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Les samples de Lupe fiasco

lupe fiasco
Rap UsJoy denalane lupe fiascoChange
Curtis mayfield & the impressionsMan oh man (i want to go back)
Rap UsLupe fiascoMission
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsLupe fiascoThe birds & the bees
Phoebe snowDon't let me down
Rap UsLupe fiascoWelcome back chilly
MaseWelcome back
Rap UsLupe fiascoCarrera lu (bonus track)
Earth, wind & fireBad tune
Rap UsLupe fiascoJust might be ok
Paul humphreyHumphrey's overture
Rap UsLupe fiascoAround my way (freedom ain't free)
Pete rock & cl smoothThey reminisce over you (t.r.o.y)
Rap UsLupe fiascoCool
Dexter wanselLife on mars
Rap UsLupe fiascoDaydreamin'
I monsterDaydream in blue
Rap UsLupe fiascoHe say she say featuring gemini and sarah green
Burt bacharachThe last one to be loved
Rap UsLupe fiascoJust might be ok
Paul humphreyHumphrey's overture
Rap UsLupe fiascoKick push
Celeste legaspiMagtaksil man ikaw
Rap UsLupe fiascoPressure (feat. jay-z)
Thelma houstonPressure cooker
Rap UsLupe fiascoReal
Harvey masonHow does it feel
Rap UsLupe fiascoSunshine
Diana rossFriend to friend
Rap UsLupe fiascoThe cool
Dexter wanselLife on mars
Rap UsLupe fiascoThe emperor's soundtrack
UfoThis kid’s / between the walls
Rap UsLupe fiascoJonylah forever
Rap UsLupe fiascoCoulda been
Killah priestStreet opera
Rap UsLupe fiascoCoulda been
Willie hutchMother's theme (mama)
Rap UsLupe fiascoThe pen and the needles
Marvin gayeMercy, mercy me (the ecology)
Rap UsLupe fiascoGold watch
PropositionsDo whatever turns you on pt.2
Rap UsLupe fiascoParis tokyo
Eumir deodatoSan juan sunset
Rap UsLupe fiascoStreets on fire
WinstonsAmen brother
Rap UsLupe fiascoHustlaz song
Gwen mccraeLove without sex
Rap UsLupe fiascoSuperstar (fiascogate remix)
The zodiacTaurus - the voluptuary
Rap UsLupe fiasco ft gizzleJump
Gigi d'agostinoBla bla bla
Rap Interna.Total fiascoSee how they run
Sound experienceDevil with the bust

Les artistes qui ont samplé Lupe fiasco

Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimAlways read the label
El lupePedro navaja
Pop VarietDutchBeyond all walking
La lupeSe te escapa
Rap UsChamillionaireDay dream
Lupe fiascoDaydreamin'
Rap UsCormegaRapture
Lupe fiascoCoulda been

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