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Les samples de Ice-t

Rap UsIce-t Midnight
Boogie down productions 9mm goes bang
Rap UsIce-tLethal weapon
Eric b. & rakim microphone fiend
Rap UsIce-tG-style (remix)
Dr. dre feat. snoop doggy doggNuthin' but a g thang
Rap UsIce-tIt's on
James brownThe payback
Rap UsIce-tRace war
James brownI don't want nobody to give me nothing (open up th
Rap UsIce-tHeartbeat
Rap UsIce-tLifestyles of the rich and infamous (remix)
Eric b. & rakimI ain't no joke
Rap UsIce-tHome of the bodybag
Guns n' rosesMr brownstone
Rap UsIce-tKilling fields
James brownGet up offa that thing
Rap UsIce-tMic contract
Kool & the gangThe penguin
Rap UsIce-tMic contract
Public enemyRebel without a pause
Rap UsIce-tMic contract
EpmdIt's my thing
Rap UsIce-tMidnight
Black sabbathBlack sabbath
Rap UsIce-tMidnight
Led zeppelinWhen the levee breaks
Rap UsIce-tMidnight
Eric b. & rakim I ain't no joke
Rap UsIce-tMind over matter
James brownSay it loud, i'm black and i'm proud
Rap UsIce-tNew jack hustler
Rap UsIce-tNew jack hustler
James brownBlues and pants
Rap UsIce-tPulse of the rhyme
James brownHot pants
Rap UsIce-tThe tower
John carpenterHalloween theme
Rap UsIce-tMake it funky (club mix)
Boogie down productionsSouth bronx
Rap UsIce-tMake it funky (club mix)
James brownHot pants
Rap UsIce-tMake it funky (club mix)
James brownGet on the good foot
Rap UsIce-tRicochet
Just-ice Moshitup
Rap UsIce-tRetaliation
Mobb deepHoodlum
Rap UsIce-tHit the deck
Ralph bakshi # dialogue #
Rap UsIce-tThis one's for me
James brownSlaughter's theme
Rap UsIce-tYou played yourself
James brownThe boss
Rap UsIce-tForced to do dirt
Mobb deepShook ones pt. 2
Rap UsIce-tMake the loot loop
Kool & the gangJungle boogie
Rap UsIce-tThey want me back in
Method manSub crazy
Rap UsIce-tCramp your style
Onyx Bichasniguz
Rap UsIce-t Forced to do dirt
Mobb deep Shook ones, part i

Les artistes qui ont samplé Ice-t

Rap UsEshamDyin to be down
Elec. Tech.Lenny deeR.a.w.
Ice-t Warning
Rap UsDizzee rascalSeems 2 be
Ice-tFirst impression
Pop VarietBilly goatFuck more bitch less
Ice-tGirls l.g.b.n.a.f.
Rap UsVanilla iceIce cold
Ice-tI'm your pusher
Rap Interna.Absolute beginnerDas boot
Ice-tI'm your pusher
Rap UsSheep doggy doggGangsta groove
Ice-tI'm your pusher
Rap UsSheep doggy doggGangsta groove
Rap FrBenjamin eppsPolice à ma porte
Ice-t6 'n the mornin'
Rap UsTupacPeep game
Ice-tOur most requested record (long version)
Rap UsLegion of boomLyrical assassin
Ice-tSqueeze the trigger

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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