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Les samples trouvés par Falcord

'never stop loving good music'

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Rap UsWu-tang clanRedemption
Shaw brothersOpening title
Rap UsWu-tang clanI wish you where here
Al greenI wish you where here
Rap UsBlu & exileMy world is...
DellsI can sing a rainbow / love is blue
Rap UsEminemOpen mic
Curtis mayfieldGive me your love
Rap UsPuff daddyP.e 2000
Fred wesley & the jb'sBlow your head
Rap UsNasCan't forget about you
Nat king coleUnforgettable
Rap UsNasPlay on playa
Marvin gayeAfter the dance
Rap UsNasBlack republican
Carmine coppolaMarcia religiosa
Rap UsNasWhere are they now
James brownGet up, get into it, get involved
Rap UsCommonBe
Albert jonesMother nature
Pop VarietChristina aguileraAin't no other man
Soul sevenTne cissy's thang
Pop VarietChristina aguileraAin't no other man
Latin blues band feat. luis avilesI'll be a happy man
Rap UsTalib kweliListen
Fred williams & the jewels bandTell her
Rap UsGang starrBattle
Elmer bernsteinRiot at tyburn
Rap UsP diddyWe gon' make it
Johnny pateShaft in africa
Rap UsSnoop doggBoss life
ControllersIf tomorrow never comes
Rap UsSnoop doggThat's that shit
Eddie murphyThe royal penis is clean, your highness
Rap UsJay-zMinority report
Luciano pavarottiNon ti scordar di me
Rap UsJay-zShow me what you got
Johnny pateShaft in africa
Rap UsJay-zKingdom come
Rick jamesSuper freak
Rap UsJay-zOh my god
Genya ravanWhipping post
Rap UsJay-zThe prelude
Mel & timKeep the faith
Elec. Tech.AvalanchesFrontier psychiatrist
Wayne and shuster # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Eddie amadorHouse music
ExodusTogether forever
Elec. Tech.The masochistMzkzm
Gap bandDouble dutch bus
Rap UsMissy elliottGossip folks
Gap bandDouble dutch bus
Elec. Tech.FaithlessMuhammad ali
Archie bell & the drellsStrategy

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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