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Les samples de Cannonball aderley quintet

cannonball aderley quintet

Les artistes qui ont samplé Cannonball aderley quintet

Rap UsOrganized konfusionKeep it koming
Adderley, cannonball quintetSack o' woe
Rap UsRoc marciano Thug's prayer
Ca quintet Trip thru hell (part 1)
Rap UsA tribe called questBonita applebum
Cannonball adderleySoul virgo
Rap UsJ dillaCrushin' (yeeeeaah)
Cannonball adderleySoul virgo
Rap UsBrand nubianStep to the rear
Cannonball adderleyOh babe
Rap UsBrand nubianConcerto in x minor
Cannonball adderleyWalk tall
RnB, SoulMar-keysSack o'woe
Cannonball adderleySack o'woe
RnB, SoulLes mccannSack o'woe
Cannonball adderleySack o'woe
Pop VarietOmega menSack o'woe
Cannonball adderleySack o'woe
Rap UsDr. dreBar one
Cannonball adderleyPoundin'
Rap UsBeatnutsEngineer talking shit
Cannonball adderleyTensity
Rap UsPharoahe monch Push
Cannonball adderleyCountry preacher
Rap Us3rd bassGreen eggs and swine
Cannonball adderleyHummin
Rap UsAtmosphereGuns and cigarettes
Cannonball adderleyOh babe
Rap UsA tribe called questFootprints
Cannonball adderleyWalk tall
Rap UsHouse of painOn point
Cannonball adderleyInside straight
Rap UsCommonWmoe
Cannonball adderleyCapricorn: the gentle
Rap UsA tribe called questSteppin' it up
Cannonball adderleyLeo: rosebud
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothIn the house
Cannonball adderleyCapricorn
Rap UsKmdQ3-113
Cannonball adderleySuite cannon pt 1: the king & i
Rap UsKmdF*ck wit ya head
Cannonball adderleySuite cannon pt. 1: the king & i
Rap UsVida killzConversations with you
Cannonball adderleyAutumn leaves
Rap UsBlack milkLuvin it
Cannonball adderleyAquarius
Rap UsGeniusGold
Cannonball adderleyAries
Rap UsQuasimotoJazz cats, pt. 1
Cannonball adderleyEye of the cosmos
Rap UsA tribe called questThe infamous date rape
Cannonball adderleyThe steam drill
Rap UsA tribe called questThe infamous date rape
Cannonball adderleyThe steam drill
Rap UsPete rockA little soul
Cannonball adderleyTensity
Rap UsDr. dreBar one
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Poundin'
Rap UsBlack moonEnta da stage
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Eye of the cosmos
Rap FrNtmQui paiera les dégats?
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Tensity
Rap UsBeatnutsWorld's famous
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Umbakwen
Rap FrSens unikLe repas
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Inside straight
Rap UsHouse of painAll that
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Snakin the grass
Rap UsBeatnutsSuperbad
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Cannon raps
Rap UsPharcydeShe said
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Walk tall
Rap UsA.d.o.r.From the concrete
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Lisa
Rap UsGzaGold
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Aries
Rap UsPharcydePack the pipe
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Exquisition
Rap UsNaughty by natureHip hop hooray
Cannonball adderley (quintet)74 miles away
Rap UsLarge proThe lp
Cannonball adderley - pisces from love sex and thePisces: allison's trip
Rap UsA tribe called quest1nce again
Cannonball adderley quintetUntitled
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothReturn of the mecca
Cannonball adderley quintetCountry preacher
Rap UsHard 2 obtainLocal hero
Cannonball adderley quintetInside straight
Rap UsGang starrThe place where we dwell
Cannonball adderley quintetIntroduction
Rap UsA tribe called quest1nce again
Cannonball adderley quintetCapricorn
Rap UsMad skillzSkillz in '95
Cannonball adderley quintetMake your own temple
Rap UsPete rock & c.l smoothBack on the block
Cannonball aderley quintetTensity
Pop VarietSpencer davis groupI'm a man
Dave bailey quintetComin' home baby
Rap UsUgly ducklingEye on the gold chain
Eddie fisher quintetShoo-be-doo-be-doo-be-do-da-day
Rap UsRob swiftI'm leaving
Eddie fisher quintetThe third cup
Rap UsStatik selektah ft. styles pThe thrill is gone
George shearing quintetWhisper not
Rap UsUs3Make tracks
Horace silver quintetFilthy mcnasty
Rap UsUs3Eleven long years
Horace silver quintetSong for my father
Rap UsMadlibSong for my father
Horace silver quintetSong for my father
Pop VarietSteely danRikki don't loose that number
Horace silver quintetSong for my father
Rap UsSoul positionMic control
Nancy wilson and cannonball adderleyThe old country
Rap UsDe la soul4 more
New dynamic chico hamilton quintetA rose for booker
Rap UsUrban speciesNo particular title
The cannonball adderley quintetInside straight
Rap FrWax tailorI don't know
The cannonball adderley quintetMercy mercy mercy

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