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Samples: 54591

Reprises: 2682

Membres: 2267

Les samples de 88-keys

Rap Us88-keys(awww man) round 2
Freda payneNow is the time to say goodbye
Rap Us88-keysAnother victim
Tony wilsonLoving you ain't the same
Rap Us88-keysDirty peaches
Paul mccartney & wingsThe note you never wrote
Rap Us88-keysHo is short for honey
Paul mccartney & wingsMrs. vanderbilt
Rap Us88-keysMilf
Sly & the family stoneMother beautiful
Rap Us88-keysNice guys finish last
Townsend, townsend, townsend and rogersIt’s too late to be nice to her now
Rap Us88-keysStay up (viagra!)
ImaginationAll night loving
Rap Us88-keysThe burning bush
Gladys knight & the pipsOnce in a lifetime thing
Rap Us88-keysThere's pleasure in it
SpiritDream within a dream
Rap Us88-keys feat. kid cudiWasting my minutes
Andrew goldNever let her slip away
Rap Us88-keys feat. mac miller & siaThat's life
Valerie simpsonBenjie
Rap Us88-keys feat. mac miller & siaThat's life
Christine perfectAnd that's saying a lot
Pop VarietAlicia keysLike you'll never see me again
PrincePurple rain
Pop VarietAlicia keysWhere do we go from here
Billy squierThe big beat
Pop VarietAlicia keysWhere do we go from here ?
Wendy reneAfter laughter
Pop VarietAlicia keysJuiciest
MtumeJuicy fruit
RnB, SoulAlicia keysFallin' (remix)
Malcolm mclarenBuffalo gals
Rap UsAlicia keysFallin' remix (ft. busta rhymes & rampage)
RampageWild for da night
Pop VarietAlicia keysGirl on fire
Billy squierThe big beat
Pop VarietAlicia keysRock wit u
Michael jacksonRock with you
Rap UsAlicia keysFallin'
James brownIt's a man's, man's, man's world (intro)
Rap UsAlicia keysGirlfriend
Ol' dirty bastardBrooklyn zoo
Pop VarietAlicia keysGirlfriend
Gang starrTake it personal
Rap UsAlicia keysHow come u don't call me
PrinceHow come u don't call me anymore?
Rap UsAlicia keysPiano & i
Ludwig van beethovenSonate pour piano n° 14 en do dièse mineur
Pop VarietAlicia keysSpeechless
Kanye westDevil in a new dress
RnB, SoulAlicia keysIf i was your woman/walk on by
Isaac hayesWalk on by
Rap UsAlicia keysStreets of new york
Donald byrdFlight time
Pop VarietAlicia keysYou don't know my name
Main ingredientLet me prove my love to you
Pop VarietAlicia keysThe streets of new york (city life)
NasN.y. state of mind
Rap UsAlicia keysUnbreakable
Eddie kendricksIntimate friends
Rap UsAlicia keys feat.rampage & busta rhymesFallin (remix)
ZulemaAmerican fruit african roots
Rap UsBlack keys ft noeHard times
BlackrockYeah, yeah
Rap UsEve ft alicia keysGangsta loving
Yarbrough & peoplesDon't stop the music
RnB, SoulMar-keysSack o'woe
Cannonball adderleySack o'woe

Les artistes qui ont samplé 88-keys

Pop VarietKidz bop kidsGirl on fire
Alicia keysGirl on fire
Rap UsBlack eyed peasLet's get it started
Alicia keysFallin'
Rap FrGrodashHalls sales
Alicia keysNever felt this way
Rap UsLil wayne feat. babyfaceComfortable
Alicia keysYou don't know my name
RnB, SoulTory lanezN.a.m.e
Alicia keysYou don't know my name
RnB, SoulAhmirDoesn't mean anything
Alicia keysDoesn't mean anything
Rap UsStarlitoEarly morning sip (chapter 2)
Alicia keysTry sleeping with a broken heart
Rap FrDixonHomme enfant
Alicia keysUn-thinkable (i'm ready)
Rap UsLogicWorthy
Alicia keysUn-thinkable (i'm ready)
RnB, SoulEddie kendricksIntimate friends
Alicia keysUnbreakable
Rap UsCamp loGood green
Alicia keysUnbreakable
Rap FrSexion d'assautJ'suis dans les temps
Alicia keys ft. rampage & busta rhymesFallin'
Rap FrDernier proLaissez-moi tranquille
Alycia keysNever felt this way
Rap FrKlub des loosersOutro (rock that shit) (remix)
Black keys the breaks
Rap UsSnowgoonsNo man's land
Dakota fanning (allie keys) # dialogue #
Rap UsSnowgoonsReal world
Dakota fanning (allie keys) # dialogue #
Rap UsMc serchBack to the grill
Mar-keysHoney pot
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothThe creator remix
Mar-keysHoney pot
Rap UsAkinyele/sadat x feat. yvette micheleLoud hangover(allstar remix)
Mar-keysPlantation inn
Rap UsLighter shade of brownCheck it out
Mar-keysPlantation inn
Elec. Tech.Chris anderson and dj robbieLast night
Mar-keysLast night
Rap UsGrand puba360 degrees
Mar-keysGrab this thing
Rap UsCypress hillWhen the shit goes down
Mar-keysGrab this thing
Rap UsHouse of painShamrocks and shenanigans
Mar-keysHoney pot
Rap UsBrand nubianStep to the rear
Mar-keysPlantation inn
Rap UsA lighter shade of brownCheck it out
Mar-keysPlantation inn
Rap FrKlub des loosersRock that shit - outro
The black keysThe breaks
Rap UsEmilio rojas ft mickey factzEx-girl
The black keysNext girl
Pop VarietThe asteroids galaxy tourLady jesus
The mar-keysLast night
RnB, SoulIke turner & the kings of rhythmPhilly dog
The mar-keysPhilly dog
Rap UsFemdotTo the one out south
Usher & alicia keysMy boo

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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