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Reprises: 2616

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Les samples de Just-ice

Rap UsJust-iceLatoya
Peter, paul & maryLeaving on a jet plane
Rap UsJust-iceBack to the old school
ChicGood times
Rap UsJust-iceBack to the old school
Coke escovedoI wouldn't change a thing
Rap UsJust-iceHistory
Joe texGive the baby anything the baby wants
Rap UsJust-iceJust rhymin' with kane
Naughty by natureFeel me flow
Rap UsJust-iceGoing way back
Kid dynamiteUphill peace of mind

Les artistes qui ont samplé Just-ice

Elec. Tech.The prodigyWind it up
Rap UsIce-tRicochet
Just-ice Moshitup
Rap FrAssassinClassik
Rap UsBlahzay blahzayJackpot
Rap UsMf doomKon karne
Rap UsMc mitchskiGoya
Rap UsRob swiftI'm leaving
Rap UsTime machineThe way things are
Rap UsQuasimotoGreenery
Just-iceLittle bad johnny
Rap UsCommonLike they used to say
Just-iceGoing way back
Rap UsJedi mind tricksSuicide
Just-ice Moshitup
Rap UsDr dre , devin the dude & snoop doggFuck you
Just-iceThat girl is a slut
Elec. Tech.The prodigyRuff in the jungle bizness
Just-iceIn the jungle
ReggaeSublimeSmoke two joints
Just-iceNa touch da just
Rap UsInvisibl skratch piklzInvisbl skratch piklz vs. da klamz uv deth
Just-ice et dmxLatoya
Rap UsDj revolutionNeva come close
Just-ice feat. krs-oneGoin' way back
Rap Fr1995Taille de guêpe
Just-ice feat. krs-oneMoshitup
Rap UsGirl talk & freewaySuicide
Just-ice ft krs-oneMoshitup
Rap UsDj shadowStem/long stem
Just-ice ft. krs-oneMoshitup

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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