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Les samples de Toots & the maytals

toots & the maytals
ReggaeToots & the maytalsBam bam
Toots & the maytalsRastaman
ReggaeToots & the maytalsLouie louie
Richard berry & the pharaohsLouie louie
ReggaeToots & the maytalsTake me home, country roads
John denverTake me home, country roads
ReggaeToots & the maytalsHard to handle
Otis reddingHard to handle
ReggaeToots & the maytals(i've got) dreams to remember
Otis reddingI've got dreams to remember

Les artistes qui ont samplé Toots & the maytals

ReggaeGeneral levy feat. junior danMonkey man
MaytalsMonkey man
ReggaeAmy winehouseMonkey man
MaytalsMonkey man
ReggaeChaka demus & plierMurder she wrote
Maytals & byron lee & dragonairesBam bam
ReggaeSister nancyBam bam
The maytals and byron lee and the dragonairesBam bam
Rap UsEvidenceThe cold weather
Toots & the maytals54-46 was my number
Pop VarietSonic boom sixMonkey see, monkey do
Toots & the maytalsFunky kingston
Pop VarietSoul coughingDown to this
Toots & the maytalsTime tough
ReggaeThe clashPressure drop
Toots & the maytalsPressure drop
ReggaeToots & the maytalsBam bam
Toots & the maytalsRastaman
ReggaeLucky dubePeace perfect peace
Toots & the maytalsPeace perfect peace
Elec. Tech.Sporto kantesHeart
Toots & the maytals54-46 that's my number
Rap UsFoxy brownOh yeah !
Toots & the maytals54-46, that's my number
Rap UsRebel mcStreet tuff
Toots & the maytals54-46 that's my number
RnB, SoulSally nyoloMessima (imhotep rmx)
Toots & the maytals & byron leeBam bam
Elec. Tech.Zero 7Polaris
Toots thielemans & quincy jonesSoldier in the rain

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