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Les samples de Spice 1

spice 1
Rap UsSpice 1187 he wrote
Love unlimited orchestraSweet moments
Rap UsSpice 1380 on that ass
Rap UsSpice 1Clip & the trigga
George dukeDukey stick
Rap UsSpice 1R.i.p.
Gwen mccrae90% of me is you
Rap UsSpice 1Runnin' out da crackhouse
Isaac hayesBlue's crib
Rap UsSpice 1Sucka ass niggas
Run-dmcSucker m.c.'s (krush groove 1)
Rap UsSpice 1Bustas can't see me
One wayCutie pie
Rap UsSpice 1Bustas can't see me
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsSpice 1Bustas can't see me
CameoShake your pants
Rap UsSpice 1Doncha runaway
Bar-kaysYou can't run away
Rap UsSpice 1Face of a desperate man
Roy ayersThe memory
Rap UsSpice 1Strap on the side
Gap bandI don't believe you want to get up and dance (oops
Rap UsSpice 1You can get a gat for that
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsSpice 1City streets
DramaticsWhat you see is what you get
Rap UsSpice 1In my neighborhood
George dukeReach for it
Rap UsSpice 1Money or murder
Isaac hayesJoy
Rap UsSpice 1Money or murder
Curtis mayfieldMake me believe in you
Rap UsSpice 1Peace to my nine
FunkadelicOne nation under a groove
Rap UsSpice 1Welcome to the ghetto
Marvin gayeInner city blues (make me wanna holler)
Rap UsSpice 1Welcome to the ghetto
Sos bandNo one's gonna love you
Rap UsSpice 1Young nigga
ParliamentMothership connection
Rap UsSpice 1Young nigga
Ice cubeUs
Rap UsSpice 1 Thug in me
George benson Turn your love around
Rap UsSpice 12 hands & a razorblade
SantanaFried neckbones
Rap UsSpice 12 hands & a razorblade
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsSpice 1510, 213 (ft. w.c. & big syke)
Stevie wonderThat girl
Rap UsSpice 1Caught up in my gunplay
Marvin gayeAnger
Rap UsSpice 1Hydraulics on it westside remix
SupremesIt's time to breakdown
Rap UsSpice 1 & mc eihtNo one else
Lenny williamsLet's talk it over
Rap UsSpice 1, e-40 & the clickWhy you wanna funk?
Kool & the gangGet down on it
Pop VarietSpice girlsIf you wanna have some fun
ShalamarA night to remember
Pop VarietSpice girlsIf u can't dance
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Pop VarietSpice girlsIf u can't dance
Jimmy castor bunchIt's just begun
Pop VarietSpice girlsIf u can't dance
Digital undergroundThe humpty dance
Pop VarietSpice girlsWannabe
Bobby byrdHot pants (bonus beats)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Spice 1

Rap UsKero oneThis life ain't mine
SpiceSweet norma jones
Rap UsDj paul & lord infamousToo deep
Spice 1Trigga gots no heart
Rap FrAlpha 5.20Quoi de neuf pd
Spice 1 Face of a desperate man
Rap UsThug lifePour out a little liquor
Spice 1Welcome to the ghetto
RnB, SoulBen oncle soulSay you'll be there
Spice girlsSay you'll be there
Rap UsDeadly huntaTalk out loud
Spice girlsWannabe
Elec. Tech.OsymysoIntro-inspection
Spice girlsWannabe
Elec. Tech.AaaaaAnyway walking drowning
Spice girlsWannabe
Elec. Tech.Neil cicieregaShit
Spice girlsWannabe
Elec. Tech.Osymyso8-beat-inspection
Spice girlsSpice up your life

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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