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Les samples de Papoose

Rap UsPapooseLaw library pt 3
Diana rossMissing you
Rap UsPapooseMidnight express
Neal schonTheme
Rap UsPapooseOut in new york
Yoko kanno Dance of curse
Rap UsPapooseBreak um up
OnyxThrow ya gunz
Rap UsPapooseRevelations of a lyricist
Mobb deepThe realest
Rap UsPapoose The head of state
JourneyWho's crying now
Rap UsPapooseLaw library
Glenn freyYou belong to the city
Rap UsPapooseProphecy
Isley brothersFor the love of you
Rap UsPapooseGonne make that change
Michael jacksonMan in the mirror
Rap UsPapooseBang bang
StrawbsHero and heroine
Rap UsPapooseCurrent events
Sharon ridleyWhere does that leave me
Rap UsPapooseWhat makes me me
ZingaraLove's calling
Rap UsPapooseWhen the shots ring out
DramaticsGet up and get down
Rap UsPapooseCharades
Kenny logginsThis is it
Rap UsPapooseYou made your choice
SpinnersI'll be around
Rap UsPapooseMenace to society 2
Isaac hayesThe look of love
Rap UsPapooseFoolish
Michael jacksonEverybody's somebody's fool
Rap UsPapooseI just want the paper
Notorious b.i.g. Dead wrong
Rap UsPapooseHustle hard
Tom brockThere's nothing in this world
Rap UsPapooseRebel muzik (ft. common)
Tai phongSt. john's avenue
Rap UsPapooseRussian roulette
Michael jacksonDirty diana
Rap UsPapooseThe drama (ft prodigy)
Intergalactic touring bandKeeper keep us
Rap UsPapooseBorn in nyc
James brownJames brown
Rap UsPapooseFeat razah
Diana rossI want muscles
Rap UsPapooseSharades pt.2
Tom brockI love you more and more
Rap UsPapoose Keep the ratchet
Lloyd banksBeamer, benz, or bentley
Rap UsPapooseHustle hard
50 centPlaces to go
Rap UsPapoose Hustle hard
Tom brockThere's nothing in this world that can stop me fro
Rap UsPapooseMonopoly
MarioLet me love you
Rap UsPapooseParty bout to pop
Jay-zJustify my thug
Rap UsPapooseA threat & a promise
ForeignerAt war with the world
Rap UsPapooseGraffiti
MiraclesGive me just another day
Rap UsPapooseOut in new york
NasOne love
Rap UsPapooseOut in new york
Yoko kannoDance of curse
Rap UsPapooseWut's ya muthafukin' name
Jay-zU don't know
Rap UsPapooseCharades part 1
Kenny logginsThis is it
Rap UsPapooseBring your gunz
Jay-zKingdom come
Rap UsPapooseGet shot
ImpactSara smile
Rap UsPapooseR.i.p.
Chi-litesHave you seen her
Rap UsPapooseRespect my hustle
ImpressionsThis love's for real
Rap UsPapooseHail mary
Jerry goldsmithUnder fire
Rap UsPapoose ft. nas Black girl lost remix
Tan dunFor the world

Les artistes qui ont samplé Papoose

Rap UsProdigy550 benz
PapooseRebel muzik (ft. common)
Rap FrL'entourageHail mary freestyle
PapooseHail mary

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