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Les samples de State property

state property
Elec. Tech.808 stateIn yer face
Grace jonesOperattack
Elec. Tech.808 stateLambrusco cowboy
Ennio morriconeNavajo joe
Elec. Tech.808 stateNephatiti
Gene wilder (willy wonka) # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.808 stateOne in ten
Ub40One in ten
Elec. Tech.808 statePacific 202
James brownFunky drummer
Elec. Tech.808 statePacific state
E-mu systems # bruitage #
Rap Interna.A state of mindCool runnings
Rap Interna.A state of mindDon't look back
MandrillHappy beat
Rap Interna.A state of mindDon't look back
Lords of the undergroundChief rocka
Rap Interna.A state of mindHide & seek
Cornell campbell?
Rap Interna.A state of mindGuaranteed
BellerucheLike 4 the hard way
Elec. Tech.Desired stateBeyond bass
WinstonsAmen brother
Elec. Tech.Desired stateGoes around
WinstonsAmen brother
Elec. Tech.Desired stateHere and now
WinstonsAmen brother
Elec. Tech.Desired stateInvasion
WinstonsAmen brother
Rap UsGod's property You are the only one
Jackson 5This place hotel (heartbreak hotel)
Rap UsMilitant mind stateBottom line
CrusadersSpanish harlem
Rap UsMilitant mind stateNiggaz come alive for '95 (it's on)
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsNorthern stateThings i'll do
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsState propertyIt's not right
Vicki sue robinsonHope your feelings are like mine
Rap UsState propertyNo glory
Millie jacksonI cry
Rap UsState propertyWhen you hear that
Krs-oneSound of the police
Rap UsState propertyWhen you hear that
Eric b. & rakimI know you got soul
Rap UsStatik selektah f/ state propertyAll 2gether now
Yamasuki'sYama yama

Les artistes qui ont samplé State property

Elec. Tech.U96I wanna be a kennedy
808 stateCubik
Elec. Tech.Holy noiseFather forgive them (trends mix)
808 stateCubik
Rap UsSnoop doggSensual seduction
808 statePacific
Elec. Tech.Peter katafalk Pacific 202
808 state Pacific 707
Elec. Tech.Osymyso8-beat-inspection
808 stateIn yer face
Elec. Tech.MegabassEsoteria
808 stateIn yer face
Rap UsPm dawnI'll be waiting for you
808 statePacific 202
Elec. Tech.Doc scottSurgery
808 statePacific state
Elec. Tech.Blank bansheeAmmonia clouds
808 statePacific state
Elec. Tech.X-staticMy inspiration
808 statePacific state
Elec. Tech.LuxuryThe silencer
808 statePacific state
Elec. Tech.UnkleIntro (optional)
808 statePacific state
Elec. Tech.Cloud 9Return of the donut
808 statePacific state
Rap FrJeff le nerfMoi aussi je rap
State propertyWhen you hear that

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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