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Les samples de Disco diamonds

disco diamonds
Rap UsDisco dave and the force of the 5 mcsHigh power rap
FreedomGet up and dance
Elec. Tech.Disco diamondsCan't stand no lies
First choiceLove thang
Elec. Tech.Disco diceFeel my nachtcafe (original mix)
Pino d'angioMa quale idea
Pop VarietDisco infernoIt's a kid's world
Iggy popLust for life
Elec. Tech.Disco kidzStarlite
Otis reddingGood to me
Elec. Tech.Disco nationRock da jam
The prodigyBreathe
Rap UsDisco rick ft the dogsStart the boycott
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap UsDisco twinsThere it is!
Michael jacksonThe way you make me feel
Rap UsDisco twinsGet back
Run-dmcMy adidas
Rap UsDisco twinsGet back
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Elec. Tech.Disco-texLove is wonderful
Manfredo festJungle kitten
RnB, SoulEd wizard & disco double deeStraight up
O.v. wrightLet's straighten it out
ReggaeMighty diamondsGet out of my life, woman
Lee dorsey Get out of my life, woman
Pop VarietPanic! at the disco(fuck a) silver lining
The dellsOh what a night
Pop VarietPanic! at the discoRoaring 20s
Maynard fergusonLatino lovewalk
Pop VarietPanic! at the discoSay amen (saturday night)
Nathan abshirePinegrove blues
Pop VarietPanic! at the discoSay amen (saturday night)
The budos bandAphasia
Pop VarietPurple disco machineDevil in me
William bell & judy clayPrivate number

Les artistes qui ont samplé Disco diamonds

Rap UsJay-zGirls,girls,girls
Disco dave & the force of five mc'sHigh power rap
Rap UsDe la soulCool breeze on the rocks
Disco dave & the force of the 5 mc's (cash crew)High powered rap
Rap UsSwvAnything
Disco dave & the force of the five mc'sHigh power rap
Rap FrRockin' squatL'undaground s'exprime chapitre 6
Disco fourDo it, do it
Rap UsMaster o.c. & krazy eddieMasters of the scratch
Disco fourWe're at the party
Rap FrBenny b.Qu'est ce qu'on fait maintenant ? (hip hop mix)
Disco fourDo it, do it
Rap UsMarky mark & the funky bunchMusic for the people
Disco fourDo it, do it
Rap UsPublic enemyNight of the living baseheads
Disco fourDo it, do it
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectRump shaker
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Elec. Tech.Chemical brothersBuzz track
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsEazy-eEazy-er said than dunn
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsMc shanThe bridge
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsRun-dmcJam-master jay
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsMantronixKing of the beats
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsCriminal element orchestraPut the needle to the record
Magic disco machine Scratchin'
Elec. Tech.C + c music factoryThings that make you go hmmm...
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsHardcoreHigh time
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsNwaQuiet on tha set
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsNwaReal niggaz don't die
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Pop VarietBilly ze kick et les gamins en folieMangez-moi
Mighty diamondsRight time
ReggaeMusical youthPass the dutchie
The mighty diamondsPass the kutchie

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