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Les samples trouvés par Carabas

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Rap UsBeats internationalDub be good to me
S.o.s. bandJust be good to me
Elec. Tech.Dj yodaSign your name
Terence trent d'arbySign your name
Elec. Tech.LazerbeakLift every voice
J.rosamond johnsonLift every voice
Rap UsK.flayLess than zero
The xxCrystalised
Elec. Tech.LazerbeakSkronked up
K.flayStop, focus
Rap UsKid cudiCudderisback
Vampire weekendOttoman
Rap UsB.o.b ft hayley williamsThe kids
Vampire weekendThe kids don't stand a chance
Pop VarietHugo montenegroOur man flint
Jerry goldsmithOur man flint
ReggaeTommy mccook & the supersonicsOur man flint
Pablo beltran ruizQuien sera
ReggaeTommy mccook and the supersonicsOde to billie joe
Bobby gentryOde to billie joe
Rap Interna.Dub pistolsCyclone
Tommy mccook & the skatalitesSilver dollar
Rap Interna.Dub pistols ft terry hallRapture
ReggaeJohn holtYou will never find another love like mine
Lou rawlsYou will never find another love like mine
Rap Interna.Dub pistols ft rodney pYou'll never find
John holtYou will never find another love like mine
Rap Interna.Dub pistolsGave you time
MobyWhy does my heart feel so bad?
Rap UsDelinquent habitsReturn of the tres
The mexicali brassEl choclo
Pop VarietMexicali brassSong of india
Nikolaï rimski-korsakovSong of the indian guest (song of india)
Rap UsAtmosphereSunshine
Nikolaï rimski-korsakovSong of the indian guest (song of india)
Pop VarietDominique aLes enfants du pirée
Melina mercouriTa paidia tou piraia
ReggaeDamian marleyCalypso blues
Nat king coleCalypso blues
ReggaeCalypso roseCalypso blues
Nat king coleCalypso blues
Elec. Tech.TokimonstaBreath on my contacts
Elec. Tech.TokimonstaWithseoul
The chakachasJungle fever
Elec. Tech.Bullion & jay dillaCaroline no
Beach boysCaroline no
Elec. Tech.BullionCrazy over you
Fleetwood macOnly over you
Pop VarietPink martiniNew amsterdam
MoondogNew amsterdam
Elec. Tech.J.a.m (aka james aleksy)Be a hobo
MoondogBe a hobo
Rap UsYsIntro & sons of the father
Marvin gayeT plays it cool
Rap UsYzIn control of things
Vicki andersonMessage from a soul sisters
Elec. Tech.CerroneSupernature
David mcwilliamsThe days of pearly spencer
ReggaeSerge gainsbourgAux armes et caetera
Rouget de lisleLa marseillaise
Pop VarietBananaramaOnly your love
The stone rosesFools gold
Pop VarietBananaramaOnly your love
Rolling stonesSympathy for the devil
Rap UsNasShootouts
Laurie johnsonThe shake the avangers theme
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Kanye west ft. dweleFlashing lights
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Kenny logginsFootloose
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Youngbloodz ft. lil jonDamn!
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
The bandThe weight
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Salt-n-pepa ft en vogueWhatta man
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Ace of baseAll that she wants

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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