloydFeels so right
Willie hutchBrothers gonna work it out
Rap UsLloydI want you (remix)
Spandau balletTrue
Rap UsLloyd One for me
Art of noise Moments in love
Rap UsLloydYou
Spandau balletTrue
Rap UsLloyd banksI wonder
The bubble gum machineI wonder
Rap UsLloyd banksSmile
SyreetaI too am wanting
Rap UsLloyd banksSee me bright
Rap UsLloyd banksSqueeze 1st
Jay-zSqueeze 1st
Rap UsLloyd banksThe cake
TriumviratI believe
Rap UsLloyd banksBe that way sometimes
Joe simonIt be's that way sometimes
Rap UsLloyd banksDie one day
Sweet inspirationsAll it takes is you and me
Rap UsLloyd banksJust another day
DramaticsBeware of the man
Rap UsLloyd banksJust another day
Queen latifahJust another day
Rap UsLloyd banksOn fire
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsLloyd banksPlayboy
WingsTime to hide
Rap UsLloyd banksSouthside story
Barry whiteLove serenade
Rap UsLloyd banksWarrior
Mckendree springWarrior
Rap UsLloyd banksWhen the chips are down
10ccThe dean and i
Rap UsLloyd banksRather be me
A.r. rahmanBombay theme
Rap UsLloyd banks feat. avantKarma
Natalie coleInseparable
ReggaeLloyd charmers Let's get it on
Marvin gayeLet's get it on
ReggaeLloyd charmersCrimson and clover
Tommy james & the shondellsCrimson and clover
ReggaeLloyd charmersHave i sinned
Donnie elbertHave i sinned
ReggaeLloyd charmersI'm gonna love you just a little bit more
Barry whiteI'm gonna love you just a little more baby
ReggaeLloyd charmersReggae in wonderland (wonderland by night)
Bert kaempfertWonderland by night (wunderland bei nacht)
ReggaeLloyd charmersShaft
Isaac hayesTheme from shaft
ReggaeLloyd charmers & bunny leeMe try get next to you
The temptationsI can't get next to you
ReggaeLloyd charmers & the hippy boys Ling tong ting
The five keysLing ting tong
ReggaeLloyd charmers & the hippy boysFollow this sound
The uniquesWatch this sound
ReggaeLloyd charmers & the uniquesFollow this sound
The uniquesWatch this sound
ReggaeLloyd charmers, dave barker & busty brownCan't get next to you
The temptationsI can't get next to you
Rap UsMeek mill ft jadakiss & guordan banksHeaven or hell
LunizI got five on it

Les artistes qui ont samplé Lloyd banks

Rap FrNtmTouche à ma musique (remix)
Andrew lloyd webberPilate's dream
Rap FrTout simplement noir+ fort
Andrew lloyd webberHeaven on their minds
Elec. Tech.TechnotronicThis beat is technotronic (dust mix)
Andrew lloyd webberHeaven on their minds
Rap UsGunshotPatriot games
Andrew lloyd webberHeaven on their minds
Rap UsStyles of beyondTech nine
Andrew lloyd webberOverture
Rap UsEminemBiterphobia
Andrew lloyd webberOverture
Rap UsTech n9ne ft. liquid assassinPsycho bitch 2
Andrew lloyd webberOuverture
Pop VarietLaibachJesus christ superstar
Andrew lloyd webber & tim riceSuperstar
Elec. Tech.Holy noiseFather forgive them (trends mix)
Andrew lloyd webber & tim riceThe crucifixion
Rap FrEl gaouliDans ma tete
Banks & hamptonI'm gonna have to tell her
Rap FrChiens de pailleFragile
Banks & hamptonI'm gonna have to tell her
Rap UsArmy of the pharaohsThe five perfect exertions (remix)
Banks & hamptonI'm gonna have to tell her
Rap UsCookin' soulC.r.e.m.a.
Banks & hamptonPassion and promises
Rap UsBrooklyn academyBlack out
Darrell banksDon’t know what to do
Rap UsTimbo kingHigh ranking
Darrell banksJust because your love is gone
ReggaeDesmond dekker, lloyd charmers & the acesReggae recipe (alternate version)
Desmond dekker, lloyd charmers & the acesReggae recipe
Pop VarietSpencer davis groupGimme some lovin'
Homer banksA lot of love
Rap UsThe game300 bars and runnin'
Lloyd banksI'm so high
Rap UsChris webbyI'm fresh
Lloyd banksBeamer, benz or bentley
Rap UsPapoose Keep the ratchet
Lloyd banksBeamer, benz, or bentley
Rap FrSexion d'assautA 30%
Lloyd banksChange
Rap FrOrelsanElle viendra quand même
Lloyd banksHands up
Rap FrSexion d'assautCasquette à l'envers
Lloyd banks feat. 50 centHands up
ReggaeSpecialsToo much too young
Lloyd charmers (aka lloyd tyrell)Birth control
Rap FrGrems & nozaAutumn 2.0
Lloyd milllerGol-e gandom
Rap UsKeith murrayHustle on
Lloyd parksWe'll get over it
Pop VarietPacific gas & electricStaggolee
Lloyd priceStagger lee
Rap UsBig shug The jig is up
Lloyd priceThey get down
Pop VarietBeckLloyd price express
Lloyd pricePersonality
ReggaeHorace andyCuss cuss
Lloyd robinsonCuss cuss
Rap UsLana del rey feat. a$ap rockyRidin'
Ron banks and the dramaticsAnd i panicked
Rap UsKanye west feat. brandyBring me down
Rose banksMy life is loving you
Elec. Tech.MobyWhy does my heart feel so bad ?
The banks brothers and the greater harvest back hoHe'll roll your burdens away

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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