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Les samples de Atmosphere

Rap UsAtmosphereThe arrival
Bo hanssonExcursion with complications
Rap UsAtmosphereDenvermolorado
J.j. barnesNo if's and's or but's
Rap UsAtmospherePanic attack (intro)
Bill cosbyQuestions and answers
Rap UsAtmosphereParty for the fight to write
Morgana kingLike a seed
Rap UsAtmosphereA girl named hope
Eddie holmanFour walls
Rap UsAtmosphereA girl named hope
The main ingredientI can't see me without you
Rap UsAtmosphereOne of a kind
Walter jacksonSpeak her name
Rap UsAtmosphereOnemosphere
Lou rawlsThe politician
Rap UsAtmosphereSaves the day
The sonsYou can fly
Rap UsAtmosphereShrapnel
Paul winter & the winter consortPoint, counterpoint
Rap UsAtmosphereShrapnel
Ennio morriconeL'homme à l'harmonica
Rap UsAtmosphereThe bass and the movement
Brian auger's oblivion expressFoolish girl
Rap UsAtmosphereVampires
Gabor szaboMagical connection
Rap UsAtmosphere the jackpot and swept away
Beastie boys The new style
Rap UsAtmosphereMolly cool
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joe
Rap UsAtmosphereFeel good hit of the summer part 2
Gladys knight & the pipsThe long and winding road
Rap UsAtmosphereMillie fell off the fire escape
FunkadelicI'll stay
Rap UsAtmosphereMillie pulled a pistol on santa
De la soulMillie pulled a pistol on santa
Rap UsAtmosphereMother's day
David axelrodWandering star
Rap UsAtmosphereThey always know
Love unlimited orchestraAre you sure
Rap UsAtmosphereBetween the line
Jackson 5I am love
Rap UsAtmosphereBetween the lines
Jackson 5 Dancing machine
Rap UsAtmosphereDon´t ever fucking question that
Wilbert longmireJust as long we have love
Rap UsAtmosphereIt goes
Ben sidranWalking with the blues
Rap UsAtmosphereMama had a baby and his head popped off
Isley brothersSensuality part 1 & 2
Rap UsAtmosphereParty for the fight to write
Steve miller bandShu ba du ma ma ma ma
Rap UsAtmosphereUntitled
Brian enoDriving me backwards
Rap UsAtmosphereAspiring sociopath
Béla bartokPart 3 adagio
Rap UsAtmosphereGuns and cigarettes
Cannonball adderleyOh babe
Rap UsAtmosphereLike today
CountsSince we said goodbye
Rap UsAtmosphereTears for the sheep
Aretha franklinCry like a baby
Rap UsAtmosphereThe woman with the tattooed hands
Lamont dozierBlue sky and silver bird
Rap UsAtmosphereThreemosphere
Steely danHatian divorce
Rap UsAtmosphere1597
Ludwig van beethoven4° mouvement final
Rap UsAtmosphereAdjust
San sebastian stringsBeyond the bend ahead
Rap UsAtmosphereClay
Andreas vollenweiderSteam forest
Rap UsAtmosphereClay
Andreas vollenweiderWater moon
Rap UsAtmosphereCuando limpia el humo
Stevie wonderThe first garden
Rap UsAtmosphereScapegoat
Bee geesWalking back to waterloo
Rap UsAtmosphereThe outernet
John williamsThe indianapolis story
Rap UsAtmosphereGod's bathroom floor
John klemmerHumbling love
Rap UsAtmosphereSummer song
Labi siffreI got the (blues)
Rap UsAtmosphereThe ocean
FreeMr. big
Rap UsAtmosphereThe river
Ludwig van beethovenSonate no 14 en do dièse mineur, opus 27 n°2
Rap UsAtmosphereHappy mess
Donny hathawayHarlem dawn
Rap UsAtmosphereSunshine
Nikolaï rimski-korsakovSong of the indian guest (song of india)
Rap UsAtmosphereThe number one
Debbie taylorSecond to none
Rap UsAtmosphereCarry me home
Gil-scott heronRivers of my father
Rap UsAtmospherePresident's paranoia
Jay zDead president 2
Rap UsAtmosphereShhh
LabelleMedley: something in the air / the revolution will
Rap UsAtmosphereShhh (intro)
Teddy pendergrassMedley: if you don't know me by now / the love i l
Rap UsAtmosphereThe keys to life vs. 15 minutes of fame
Afrika bambaataa Planet rock
Rap UsAtmosphereThe keys to life vs. 15 minutes of fame
Afrika bambaataa Planet rock
Rap UsAtmosphereApple
Quincy jonesCry baby
Rap UsAtmosphereIn my continental
O'donel levyNever can say goodbye
Rap UsAtmosphereKeys to life vs. 15 minutes of fame
El chicanoDon't put me down (if i'm brown)
Rap UsAtmosphereLos angeles
Sly & the family stoneDance to the music
Rap UsAtmosphereShoes
Ralph townerPiscean dance
Rap UsAtmosphereShoes
Run-dmcMy adidas
Rap UsAtmosphereTrying to find a balance
Spooky toothThe mirror
Rap UsAtmosphereThe things that hate us
Willie mitchell Mercy, mercy, mercy
Rap UsAtmosphereYou played yourself
Fred wesley & the jb'sSame beat
Rap UsAtmosphereIn her music box
Gary wrightTime machine
Rap UsAtmospherePainting
Pink floydAtom heart mother
Rap UsAtmospherePuppets
Beastie boysSabotage
Rap UsAtmosphereThe waitress
SunLove baby love
Rap UsAtmosphereWild wild horses
David oliverThe masquerade is over
Rap UsAtmosphereYesterday
Ike turner & the kings of rhythmGetting nasty
Rap UsAtmosphereYesterday
Gladys knight & the pipsLove finds it's own way
Rap UsAtmosphere Your glasshouse
Ronnie lawsRolling
Rap UsAtmosphereAngelface
Tyrone davisI wake up crying
Rap UsAtmosphereGet fly
Walter hawkins & the love center choirI love the lord
Rap UsAtmosphereHockey hair
IndependentsSara lee
Rap UsAtmosphereLittle man
O'jaysBack stabbers
Rap UsAtmosphereMusical chairs
LabelleWild horses
Rap UsAtmosphereSay hey there
East st. louis gospelettesHave mercy on me
Rap UsAtmosphereSmart went crazy
Doris dukeGhost of myself
Rap UsAtmosphereThe arrival
Geto boysFuck 'em

Les artistes qui ont samplé Atmosphere

Rap UsBrother aliBlah blah blah
AtmosphereGuns and cigarettes
Rap UsArmand hammer & the alchemistRobert moses
AtmospheresUn jour dans le monde

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