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Les samples trouvés par Carabas

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Rap Interna.AccrophoneSecteur haute ville
Duke ellington & john coltraneIn a sentimental mood
Rap UsTha mexakinzConfessions (hell don't pay)
Renee geyer bandIf loving you is wrong
Rap UsJ. cole ft brandon hinesDreams
Hank crawfordWildflower
Rap UsTha mexakinzPhonkie melodia
Michael franksNight moves
Rap UsFunky aztecsBarrioism
Tony allen & the champsNight owl
Rap UsFunky aztecsChicano blues
B.t. expressDo it ('til you're satisfied)
Rap UsFunky aztecsStraight up loco
Public enemyFight the power
Rap UsFunky aztecs ft 2pac, money b & t.m.d.Salsa con soulfood
Steve arringtonWeak at the knees
Rap UsFunky aztecsStraight up loco
Herbie mannSpirit in the dark
Rap UsFunky aztecsBarrioism
Bill withersUse me
Rap Us4 the causeStand by me
Ben e. kingStand by me
ReggaeSublimeGarden grove
Linton kwesi johnsonMan free
Rap Interna.Snak the ripperLive fast die young
Koty kolte ft jnyceWaiting
Rap Interna.Snak the ripperDead and gone
John barryGoldfinger theme
Rap UsKid frostNo more wars
Timmy thomasWhy can't we live together
Rap UsKid frostAnother firme rola
N.w.a.Fuck the police
Rap UsKid frostSmiling faces
Undisputed truthSmiling faces sometimes
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Smoker's paradise
DelegationOh honey
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Soy 18 with a bullet
Pete wingfieldEight teen with a bullet
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)The dealer
Grandmaster flash & the furious fiveThe message
ReggaeKokolo afrobeat orchestraIt's a new day
James brownIt's a new day
ReggaeKokolo afrobeat orchestraPlease, please, please
James brownPlease, please, please
ReggaeKokolo afrobeat orchestraMind power
James brownMind power
ReggaeKokolo afrobeat orchestraBring it up
James brownBring it up
ReggaeKokolo afrobeat orchestraSoul power
James brownSoul power
Rap UsKid frostLa raza
El chicanoViva tirado
Rap UsLil robI who have nothing (but i have respect)
Linda jonesI who have nothing
Rap UsLil robBack in the streets
Billy paulI was married
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Smile now won't cry later
Ben e. kingStand by me
Rap UsO.g. spanish flyI needed you most
Brenton woodWhere were you (when i needed you most)
Rap UsKid frost ft rich garciaLa familia
El chicanoCha chita
Rap UsKid frostNo sunshine
Bill withersAin't no sunshine
ReggaeBarrington levyCollie weed
Slim smithMy conversation
ReggaeTippa irieIt's good to have the feeling you're the best
Slim smithMy conversation
Rap Interna.Dream warriorsLudi
Slim smith & the uniquesMy conversation
Rap UsKris krossI'm real
Sister nancyBam bam
Rap UsShadz of lingoDifferent stylez
Sister nancyBam bam
Pop VarietJavier calamaroSweet home buenos aires
Lynyrd skynyrdSweet home alabama
Rap UsGeto boysGangster of love
Lynyrd skynyrdSweet home alabama
Pop VarietFloyd cramerMac arthur park
Richard harrisMac arthur park

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