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Les samples de Kenny burrell

kenny burrell
Elec. Tech.Kenny dixon jrYesterdays
Geraldine hunt Can't fake the feeling
Elec. Tech.Kenny dopeMr. dope
100% pure poisonWindy c
Elec. Tech.Kenny dopeMr. dope
James brownFunky president
Elec. Tech.Kenny dopeMakin' a living
Booker t. & the mg'sMelting pot
Elec. Tech.Kenny dopeThe magnificent
Dave & ansel collinsDouble barrel
Elec. Tech.Kenny dopeThe magnificent
Steve miller bandFly like an eagle
Elec. Tech.Kenny dope gonzalesGet on down
Minnie ripertonInside my love
RnB, SoulKenny gG-bop
James brownFunky drummer
Pop VarietKenny gYesterday
Rap UsKenny kaneHigh as a bitch
Marvin gayeInner city blues (make me wanna holler)
Pop VarietKenny lattimoreI won't let you down
Teddy pendergrassLove tko
Pop VarietKenny loggins and jim messinaHouse at pooh corner
Nitty gritty dirt bandHouse at pooh corner
Pop VarietKenny rankinWhile my guitar gently weeps
BeatlesWhile my guitar gently weeps
Pop VarietKenny rogers and the first editionShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Mickey newburyShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Rap FrTriptik feat kenny bossBrousse urbaine
La rumeurLe coup monté

Les artistes qui ont samplé Kenny burrell

Rap UsPras feat odb & myaGhetto supastar (that is what you are)
Dolly parton & kenny rogersIslands in the stream
Rap Interna.The mouse outfitBring me down
Kenny barronHellbound
Rap UsDj spinnaStakes is high remix
Kenny barronSunset
Rap UsPete rock & iniMicrophonist wanderlust
Kenny burrellA streetcar named desire
Rap UsTruth enolaIll love
Kenny burrellA streetcar named desire
Rap UsCam'ron & vadoBe with me
Kenny dossAre you gonna be with me
Rap UsKapgainTil the world end
Kenny gThe wedding song
Rap Us2 chainzPimps
Kenny gSummertime
Rap UsThree 6 mafiaWho got dem 9's
Kenny gSongbird
Rap UsDomo genesisL-boy interlude
Kenny gHavana
Rap FrSexion d'assautMamadou
Kenny latimoreFor you
Rap UsJ dillaMilk money
Kenny logginsMake the move
Elec. Tech.Girl talkStill here
Kenny logginsFootloose
Rap UsNasWe will survive
Kenny logginsThis is it
Rap UsPapooseCharades
Kenny logginsThis is it
Rap UsPapooseCharades part 1
Kenny logginsThis is it
Rap UsFreewayThis is it
Kenny loggins & michael mcdonaldThis is it
Elec. Tech.Daft punkFace to face
Kenny loggins and jim messinaHouse at pooh corner
Rap UsNasThe world is yours (remix)
Kenny rankinI love you
Rap UsNasUndying love
Kenny rankinWhile my guitar gently weeps
Rap FrPsy 4 de la rimeLady
Kenny rogersLady
Rap UsFugees feat outsidaz and john fortéCowboys
Kenny rogersThe gambler
ReggaeBeenie man & sanchezRefugee
Kenny rogers & dolly partonIslands in the stream
Rap UsImmortal technique ft. akirOne (remix)
Stevie nicks & kenny loggins Whenever i call you friend
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Tom kenny # dialogue #

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