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Les samples de Termanology

Rap UsA-villa ft big krit, termanology & inspectah deckThe colosseum
Big pun ft fat joeTwinz (deep cover '98)
Rap UsA-villa ft big krit, termanology & inspectah deckThe colosseum
Big daddy kaneSet it off
Rap UsA-villa ft big krit, termanology & inspectah deckThe colosseum
M.o.p.World famous
Rap UsA-villa ft big krit, termanology & inspectah deckThe colosseum
The d.o.cNo one can do it better
Rap UsBig shug feat singapore kane & termanologyMy boston
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsEvidence ft rakaa, lil fame & termanologyWhere you come from
Jay electronicaExhibit c
Rap UsPaul wall & termanologyTalk about it
ChampaignI'm on fire
Rap UsProspect & termanologyThis is our year
TotoHold the line
Rap UsRoyce da 5'9" ft termanologyWhat you call that
Jay-zNever change
Rap UsRoyce da 5'9" ft termanologyWhat you call that
Rap UsRoyce da 5'9" ft termanologyWhat you call that
50 centWhat up gangsta
Rap UsStatik selekath & termanologyFreedom (ft. reks)
Courtney pineChildren of the ghetto
Rap UsStatik selekath & termanologyCreepin'
Dr. dre ‎Nuthin' but a "g" thang
Rap UsStatik selekath & termanologyCreepin'
Eminem ‎'till i collapse
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyCafe patron
Midnight starCan't give you up
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyBorn in 82
Dynamic superiorsRomeo
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyLife is what you make
Isaac hayesYour love is much too strong
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyPeople are running
Sidney owens & north, south connectionSputnik
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyStill waiting
Cheryl lynnHurry home
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyThe world renown
Stefano torossiFeeling tense
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanology82 92
Notorious b.i.g.Hypnotize
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyThug poets
NasNas is like
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyThug poets
Notorious b.i.g.My downfall
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyThug poets
Oliver sainSpace dance
Rap UsStatik selektah and termanologyFallin
NasThe world is yours
Rap UsStatik selektah and termanology The radio
Ll cool jMama said knock you out
Rap UsStatik selektah ft. cassidy, saigon, & termanologyTo the top
Pat metheny groupSo may it secretly begin
Rap UsTermanologyStreetwise
Jeru the damajaD. original
Rap UsTermanologyNothin is real
Zero 7In the waiting line
Rap UsTermanologyIt's the st
Francesco de masiInnocent
Rap UsTermanologyLow iq
Bob james Night on bald mountain
Rap UsTermanologyWelcome to the machine
Pink floydWelcome to the machine
Rap UsTermanologyDevil's happy
Krumb snatcha Closer to god
Rap UsTermanology Devil's happy
Jeru the damaja Ain't the devil happy
Rap UsTermanology4 my niggas locked down
RevelationWhat good am i (without you)
Rap UsTermanologyReal recognize
TotoI won't hold you back
Rap UsTermanologyBrugal pills
Serge gainsbourgL'homme à tête de chou
Rap UsTermanologySituations
Lauryn hillLost ones
Rap UsTermanology100 jewels
Love unlimitedWalkin' in the rain with the one i love
Rap UsTermanologyGod's world
Michael jacksonEarth song
Rap UsTermanologyH.u.s.t.l.e.r
BloodstoneInstant love
Rap UsTermanologyQ&a
Keith barrowQuestions
Rap UsTermanologyThat's life
Jermaine jacksonDo what you do
Rap UsTermanology born alone die alone
nas The world is yours
Rap UsTermanologyBorn alone die alone
nasNas is like
Rap UsTermanologyBorn alone, die alone
Andy beyRosemary blue
Rap UsTermanologyHas it ever occurred
Luther ingramAin't that loving you (for more reasons than one)
Rap UsTermanologyPay jay
Michael jacksonHuman nature
Rap UsTermanologyPay jay
Mountain Long red
Rap UsTermanology22 years
Love unlimited Walkin' in the rain with the one i love
Rap UsTermanologyAin't gotta be rich 2 ball
EmotionsHow can you stop loving someone
Rap UsTermanology Statik selektha intro
Barry whiteMellow mood pt 1
Rap UsTermanologyTakin you with me
Francis laiSearch for jenny
Rap UsTermanologyThis is hip-hop
James brownKing heroin
Rap UsTermanologyFloat
FloatersFloat on
Rap UsTermanologyHood shit
Rick wakemanStand by
Rap UsTermanologyPlease don't go
Mighty marvelowsI'm without a girl
Rap UsTermanologyRespect my walk
Willie hutchWichita lineman
Rap UsTermanology So amazing
Marilyn scottYou made me believe
Rap UsTermanologySo amazing
Big lSize em' up
Rap UsTermanologySo amazing
De la soulStakes is high
Rap UsTermanologySo amazing
Rell ft. jay-zIt's obvious
Rap UsTermanology So amazing
Jadakiss Why
Rap UsTermanologySo amazing (intro)
Marilyn scottYou are all i need
Rap UsTermanology Watch how it go down
ReflectionsOne into one
Rap UsTermanologyWatch how it go down
M.o.p.World famous
Rap UsTermanologyWatch how it go down
Rap UsTermanologyWatch how it go down
D.i.t.c.The enemy
Rap UsTermanologyI did it
Billy paulWar of the gods
Rap UsTermanologyHow we live
Minnie ripertonInside my love
Rap UsTermanology Hold that
Junior walkerProbe your mind
Rap UsTermanology Hold that
Coleridge-taylor perkinsonPlease be there
Rap UsTermanologyNobody's smilin
24 carat blackGhetto: misfortune's wealth
Rap UsTermanologyI see dead people
StreetmarkCrazy notion
Rap UsTermanology & dcMotion picture
Bob jamesOne loving night
Rap UsTermanology & lil fameFizzyology
Mad ladsI forgot to be your lover
Rap UsTermanology & lil fameFrom the streets
M.o.p.Ante up (robbing-hoodz theory)
Rap UsTermanology & lil famePlay dirty
House of repzU gotta love us
Rap UsTermanology & lil famePlay dirty
DmxGet it on the floor
Rap UsTermanology & paul wallNo asterisk
LaboratoriumI'm sorry, i'm not driver
Rap UsTermanology feat bun bHow we rock
Quincy jonesKitty with the bent frame
Rap UsTermanology feat. sheek louch and styles pI dream b.i.g.
Sharon forresterHolly
Rap UsTermanology ft easy moneySomething special
50 cent ft justin timberlake & timbalandAyo technology
Rap UsTermanology ft kaliraps & boogz boogetzAround the world
Daft punkAround the world
Rap UsTermanology ft realm reality & artisinCash & hydro
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Termanology

Rap FrLes grandes gueulesEn guise de gun
TermanologyWatch how it go down

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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