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Samples: 55467

Reprises: 2850

Membres: 2298

Les samples de Cf

RnB, SoulBobby mcferrinDrive my car
BeatlesDrive my car
Pop VarietBobby mcferrinThe pink panther theme
Henry manciniThe pink panther theme
Rap UsCfKing
Run-dmcRun's house
Rap UsCfNevaeh (intro)
Paul simonCan i forgive him
Pop VarietEric mcfaddenRun through the jungle
Creedence clearwater revivalRun through the jungle
Jazz, BluesGary mcfarlandAnd i love her
BeatlesAnd i love her
Pop VarietMarty mcfly with the starlightersJohnny b. goode
Chuck berryJohnny b. goode
Rap FrOsfa gemo rcfa jee money medarMon style dérange
Pop VarietRobin williams and bobby mcferrinCome together
BeatlesCome together
Rap Interna.ThcfSamo nek se rola
Cypress hillIllusions (harpsichord mix)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Cf

Rap FrCuizinierBe happy
Bobby mcferrinDon't worry, be happy
Rap UsMetal fingersBurdock root
Bobby mcferrinMoondance
Rap UsAb-soulThe book of soul
Bobby mcferrinMoondance
Rap UsMf doomBurdock root
Bobby mcferrinMoondancer
Pop VarietBenjamin biolayBien avant
Bobby mcferrinDon't worry, be happy
Rap UsCyneSteady
Bobby mcferrinThe elephant's child
Rap UsShinsight trioPassin by
Gary mcfarlandAnd i love her
Rap UsPeople under the stairsPlay it again / outro
Gary mcfarland & peter smithSalvation army rags
Rap Us9th wonderLeaky beat vault (25:48-26:25)
Gladys mcfadden & the loving sistersNever gonna turn around
Rap UsGeto boysWe can't be stopped
Mcfadden & whiteheadAin't no stoppin' us now
Rap UsBig daddy kaneAin't no stoppin' us now
Mcfadden & whiteheadAin't no stoppin' us now
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderHere we go
Mcfadden & whiteheadThat let’s me now i'm in love
Pop VarietPino d'angioMa quale idea
Mcfadden & whiteheadAin't no stopping us now
Rap UsJedi mind tricksHeavenly divine
Yo-yo ma & bobby mcferrinAndante from concerto in d minor for 2 mandolins
Rap UsAesop rockGarbage
Yo-yo ma & bobby mcferrinGrace

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