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Les samples de Mighty diamonds

mighty diamonds
Elec. Tech.A forest mighty blackBrand new face (blank)
Fausto papettiLove's theme
Elec. Tech.A forest mighty blackRebirth
Emilio santiagoBananeira
Elec. Tech.A forest mighty blackFresh in my mind
Tenorio jr.Nebulosa
Elec. Tech.Disco diamondsCan't stand no lies
First choiceLove thang
Rap FrEjm feat mighty bopFreestyle linguistique
Herbie hancockQuasar
Rap UsHigh & mightyStar destroyers
Face dancerChange
Rap UsHigh & mighty This babylon
CaravelliL'etrange dr personne
Rap UsHigh & mightyStar destroyers
Ronnie geeRaptivity
Rap UsHigh & mightyTop prospects
Dave & ansel collinsDouble barrel
Rap UsHigh & mightyB-boy document 1999
Joe thomasPolarizer
Rap UsHigh & mightyDick starbuck "porno detective"
Olympic runnersGet this thing down
Rap UsHigh & mighty Dirty decibels
Simon haseleyHammerhead
Rap UsHigh & mightyHome field advantage
Toni espositoL'eroe di plastica
Rap UsHigh & mightyIn-outs
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsHigh & mightyIn-outs
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsHigh & mightyOpen mic night remix
Al greenI'm glad you're mine
Rap UsHigh & mightyThe half
Giorgio moroderIrena's theme
Rap UsHigh & mightyThe last hit
EpmdNever seen before
Rap UsHigh & mightyThe meaning
Cypress hill Stoned is the way of the walk
Rap UsHigh & mightyThe meaning
Brand nubianSlow down
Rap UsHigh & mightyTip off time
Toni espositoL'eroe di plastica
Rap UsHigh & mighty Top prospects
Brian bennettDiscovery
Rap UsHigh & mightyTop prospects
RakimThe saga begins
Rap UsHigh & mighty Standing room only(feat cage)
Sweet Fountain
Rap UsHigh & mighty ft. defari & evidenceTop prospects
Brian bennettSolstice
ReggaeMighty diamondsGet out of my life, woman
Lee dorsey Get out of my life, woman
Elec. Tech.Mighty dub katzIt's just another groove (i think that we should g
Gat decorPassion (naked mix)
RnB, SoulMighty show stoppers Hippy skippy moon strut
Latin blues band feat. luis aviles I'll be a happy man
Pop VarietMighty show stoppersHippy skippy moon strut
Moon peopleHippy skippy moon strut (opus #1)
Rap UsMighty underdogsUfc (united flow champions)
Rotary connectionLife could
Elec. Tech.Smith & mightyAccept all contrasts
U2Sunday bloody sunday
Elec. Tech.The mighty bopAbstract fever
The chakachasJungle fever
Rap UsVast aire & dj mighty miAire maestro
Billy wootenIn the rain
Rap UsVast aire & dj mighty miVintage
Simon haseleyHogan's thing

Les artistes qui ont samplé Mighty diamonds

Rap UsBekayIntro
High & mightyB-boy document 99
Pop VarietBilly ze kick et les gamins en folieMangez-moi
Mighty diamondsRight time
Pop VarietAmerieGotta work
Mighty dog haynesHold on i'm coming
Rap UsRoc marcianoSnow
Mighty doug haynesHoney
RnB, SoulJohn legendWho did that to you
Mighty hannibalThe right to love you
Rap UsRjd2The stranger
Mighty joe hicksThe team
Rap UsTermanologyPlease don't go
Mighty marvelowsI'm without a girl
Rap UsRzaLove jones
Mighty ryedersStar children
Rap UsDe la soulA roller skating jam named "saturdays"
Mighty ryedersEvil vibrations
Rap UsRebirthEvil vibrations
Mighty ryedersEvil vibrations
Elec. Tech.Wagon christLovely
Mighty ryedersLovely
Rap FrS-kivEn mission
Mighty ryedersStar children
Rap FrDaomenRude boy
Mighty ryedersStar children
Rap UsBig shugTha way it iz
The high & mighty b-boy document 99
ReggaeMusical youthPass the dutchie
The mighty diamondsPass the kutchie

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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