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Les samples de Noreaga

Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaMy alias
Heaven & earthLet me back in
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaHollywood
System of a down Lost in hollywood
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaReunion
City boyThe day the earth caught fire
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaLet's get money
EuropeThe final countdown
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCalm down
Evelyn "champaign" kingLove come down
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCalm down feat. nas
Bette midlerSuperstar
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaGrand royal
Q65Get out of my life, woman
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCnn 199
Shirley basseyDiamonds are forever
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaB ez ft. nas
Henry manciniMain theme
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaInvincible
Jimmie & vella cameronHey boy over there
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaPhone time
John frizzellJulie's theme
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaPhonetime
John frizzelJulie's theme
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaQueens
Wendy waldmanLiving is good
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaStraight like that
Wolfgang amadeus mozartAllegro con brio
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBlack gangstas
Gary burtonOlhos de gato
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBlood money
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBloody money
Bill contiPhiladelphia morning
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCapone bone
Roy ayers & wayne hendersonStep in to our world
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCapone bone
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaChannel 10
Roy buddM5 (sk 7)
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser
SurfaceCloser than friends
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser (sam sneed version)
Luther vandrossPromise me
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser (sam sneed version)
New editionA little bit of love (is all it takes)
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaDriver’s seat
Willie hutchDo the thing that’s best for you
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaHalfway thugs
Roger hodgsonOnly because of you
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaIntro
Bill contiPhiladelphia morning
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaIraq (see the world)
Noel pointerNight song
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaL.a. l.a. (kuwait mix)
Al greenThe letter
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaL.a. l.a. (kuwait mix)
Grandmaster flash and the furious fiveNew york, new york
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaLive on, live long
Smokey robinson & the miraclesWho's gonna take the blame
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaStick you
Charles mingusSound of orange
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y.
Walter jacksonSpeak her name
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaThug's paradise
Rhythm heritageTheme from s.w.a.t
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaPain
Brian bennettGlass tubes
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaThe reserves
Baby hueyCalifornia dreaming
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaScarface
Cho yong-pilMool mang cho
Rap UsCapone-n-noreaga & m.o.pStompdashitoutu
Ann peeblesYou've got the papers (i've got the man)
Rap UsCapone-n-noreaga ft carl thomasIntro: a change is gonna come
Sam cookeA change is gonna come
Rap UsDj clue feat. capone-n-noreagaI don't care
Lamont dozierShine
Rap UsHazardis sounds ft capone-n-noreaga & m1Save the culture
Audio twoTop billin'
Rap UsHazardis sounds ft capone-n-noreaga & m1Save the culture
Busta rhymesWoo hah! got you all in check
Rap UsHazardis sounds ft capone-n-noreaga & m1Save the culture
NasOne love
Rap UsNas ft noreaga & natureTriple threat
East st. louis gospelettesHave mercy on me
Rap UsNoreagaPhone call 2 heaven
Michael jacksonWith a child's heart
Rap UsNoreagaMarried to marijuana
Al greenSomething
Rap UsNoreagaGangsta's watch
JeanetteFrente a frente
Rap UsNoreagaSometimes
Billy preston and syreetaOne more time for love
Rap UsNoreagaBlood money pt. 3
RenaissanceCan you understand
Rap UsNoreagaIt's not a game
Jose joseCuando vayas conmigo
Rap UsNoreaga40 island
Tina turnerGoldeneye
Rap UsNoreaga40 islands
Kool g rap & dj poloRikers island
Rap UsNoreagaBody in the trunk
Al greenI'm glad you're mine
Rap UsNoreagaMathematics (esta loca)
Three dog nightBlack and white
Rap UsNoreagaN.o.r.e.
Labi siffreI got the (blues)
Rap UsNoreagaOuto
Eve brennerLe matin sur la rivière
Rap UsNoreagaSuperthug
BlondieHeart of glass
Rap UsNoreagaThe assignment
Jerry butlerTake time to tell her
Rap UsNoreagaThe jump off
Eve brennerLe matin sur la rivière
Rap UsNoreagaI love my life
Alyson williamsI need you lovin
Rap UsNoreagaBy myself
Rick jamesHollywood
Rap UsNoreaga & stylesCome thru
Percy faithEarly in the morning
Rap UsNoreaga ft chico debargeThe way we live
Isley jasper isleyInsasiable woman
Rap UsNoreaga ft chico debargeThe way we live
Isley jasper isleyCaravan of love
Rap UsProject pat feat noreagaRepresent it
Bill conti Gonna fly now
Rap UsTragedy khadafi ft. nas & noreagaCalm down
Bette midlerSuperstar

Les artistes qui ont samplé Noreaga

Rap UsLa coka nostraMind your business
Capone -n- noreagaInvincible
Rap FrNess & citéBismillah
Capone -n- noreaga T.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap FrOl kainryEn mode nostalgie
Capone -n- noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap FrDouble pactTout le monde m'aime
Rap FrDouble pact ft dany dan & kery jamesOpération condor
Rap FrMadizmGet in
Rap UsThe game300 bars and runnin'
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y (top of new york)
Rap UsN.o.r.e ft capone, nature & cormegaRap rushmore
Rap Interna.Flaco nuñezExclusivo
Rap UsAli vegasInvincible
Capone-n-noreagaThe invincible
Rap FrKohndoJuste une pause
Rap UsTermanology ft realm reality & artisinCash & hydro
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap Fr20 sylJ'exécute
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap UsRapsody ft gqAin't worthy
Capone-n-noreaga & m.o.pStompdashitoutu
Rap FrIamMisère
Fat joe feat. noreagaMisery needs company
Rap Us7l & esotericOne six
Rap UsKaliraps ft jon connorMake it seem easy
Noreaga ft nature...Banned from tv
Rap UsRun-dmc ft nas & prodigyQueens day
Noreaga ft nature...Banned from tv
Rap UsN.o.r.e ft capone, nature & cormegaRap rushmore
Noreaga ft nature...Banned from tv

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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