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Les samples de Two x strong

two x strong
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmgOnly the strong survive
James brownFunky drummer
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmg2 black 2 strong
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmg2 black 2 strong
Malcolm x # dialogue #
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmgAcross the 110
Lyn collinsDo your thing
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmgGhetto blasta
Bob & earlHarlem shuffle
Rap Us2 black 2 strong mmgGhetto blasta
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap Interna.Gerald jacobs & chel strongGrapevine
Mother freedom bandWhen you're hot you're hot
Rap UsStrong armRippin' up the stage
James brownFunky drummer
Rap UsStrong arm steadyInterlude one
TrifleNew religion
Rap UsStrong arm steadyBest of times (ft. phonte)
Ace spectrumTrust me
Rap UsStrong arm steadyCheeba cheeba
Harlem underground bandSmokin' cheeba cheeba
Rap UsStrong arm steadyChittlins & pepsi
L.v. johnsonI don't really care
Rap UsStrong arm steadyGet started
Roxanne shantéDef fresh crew
Rap UsStrong arm steadyOutro
Herbie hancockThe big rip off
Rap UsStrong arm steadyQuestions
Rap UsStrong arm steadyTelegram
Ruth copelandThe medal
Rap UsStrong arm steadyTrue champs
MetaphorsYou have everything (that a man could have)
Rap UsStrong arm steadyLife
Bernie worrellI'll be with you
Rap UsStrong arm steady feat. mitchy slickTwo pistols
Chuck bernardEverything is alright now
Rap UsTwo x strongI get lifted
Kc & the sunshine bandI get lifted
Rap UsTwo x strongI get lifted
Lyn collinsThink (about it)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Two x strong

Elec. Tech.Amplified orchestraFeels so good
Chuck strongDoin' it cause it feels good

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