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Les samples de Kendrick lamar ft drake

kendrick lamar ft drake
Rap UsAb-soul ft kendrick lamarTurn me up
Redman ft dj koolLet's get dirty
RnB, SoulBeyonce ft kendrick lamarFreedom
KaleidoscopeLet me try
RnB, SoulBridget kelly ft kendrick lamarStreet dreamin
Tupac ft tha dogg pound, method man & redmanGot my mind made up
Rap UsDr. dre ft kendrick lamar, marsha & candice pillayGenocide
Gap band # bruitage #
Rap UsDrakeBest i ever had
Hamilton, joe frank & reynoldsFallin' in love
Rap UsDrakeDraft day
Lauryn hillDoo wop (that thing)
Rap UsDrakeNice for what
Lauryn hillEx-factor
Rap UsDrakeOne more time
Clyde mcphatterMixed up cup
Rap UsDrakeKnow yourself
NetworkTinted glass
Rap UsDrakeStar67
NovalisNimm meine hand
Rap UsDrakeTeenage fever
Jennifer lopezIf you had my love
Rap UsDrakeStarted from the bottom
Bruno sanfilippo & mathias grassowAmbessence piano & drones 1
Rap UsDrakeWu-tang forever
Wu-tang clanIt's yourz
Rap UsDrakeCome winter
Marlena shawFeel like makin' love
RnB, SoulDrakeNice for what
Lauryn hillX-factor
Rap UsDrakeHotline bling
Timmy thomasWhy can't we live together
RnB, SoulDrakeI'm ready for you
Rap UsDrakeCongratulations
ColdplayViva la vida
Rap UsDrakeLust for life
Perry & sanlinI'm so glad there's you
Rap UsDrakeLust for life
Tears for fearsIdeas as opiates
Rap UsDrake Outro
Gonzales The tourist
Rap UsDrakeCameras
Jon. bCalling on you
RnB, SoulDrakeDoing it wrong
Don mcleanWhen a good thing goes bad
RnB, SoulDrakeDoing it wrong
Don mcleanThe wrong thing to do
Rap UsDrakeLook what you've done
PlayaIf u scared, say u scared
Rap UsDrakeOver my dead body
Dj screw ft e.s.gSailin' da south
Rap UsDrakePractice
JuvenileBack that azz up
Rap UsDrakeShot for me
Rap UsDrake Fancy
Ace spectrum i don't want to play around
Rap UsDrakeWeston road flows
Mary j. bligeMary's joint
Rap UsDrake feat rihannaTake care
Gil scott-heronI'll take care of you
Rap UsDrake feat. lil wayneUsed to
Marcello giombiniSynthotango
Rap UsDrake ft james fauntleroyGirls love beyonce
Destiny's childSay my name
Rap UsDrake ft jay-zPound cake
Wu-tang clanC.r.e.a.m.
Rap UsDrake ft jay-zPound cake
Ellie gouldingDon't say a word
Rap UsDrake ft lil wayneHyfr (hell ya fucking right)
E.s.gSwangin and bangin
Rap UsDrake ft lil wayne & bun bUptown
Billy joelUptown girl
Rap UsEminem ft kendrick lamarLove game
Wayne fontana & the mindbendersThe game of love
Rap UsEminem ft kendrick lamarLove game
Pinky tomlinThe object of my affection
Rap UsFrench montana ft drake, lil wayne & rick rossPop that
LukeI wanna rock
Rap UsGame ft kendrick lamarThe city
Fire incTonight is what it means to be young
Rap UsJ. cole ft kendrick lamarForbidden fruit
Ronnie fosterMystic brew
Rap UsJay rock (feat. kendrick lamar)Diary of a broke nigga
MomentsWhat's your name
RnB, SoulJustin bieber feat. drakeRight here
Fab 5 freddy feat. besideChange the beat (female version)
Rap UsKendrick lamarToday
Johnny hammondCan't we smile
Rap UsKendrick lamarDon't understand
MountainLong red
Rap UsKendrick lamarDuckworth
Ted taylorBe ever wonderful
Rap UsKendrick lamarDuckworth.
SeptemberOstavi trag
Rap UsKendrick lamarBitch don't kill my vibe
Boom clap bachelorsTiden flyver
Rap UsKendrick lamarBlack boy fly
Naughty by natureHip hop hooray
Rap UsKendrick lamarMoney trees (ft. jay rock)
Beach houseSilver soul
Rap UsKendrick lamarSing about me, i'm dying of thirst
Grant greenMaybe tomorrow
Rap UsKendrick lamarCelebration
Roy ayersHummin'
Rap UsKendrick lamarBitch don't kill my vibe
De la soulEye know
Rap UsKendrick lamarH.o.c.
Mass productionGalaxy
Rap UsKendrick lamarThe heart pt. 2
The rootsA peace of light
Rap UsKendrick lamarHol up
James brownThe boss
Rap UsKendrick lamar Keisha's song (her pain)
Alan parsons projectOld and wise
Rap UsKendrick lamarHood politics
Sufjan stevensAll for myself
Rap UsKendrick lamarI
Isley brothersLady
Rap UsKendrick lamarInstitutionalized
HomeboyzThe comrads
Rap UsKendrick lamarKing kunta
AhmadWe want the funk
Rap UsKendrick lamarKing kunta
James brownThe payback
Rap UsKendrick lamarKing kunta
Michael jacksonSmooth criminal
Rap UsKendrick lamarMomma
Lalah hathawayOn your own
Rap UsKendrick lamarMortal man
Houston personI no get eye for back
Rap UsKendrick lamarElement (original version)
Aretha franklinOne step ahead
Rap UsKendrick lamar (feat. jay rock)Money trees
Beach houseSilver soul
Rap UsKendrick lamar feat. colin munroeNo makeup (her vice)
MountainLong red
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft ab-soulP & p
The roots ft mercedes martinezClock with no hands
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft ab-soul & jay rockThe heart pt. 3 (will you let it die)
Willie hutchMother's theme (mama)
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft ashtro botKeisha's song (her pain)
MountainLong red
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft bj the chicago kidR.o.t.c (interlude)
Bobby caldwellOpen your eyes
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft dr. dreThe recipe
Twin sistersMeet the frownies
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft drakePoetic justice
Janet jacksonAny time, any place
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft george clinton & thundercatWesley's theory
Boris gardinerEvery nigger is a star
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft javonteShe needs me
MountainLong red
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft javonteOpposites attract (tomorrow without her)
StetsasonicGo stetsa i
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft jay rockMoney trees
Kendrick lamar ft gunplayCartoon & cereal
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft jay rockI do this
Bill withersDon't you want to stay
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft schoolboy qThe spiteful chant
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft u2Xxx
James brownGet up offa that thing
Rap UsKid cudi ft kendrick lamarSolo dolo pt. ii
Menahan street bandGoing the distance
Rap UsLil wayne ft drakeBelieve me
Reggie stepperCu oonuh
Pop VarietNick drakeMilk and honey
Jackson c. frankMilk and honey
Rap UsNicki minaj ft drake and lil wayneTruffle butter
Maya jane colesWhat they say
Rap UsNitty scott mc ft kendrick lamarFlower child
Dorothy ashbyCome live me
Rap UsRapsody ft kendrick lamar & lance skiiiwalkerPower
Bootsy's rubber bandMay the force be with you
Rap UsSchoolboy q ft kendrick lamarBlessed
SoulsticeFall into you
Rap UsSnoop lion feat. cori b. & drakeNo guns allowed
Rap UsSnoop lion feat. cori b. & drakeNo guns allowed
GorillazClint eastwood
RnB, SoulSza ft kendrick lamarDoves in the wind
RedmanLet's get dirty
RnB, SoulSza ft kendrick lamarDoves in the wind
Busta rhymesTurn me up some
Rap UsThe game ft drake100
Peabo brysonFeel the fire
Rap UsYg ft drake & kamaiyahWhy you always hatin?
The whole darn familySeven minutes of funk

Les artistes qui ont samplé Kendrick lamar ft drake

Rap UsPrhyme ft yelawolfW.o.w. (without warning)
Big sean ft kendrick lamar & jay electronicaControl
Rap Interna.MarzIch und mein jogger
DrakeBest i ever had
Rap FrGuizmoTu sais ce qu'on pense
DrakeUndergound kings
Pop VarietCeresiaHotline bling
DrakeHotline bling
Pop VarietKhamariHotline bling
DrakeHotline bling
Rap UsJuelz santanaDrake voice
Rap FrQuincyChez toi c'est chez moi
Drake feat. jay zPound cake
Rap FrTito princeLight up
Drake ft jay-zLight up
Rap UsB.o.b ft andré 3000Play the guitar
Drake ft t.i. & swizz beatzFancy
Rap UsTravi$ scottMia
Kendrick lamarThe art of peer pressure
Rap UsKendrick lamar ft jay rockMoney trees
Kendrick lamar ft gunplayCartoon & cereal
Rap FrEz3kielVersus
Nick drakeWay to blue
Pop VarietCeresiaWork
Rihanna ft drakeWork
Pop VarietSabrinaWork
Rihanna ft drakeWork
Rap UsJaylibThe red
Vanessa kendrick90% of me is you
ReggaeKarime kendra90% of me is you
Vanessa kendrick90% of me is you
Elec. Tech.Samantha powell90% of me is you
Vanessa kendrick90% of me is you
ReggaeThe dynamics90% of me is you
Vanessa kendrick90% of me is you
ReggaeMonkey jhayam & shniece mcmenaminVem comigo (90% of me is you)
Vanessa kendrick90% of me is you

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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