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Samples: 55966

Reprises: 2885

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Les samples de Gza

Rap UsDj muggs & gzaAll in together now
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsGhostface killah feat killah priest & gzaPurified thought
Them twoAm i a good man
Rap UsGzaHighway robbery
Michael jackson With a child's heart
Rap UsGzaStay out of bars
Young-holt unlimitedRubber lips
Rap UsGzaWho's your rhymin' hero
Jimmy mc griffAin't it funky now
Rap UsGzaBeneath the surface
Jean plumBack to you
Rap UsGzaCrash your crew
Willie hutchI choose you
Rap UsGzaPublicity
Terry knight and the packI (who have nothing)
Rap UsGzaBeneath the surface (vinz vega remix)
Jeannie reynoldsLook what your love has done to me ma
Rap UsGzaDestruction of a guard (pop pop pop)
DramaticsSay the word
Rap UsGzaAnimal planet
Isaac hayesMan's temptation
Rap UsGzaAutobio
Saint tropezBelle de jour
Rap UsGzaDid you say that
Booker t. & the mg'sRun tank run
Rap UsGzaFam
Gladys knight & the pipsBetween her goodbye and my hello
Rap UsGzaKnock, knock
SpinnersI must be living for a broken heart
Rap UsGzaLegend of the liquid word
Quincy jonesRazzamatazz
Rap UsGzaCold world
Stevie wonderRocket love
Rap UsGza4th chamber
Willie mitchellGroovin'
Rap UsGzaCold world
DramaticsIn the rain
Rap UsGzaDuel of the iron mic
David porterI'm afraid the masquerade is over
Rap UsGzaGold
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Aries
Rap UsGzaInvestigative reports
Three dog nightI'd be so happy
Rap UsGzaLiquid swords
Kenji misumi # dialogue #
Rap UsGzaLiquid swords
Willie mitchellGroovin'
Rap UsGzaLiquid swords
Willie mitchellMercy, mercy, mercy
Rap UsGzaLiving in the world today
Ann sextonI'm his wife, you're just a friend
Rap UsGzaShadowboxin
Ann peeblesTrouble, heartaches & sadness
Rap UsGza0% finance
GzaStay in line
Rap UsGzaAlphabets
Bobby blandAsk me 'bout nothing (but the blues)
Rap UsGzaColumbian ties
Barry whiteLove serenade
Rap UsGzaGroundbreaking
Dee dee warwickIt's not fair
Rap UsGzaDrama
Millie jacksonAll the way lover
Rap UsGzaPass the bone
Harlem underground bandSmokin' cheeba cheeba
Rap UsGzaTrue fresh m.c.
Rap UsGza feat. killah priestB.i.b.l.e. (basic instructions before leaving eart
Ohio playersOur love has died
Rap UsJus allah feat. gza/the geniusPool of blood
Michiru oshimaGodzilla vs. megaguirus
Rap UsPete rock feat. rza & gzaHead rush
Mavis staplesWhat happened to the real me

Les artistes qui ont samplé Gza

Rap UsIll bill & vinnie pazSplatterfest
gza4th chamber
Rap UsMarco polo and torae Party crashers
Gza Shadowboxin'
Rap UsGza0% finance
GzaStay in line
Rap UsJeru the damajaHow i'm livin'
Gza Labels
Rap UsGrim reaperzThe next plateau
GzaBeneath the surface
Rap UsLa coka nostraCreed of the greedier
GzaKnock, knock
Rap UsPharrellLiquid swords
Gza4th chamber
Rap UsWillie the kid feat. la the darkmanLife of a drug dealer freestyle
GzaKilla hills 10304
Rap FrIdeal jOriginal mc's
GzaLiquid swords
Rap UsAsher rothToni braxton
GzaLiquid swords
Rap UsKrumb snatchaMobsters
Rap UsGang starrYou know my steez
GzaShadowboxin' (feat. method man)
Rap UsJedi mind tricksOn the eve of war
GzaThird world
Rap UsIll bill & vinnie pazSplatterfest
Gza ft ghostface killah, killa priest & rza4th genius
Rap UsIll bill & vinnie pazLeviathan (the spell of kingu)
Gza ft ghostface killah, killah priest & rza 4th chamber
Rap UsAkashik ancestorzAllegory of the sword
Jedi mind tricks feat. gzaOn the eve of war (julio césar chávez mix)

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