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Samples: 58752

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Les samples de Logic

Elec. Tech.Ill logic & rafShoot out
Ennio morriconeMan with a harmonica
Rap UsIllogicFirst trimester
Clyde mcphatterMixed up cup
Rap UsIllogicFirst trimester
Yes South side of the sky
Rap UsIllogicI wish he would make me
Edvard griegAllegro molto moderato
Rap UsIllogicGot lyrics?
Detroit emeraldsYou're getting a little too smart
Rap UsIllogicKilling time feat. aesop rock
Guido and maurizio de angelisThe life of a policeman
Rap UsIllogicScreenplay
Joan baezPut your hand in the hand
Rap UsIllogicWhat it takes
Krs-oneMc's act like they don't know
Rap UsIllogic and walter rocktightTime is comming
Beastie boysThe new style
Rap Interna.LogicMoney
Rap UsLogicNo biggie
Jay hawkinsI put a spell on you
Rap UsLogicNo biggie
Notorious bigJuicy
Rap UsLogicAddiction
Boom clap bachelorsTiden flyver
Rap UsLogicAddiction
Black eyed peasJust can't get enough
Rap UsLogicAll i do
James brownSunny
Rap UsLogicAre you ready
Shirley basseyDiamonds are forever
Rap UsLogicAre you ready
Suzanne vegaTom's diner
Rap UsLogicAye girl
Anita bakerMystery
Rap UsLogicGrowing pains 2
Jay-zDead presidents
Rap UsLogicJust another day
James brownFunky president
Rap UsLogicMixed feelings
Jay electronicaExhibit a
Rap UsLogicOne
Frank sinatraIt was a very good year
Rap UsLogicDear god
Monsters of folkDear god
Rap UsLogicDo ya like
AdeleMelt my heart to stone
Rap UsLogicThe spotlight
James brownFunky president
Rap UsLogicWe get high
James brownFunky president
Rap UsLogic925
Krs-oneMad crew
Rap UsLogicNasty
Eleventh hourNasty
Rap UsLogicRoll call
OutkastMs jackson
Rap UsLogicThe come up
Oliver tankThe last time
Rap UsLogicThe end
Rap UsLogicWalk on by
Dionne warwickWalk on by
Rap UsLogicWelcome to forever
Rap UsLogicAsk em
Wale ft gucci mane & weenseyPretty girls
Rap UsLogicSelling drugs
Kanye westCan’t tell me nothing
Rap UsLogicWordplay
Michael jacksonBillie jean
Rap UsLogicWorthy
Alicia keysUn-thinkable (i'm ready)
Rap UsLogicYoung sinatra
Nas ft azLife's a bitch
Rap UsLogic ft dot castroBeggin'
Rap UsLouis logicStarling's darling
Wu-tang clanBring da ruckus
Rap UsLouis logicA gentleman and a scholar
Charles aznavourHappy anniversary
Rap UsLouis logicNatural selection
Aretha franklinI wanna make it up to you
Rap UsLouis logicDiablos
DoorsSpanish caravan
Rap UsLouis logicFair weather fan
Charles foxA time for love
Rap UsLouis logicIdiot gear
Eric b & rakimEric b is president
Rap UsLouis logicThe ugly truth
Rap UsLouis logicDust to dust
Gabor szaboStronger than us
Rap UsLouis logicDust to dust
Gang starrSo wassup
Rap UsLouis logic & j.j. brownAll girls cheat
Bobbi humphreyRain again
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicGangsta story
Beastie boysPaul revere
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicGangsta story
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicB4 my rhymez thru
House of painJump around
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicGangsta story
FunkadelicYou and your folks, me and my folks
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicJah sent
FunkadelicCosmic slop
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicMutha made em
EpmdI'm housin'
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicMutha made em
Edie brickell & the new bohemiansWhat i am
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicSuckaz tri 2 play me
Public enemyRebel without a pause
Rap UsSmokin suckaz wit logicUncle tom artist
FunkadelicJoyful process

Les artistes qui ont samplé Logic

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