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Les samples de Charlie parker

charlie parker
Elec. Tech.Belmond & parkerGoing back to my roots
Lamont dozierGoing back to my roots
Elec. Tech.Big time charlieOn the run
Ecstasy passion & painTouch & go
Rap UsCharlie baltimore feat ghostface killahStand up
Lyn collinsMe and my baby got a good thing going
Rap UsCharlie hanseenMake em snort to this
MohawksThe champ
RnB, SoulCharlie mingusSummertime
George gershwinSummertime
RnB, SoulCharlie parkerSummertime
George gershwinSummertime
RnB, SoulCharlie parker and miles davisA night in tunisa
Dizzy gillespieA night in tunisa
Rap UsCharlie smartsBonanza
Four topsWithout the one you love
RnB, SoulCharlie wilsonThere goes my baby
Rose royceWould you please be mine
Pop VarietCharlie winstonTongue tied
Eleventh hourLady marmalade
Pop VarietCharlie winstonI'm a man
Spencer davis groupI'm a man
RnB, SoulInez and charlie foxxMockingbird
Traditional folkHush, little baby
ReggaeKen parkerJimmy brown
Edith piaf & les compagnons de la chansonLes 3 cloches
Rap UsLewis parkerBig impact
A tribe called quest ft l.o.n.sScenario
Rap UsLewis parkerA thousand fragments
WhatnautsWhy can't people be colors too?
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerFirewater
Big punFire water
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerFirewater
Dominic frontiereLove theme
Rap UsLewis parkerVisions of splendour
Krs-oneOutta here
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerVisions of splendour
101 strings orchestraDays of wine and roses
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe unseen trap
Brian bennettImage
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerWhen it rains it pours
John cameronSatin 2
Rap UsLil' kim feat. t-pain & charlie wilson Download
ZappComputer love
RnB, SoulMaceo parkerGeorgia on my mind
Hoagy carmichael and his orchestraGeorgia on my mind
Rap UsObadiah parkerHey ya
OutkastHey ya
Pop VarietRay parker jr.Ghostbusters
Huey lewis & the newsI want a new drug
Rap UsSnnop dogg feat. charlie wilsonPeaches n cream
FunkadelicOne nation under the groove
Rap FrSnoop dogg feat charlie wilsonPeaches n cream
Teena marieI need you're lovin'
Rap UsSnoop dogg feat. charlie wilsonPeaches n cream
Rob base & dj e-z rockIt takes two
Elec. Tech.Terrence parkerYour love
First choiceDr. love
Rap UsUgk ft charlie wilsonHow long can it last
One waySomething in the past
Rap UsWiz khalifa feat. charlie puthSee you again
Ray charlesBye bye love

Les artistes qui ont samplé Charlie parker

Rap UsGang starrWords i manifest (remix)
charlie parker and miles davisA night in tunisia
Rap UsGhostface killahThe soul controller
Al pacino ("carlito 'charlie' brigante") # dialogue #
Rap FrOxmo puccinoVisions de vie (intro)
Alan parker # dialogue #
Rap UsPurple city feat. agallah & shiest bubzFly high
Alan parkerWatchword
Rap UsSid roamsFly high
Alan parkerWatchword
Rap FrIamLes mots
Alan parkerWatchword
Rap UsMasta aceThe ways
Alan parkerMonochrome
Rap Us7l & esotericWatch me
Alan parkerMonochrome
Rap FrAssassinLa peur du métissage
Alan parker # dialogue #
Rap UsCelph titled & buckwildHardcore data
Alan parkerCassian
Rap FrKennedyToucher le ciel
Alan parkerCosmic ocean
Rap UsInfamous mobbDouble-el
Alan parkerOlympic action
Rap FrGhetto diplomatsFamille haussmann
Alan parkerOlympic action
Rap UsJoell ortizLatino
Alan parkerBlue shadow
Pop VarietLed zeppelinMoby dick
Bobby parkerWatch your step
Rap UsPeople under the stairsSte for superheroes
CharlieWatching tv
Rap UsRoc marcianoIn case you forgot
CharlieGuitar hero
Rap UsCam'ronPhone interlude
Charlie baltimoreThey
Rap FrWax tailorAm i free
Charlie chaplin # dialogue #
Rap FrMafia treceToutes peines confondues
Charlie chaplinLes feux de la rampe
Rap FrSaian supa crewFrottez les, sortez les
Charlie chaplinTheme scene du restaurant
Rap UsJ-fveModern times
Charlie chaplin a nonsense song (titine)
Pop VarietMano negraSoledad
Charlie chaplinNonsense song
Elec. Tech.Bob sinclarJe cherche après titine
Charlie chaplinModern times
Pop VarietPaolo nutiniIron sky
Charlie chaplin # dialogue #
Rap FrSoklakInadapté
Charlie clouserMain titles (dead silence)
Rap UsChamillionaireAlready dead intro
Charlie clouserMain titles
Rap FrNessbealL'histoire d'un mec qui coule
Charlie clouserHello zepp
Rap UsK.m.c. kruThe devil came up to michigan
Charlie daniels bandThe devil went down to georgia
Elec. Tech.Venetian snaresA lot of drugs
Charlie manson # dialogue #
Rap UsSmif-n-wessunWar
Charlie parker Summertime
Elec. Tech.Amon tobinStoney street
Charlie parkerApril in paris
Rap FrJazzy bazz & nekfeuLe mauvais rap ne nous rattrapera pas
Charlie parkerSummertime
Rap UsDown southSouthern comfort
Charlie parkerCool blues
Rap FrKddNouveau combat
Charlie sheen # dialogue #
Rap UsTalib kweliMove somethin'
Charlie whiteheadShaft' mama
Rap FrEskicitCeux qui gênent
Charlie whiteheadShaft's mama
Rap FrViiL'évangile selon
Harvey keitel (charlie cappa) # dialogue #
RnB, SoulAretha franklinMockingbird
Inez and charlie foxxMockingbird
Pop VarietCarly simon & james taylorMockingbird
Inez and charlie foxxMockingbird
RnB, SoulMartha reeves & the vandellasMockingbird
Inez and charlie foxxMockingbird
Pop VarietThe cakeMockingbird
Inez and charlie foxxMockingbird
Rap FrUnité 2 feuTristes
Jessica parkerOld souls
Rap UsDel tha funkee homosapienPissin' on your steps
Jimmy mcgriff & junior parkerWorkin'
Rap UsUgly ducklingIntroduckling
Jimmy mcgriff & junior parkerDon't throw your love on me so strong
Rap UsDe la soulBetta listen
Junior parkerThe outside man
Rap UsCypress hillI wanna get high
Junior parkerTaxman
Elec. Tech.WiseguysStart the commotion
Little junior parkerAnnie get your yo-yo
Rap FrLe peuple de l'herbeP.h theme
Little junior parkerTaxman
Rap UsBusta rhymesDo the bus a bus remix
Maceo parkerSoul of a black man
Rap UsOktoberNyc
Maceo parkerThe soul of the black man
Rap UsQuasimoto feat starchild discipline 99, pt.1
Maceo parkerFutur shock (dance your pants off)
Rap UsRobbie bI chill at the midnight
Maceo parkerSoul power '74
Elec. Tech.Dextrous and rude boy keithHorn.e
Maceo parkerSoul power '74
Rap UsKillah priestMy hood
Maceo parkerThe soul of a black man
Rap Interna.Samy deluxeSag mir wie es wär
Maceo parkerThe soul of a black man
Rap UsApollo brownIntro (work)
Maceo parker & james brownThe soul of a black man
Rap FrOrelsan2010
Pharrell feat. snoop dogg & charlie wilsonThat girl
Rap UsCali life styleFreakin'
Ray parker jr & raydioStill in the groove
Rap UsCali life styleThe night is right (feat. sara s)
Ray parker jr & raydioYou can't fight what you feel
Elec. Tech.Helmut fritz16.01.74
Ray parker jr.Ghosbusters
Rap UsRun-dmcGhostbusters
Ray parker jr.Ghostbusters
Rap UsMistah f.a.b.Ghost ride it
Ray parker jr.Ghostbusters
Elec. Tech.Neil cicieregaNumbers
Ray parker jr.Ghostbusters
Elec. Tech.Neil cicieregaBustin
Ray parker jr.Ghostbusters
Pop VarietKidz bop kidsGhostbusters
Ray parker jr.Ghostbusters
Rap UsRedmanTonight's da night
Ray parker jr. & raydioTonight's the night
Rap UsBusta rhymesWife in law
Ray parker, jr. & raydioA woman needs love (just like you do)
Rap FrTbs clanChacun sa manière
Stan getz & charlie byrdSamba triste
Rap FrBpmOn ne lâchera rien
Stan getz & charlie byrdSamba triste
Rap UsFrankie cutlassPuerto rico
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsKrs-oneStep into a world (rapture's delight) remix
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsFreestyle fellowshipJupiter's journey
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsFreestyle fellowshipPhysical form
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsSkee-loWaitin for you
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsSlick rickI shouldn't have done it
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsSteady bEgo trippin
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsTim dogBronx nigga
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsWc & the maad circleBehind closed doors
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap FrFitzroyEn manque de héros
Tobey maguire (peter parker) # dialogue #
Rap UsBudgieNever alone
Trenora parker & l.a. cathedral choirYou're never alone

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