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Les samples de Mc twist & the def squad

mc twist & the def squad
Rap Interna.Beat squadCzłowiek taki jak ja
Michael jacksonHuman nature
Rap Interna.Beat squadWesoła bryka
Michael jacksonThe girl is mine
Rap Interna.Beat squadZabawa
Men at workDown under
Rap Interna.Beat squadNie trzeba wiele zbyt
Kool & the gangSummer madness
Rap Interna.Beat squadRozmowy na trzy głowy
Michael jacksonBaby be mine
Rap UsBusta rhymes feat flipmode squadWe could take it outside
Dorothy ashbyThe windmills of your mind
Rap UsDef squad Check n' me out
Undisputed truthSpace machine
Rap UsDef squadFinal countdown
Labi siffreI got the (blues)
Rap UsDef squadFull cooperation
Houston personPretty please
Rap UsDef squadNo guest list
Michael jacksonThriller
Rap UsDef squadNo guest list
Eric b. & rakimEric b. is president
Rap UsDef squadNo guest list
Lil' louis & the worldClub lonely (lonely people)
Rap UsDef squadRapper's delight
Sugarhill gangRapper's delight
Rap UsDef squad Rhymin' wit' biz
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap UsDef squad Say word
Wah wah watsonGoo goo wah wah
Rap UsDef squadThe game
Kurtis blowChristmas rappin
Rap UsDef squadGet da money
Maceo & all the king's menMaceo
Rap UsDoo wop & da bounce squadHit 'em in tha head
Joe williamsGet out of my life, woman
Rap UsDoo wop & da bounce squadBounce rock skate roll
Dee felice trioThere was a time
Rap UsFlipmode squadCha cha cha
Love unlimited orchestraMidnight groove
Rap UsFlipmode squadHit'em wit da heat
Flaming emberGotta get away
Rap UsFlipmode squadEverybody on the line outside
Tangerine dreamImpressions of sorcerer
Rap UsFlipmode squadMoney talks
ParliamentLong way around
Rap UsFlipmode squadStraight spittin'
ParliamentCome in out of the rain
Rap UsFlipmode squadTo my people
richard harris Macarthur park
Rap UsFlipmode squad feat. buckshotWe got u opin (part 2)
Black moonI got cha opin
Rap Interna.Kgb squadIndependencia ou morte
Public enemyBy the time i get to arizona
Rap UsLingo, block mccloud, sewa side squadDarkness
GravediggazNowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Rap UsLive squadMurderahh
Undisputed truthSmiling faces sometimes
Rap UsLive squadMurderahh
Rap UsMc twistA step beyond
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap UsMc twistA step beyond
Eric b. & rakimPaid in full
Rap UsMc twistCocaine bizni$$
James brownHot pants
Rap UsMc twistCocaine bizni$$
Average white bandStop the rain
Rap UsMc twistCold chillin' in san jo
Grover washington, jr.Mister magic
Rap UsMc twistStep off
Wild cherryPlay that funky music
Rap UsMc twistStep off
Billy squierThe big beat
Rap UsMc twistStep off
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadB.l.n.t.
Bernard wrightHaboglabotribin'
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadMary mack
James brownFunky drummer
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadMary mack
Syl johnsonDifferent strokes
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadShock the house
James brownGive it up or turnit a loose (remix)
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadU gettin' ill too much
James brownFunky president
Rap UsMc twist & the def squadI like it loud
Dionne warwickDo you know the way to san jose
Rap UsMurder squadGhetto got me shadey
Isley brothersChoosey lover
Rap UsMurder squadPass da dank
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsMurder squadWho's da star
ZappBe alright
Rap UsOcd: moosh & twistP.a.b.s.
James brownGet up, get into it, get involved
Rap UsOcd: moosh & twistP.a.b.s.
Lafayette afro rock bandDarkest light
Rap UsOcd: moosh & twistCity kids
JourneyDon't stop believin'
Rap UsOdd squadI can't see it
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsOdd squadSmokin' dat weed
Hamilton bohannonSave their souls
Rap UsOriginal squadMic wrecka
Bob jamesNautilus
Rap UsOriginal squadMic wrecka
James brownDown and out in new-york city
Rap UsOriginal squadMic wrecka
Grant greenDown here on the ground
Rap UsOriginal squadStink
Eddie kendricksGirl you need a change of mind
Rap UsPerwer squadNie poganiaj mnie
House of painJump around
Rap UsPhunk squadThe underground phunk
Michael jacksonSmooth criminal
Rap UsRam squadKeep it real
Grover washington jr.Just the two of us
Elec. Tech.Robot death squadHot 9mm
Cypress hillHand on the glock
Rap FrRoyal squadTire une taffe et decolle
Shirley basseySomehow
Rap FrRoyal squadRoyal squale
Charles aznavourQui ?
Rap UsTerror squadWhatcha gonna do
SandroPorque yo te amo
Rap UsTerror squad99 live
Mike oldfieldTubullar bells
Rap UsTerror squadIn for life
Barry manilowCould it be magic
Rap UsTerror squadRudeboy salute
David axelrodThe warnings (part 1)
Rap UsTerror squadRudeboy salute
Sister nancyBam bam
Rap UsTerror squadHum drum
10ccThe dean and i
Rap UsTerror squadLean back
Jermaine dupri Money ain't a thang
Rap UsTerror squadNothing's gonna stop me
Marilyn mccoo & billy davis jr.Nothing can stop me
Rap UsTerror squadTake me home
Roberta flackIf only for one night
Rap UsTerror squadYeah yeah yeah
Mike curb congregationBurning bridges
Rap UsTwist it minesMyz b haven
Ike & tina turnerCussin', cryin' and carryin' on
Rap UsTwist it minesMyz b haven
Ohio playersFunky worm
Rap UsUrban dance squadA deeper shade of soul
Ray barrettoA deeper shade of soul

Les artistes qui ont samplé Mc twist & the def squad

Rap UsEncoreThe situation
Def squadFull cooperation
Rap UsDemigodzWorst nightmare
Flipmode squadWe got u opin (part 2)
Rap FrCuizinierGoonies track
Goon squadEight arms to hold you
Rap UsDj paul & juicy jReal pimp niggaz
Mc twist & the def squadIntro
Rap FrMic furyFatal fury
Sully sefil ft royal squadLa guerre musicale
Rap UsWill smithI wish i made that
Terror squadLean back
Rap UsReks25th hour
Terror squad Terror era
Rap UsProofMom and dad
Terror squad feat. prospect'99 live
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever come down (the brownie song)
The raquet squadLittle wing
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever come down (the brownie song)
The raquet squadYou turn me on

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