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Rap Interna.Roots manuvaDreamy days
Floyd cramerMac arthur park
Rap Interna.Roots manuvaMotion 5000
Laurie andersonBig science
Rap UsLord finesse & dj mike smoothBaby, you nasty
Brass constructionWhat's on your mind (expression)
Rap UsHandsome boy modelling schoolThe projects (pjays)
Howlin' wolfSmokestack lightnin'
Rap UsLord finesse & dj mike smoothSlave to my soundwave
Rufus thomasDo the funky penguin
Rap UsLord finesse & dj mike smoothBaby, you nasty
James brownColdblooded
Rap UsLord finesseI like my girls with a boom
The sultansHip hug-her
Rap UsNice & smoothDope on a rope
Rap UsJay-zD.o.a. (death of auto-tune)
SteamNa na hey hey kiss him goodbye
Rap UsCooley livePossibilities
Five stairstepsDanger! she's a stranger
Pop VarietDonna summerNa, na, hey, hey
SteamNa na hey hey kiss him goodbye
Rap UsEverlastGoodbye
Donna summerNa na, hey, hey
Rap UsEverlastGoodbye
Barry whiteI'm gonna love you just a little more ba
Rap UsEverlastTired
Funk inc.Kool is back
Rap UsEverlastOn the edge
Five stairstepsDanger she's a stranger
Rap UsEverlastDeath comes callin'
The fatback bandGotta learn how to dance
Rap Interna.Dj honda ft the beatnutsOut for the cash
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Pop VarietYesEvery little thing
BeatlesDay tripper
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 1)
Rick jamesFire it up
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
Archie bell & the drellsI can't get enough of your love
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
The chocolate jam co.Chocolate jam
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
Vernon burchGet up
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
Yellow magic orchestra (ymo)Computer games
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
Queen samanthaTake a chance
Rap UsBig daddy kaneMister cee's master plan
Marshall jefferson and on the houseMove your body
Rap UsBig daddy kaneRaw (remix)
Bobby byrdHot pants - i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming
Elec. Tech.The prodigyPandemonium
Big daddy kaneSet it off
Elec. Tech.The prodigyCrazy man
Krzysztof pendereckiKanon
Rap UsBlackstreetBooti call
Bill bellamy # dialogue #
Rap UsDj dmd ft lil keke & fat pat25 lighters
Al b sureNight & day
Rap UsBlackstreetJoy
Al b sureNight & day
Rap UsBlackstreetBooti call
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsLil' bow wow ft snoop doggBow wow (that's my name)
George clintonAtomic dog
RnB, SoulSolsonicsRed clay
Freddie hubbardRed clay
Rap Interna.Tiro de graciaCorsario universal
SolsonicsRed clay
Rap UsMac millerGot a clue
Ana tijoux ft hordatojA veces
Rap UsT.w.d.y. ft too short, mac mall, otis & shugPlayer's holiday
Bill withersLovely day
Rap UsDj jazzy jeff and the fresh princeLovely daze
Bill withersLovely day
Pop VarietLinda scottI've told every little star
Mary ellisI've told every little star
Elec. Tech.The prodigyOut of space
The shamenHyperreal selector

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