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Rap UsOl' dirty bastardGoin' down
Judy garlandOver the rainbow
Rap UsOl' dirty bastardIntro
Liu chia-liang # dialogue #
Rap UsOl' dirty bastardIntro
Roberta flackThe first time ever i saw your face
Rap UsPras ft mya & ol' dirty bastardGhetto superstar
Big punisherThe dream shatterer
Rap UsPras ft mya & ol' dirty bastardGhetto superstar
James brownGet up, get into it, get involved
Rap UsBig punisherThe dream shatterer
Richard wagnerChevauchée des walkyries
Pop VarietRam jamBlack betty
James iron head bakerBlack betty
Rap UsWyclef jean ft mary j. blige911
Edie brickell & new bohemiansWhat i am
Rap Interna.SunsaySois plus faible que moi
HooverphonicMad about you
Rap UsJohn forté ft fat joeThey got me
Cesaria evoraSodade
Rap UsJohn fortéWhat a difference
Dinah washingtonWhat difference a day makes
Rap UsJohn fortéNinety nine (flash the message)
Nena99 red ballons
Rap UsJohn fortéRunnin up that hill
Kate bushRunning up that hill (a deal with god)
Rap UsDeltron 3030Positive contact
Hooterville trolleyNo bird silver
Elec. Tech.LovageEvery one has a summer
Luiz bonfáJacaranda
Elec. Tech.LovageSex (i'm a)
Inner space (aka can)Kama sutra
Rap UsSoul positionKeys
Bonnie dobsonLight of love
Rap UsSoul positionJust think
Rance allen groupWhat a day
Rap UsSoul positionRun
RachelMime van osen
Rap UsSoul positionNo excuse for lovin
Fat mattressMr. moonshine
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Rain
Astrud gilbertoThe gentle rain
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Rain
Pink floydEchoes
Elec. Tech.Rjd2De l'alouette
Raoul royLe chant de l’alouette
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Bus stop bitties
Sister & brothersThe jed clampett part.1
Elec. Tech.Rjd2The horror
Hoyt curtinNew scooby doo theme
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Ring finger
Shuggie otisOxford gray
Elec. Tech.Rjd21976
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Smoke & mirrors
Cris williamsonWaterfall
Rap UsToo $hortSo you want to be a gangster
Grover washington jrBlack frost
Rap Us3rd bassMonte hall
Grover washington jrBlack frost
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Ghostwriter
DelfonicsReady or not here i come
Rap UsNineQuinine
DelfonicsReady or not here i come
Elec. Tech.Rjd2June
Brian enno2/1
Rap Interna.Bus stopGet it on
T. rexGet it on
Rap UsDj felli felli ft three 6 mafia, lil' jon & fatmanI wanna get drunk
Van halenJump
ReggaeSpecialsToo much too young
Lloyd charmers (aka lloyd tyrell)Birth control
ReggaeSpecialsStupid marriage
Prince busterJudge dread
ReggaeSublimeWrong way
SpecialsIt's up to you
Pop VarietBlondie ft coolioNo exit
Jean sebastien bachToccata et fugue en ré mineur bwv 565
Rap UsBlack eyed peasMy humps
FreestyleIt's automatic

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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