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Les samples de Terror fabulous

terror fabulous
Rap UsCold blood terrorBumrush attack
James brownGive it up or turnit a loose (remix)
Rap UsCold blood terrorGood thing
James brownSay it loud, i'm black and i'm proud
Rap UsCold blood terrorGood thing
Brass constructionMovin'
Rap UsCold blood terrorPrepare for combat
Kool & the gangN.t.
Rap UsCold blood terrorPrepare for combat
Public enemyMiuzi weighs a ton
Rap UsCold blood terrorSituation out of hand
James brownFunky drummer
Rap UsCold blood terrorThe one
Incredible bongo bandApache
Rap UsFabulous feat tamiaI'm so into you
TamiaI'm so into you
Rap FrGhetto fabulous gangRegrets
Ann peeblesTrouble, heartaches and sadness
Elec. Tech.Terror danjahPower grid
The prodigyCharly (trip into drum & bass version)
Elec. Tech.Terror danjahPower grid
WinstonsAmen brother
Rap UsTerror greenCheck the file
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap UsTerror greenMuch terror
Jeru the damajaCome clean
Rap UsTerror greenMuch terror
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap Interna.Terror mcStreet life
M.o.pAnte up
Rap Interna.Terror mcVoel wat ek voel
King floydHandle with care
Rap UsTerror mobbBorn dying
Kool & the gangSummer madness
Rap UsTerror mobbMy side
Isley brothersFor the love of you
Rap UsTerror squadWhatcha gonna do
SandroPorque yo te amo
Rap UsTerror squad99 live
Mike oldfieldTubullar bells
Rap UsTerror squadIn for life
Barry manilowCould it be magic
Rap UsTerror squadRudeboy salute
David axelrodThe warnings (part 1)
Rap UsTerror squadRudeboy salute
Sister nancyBam bam
Rap UsTerror squadHum drum
10ccThe dean and i
Rap UsTerror squadLean back
Jermaine dupri Money ain't a thang
Rap UsTerror squadNothing's gonna stop me
Marilyn mccoo & billy davis jr.Nothing can stop me
Rap UsTerror squadTake me home
Roberta flackIf only for one night
Rap UsTerror squadYeah yeah yeah
Mike curb congregationBurning bridges
Pop VarietThe fabulous jokersSabre dance
Aram khachaturianSabre dance

Les artistes qui ont samplé Terror fabulous

RnB, SoulErykah baduLove
Fabulous soulsTake me
ReggaeOpalI said it
Terror fabulousPosition
Rap UsWill smithI wish i made that
Terror squadLean back
Rap UsReks25th hour
Terror squad Terror era
Rap UsProofMom and dad
Terror squad feat. prospect'99 live
Rap UsJeru the damajaMe or the papes
The fabulous fiveLeflah

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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