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Les samples de Andre popp

andre popp
Rap UsAndre nickatinaLips
Isley brothersBetween the sheets
Rap UsAndre nickatinaThe ave
MtumeJuicy fruit
Rap UsAndre nickatinaScottie 15
Southside movementI' been watching you
Rap UsAndre nickatina3 a.m.
Al greenLove and happiness
Rap UsAndre nickatinaRise and fall of a rap cat
Curtis mayfieldThink
Rap UsAndre nickatinaLast breath of an mc
Paul simon50 ways to leave your lover
Rap UsAndre nickatinaSon of an angel
MadonnaLa isla bonita
Rap UsAndre nickatinaSmoke dope and rap
Rbl posseDon't give me no bammer
Rap UsAndre nickatinaNicky
Rick jamesCold blooded
Rap UsAndre nickatinaTell me she's a hoe
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsAndre roachSpend time
Edna wrightSpend the night with me
Rap UsB.o.b ft andré 3000Play the guitar
Drake ft t.i. & swizz beatzFancy
Elec. Tech.His majesty andrePeep thong
ShalamarThe second time around
Pop VarietKelis feat andre 3000Milionaire
Doug e freshLadi dadi

Les artistes qui ont samplé Andre popp

Rap FrSpTi moun
André arthur # dialogue #
Rap FrNysay3ème génération...
André dussollier # dialogue #
Rap FrNtmLe pouvoir
André malrauxDiscours du 4/9/1958
Rap UsCanibusChannel zero
Andre poppL'amour est bleu (love is blue)
Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimSho nuff
Andre willilamsHumpin’, bumpin’ and thumpin’
Rap FrOxmo puccinoDoux or die
Devin the dude ft andre 3000 & snoop doggWhat a job

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