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Samples: 53896

Reprises: 2531

Membres: 2227

Les samples de E.s.g

Rap UsE.s.gAnticipation
Bar kaysAnticipation
Rap UsE.s.gHow many hoes
Dexter wanselTheme from planets
Rap UsE.s.g.Dirty hustle
CommodoresSay yeah
Rap UsE.s.g.Birdies that don't chirp
Isley brothersVoyage to atlantis
Rap UsE.s.g.Birdies that don't chirp
Dj quik Skanless
Rap UsE.s.g.Flipping
Al greenLove and happiness
Rap UsE.s.g.My real niggaz
Soul searchersAshley's roachclip
Rap UsE.s.g.Swangin' and bangin'
Public enemyGotta do what i gotta do
Rap UsE.s.g.Smoke on
The floatersFloat on

Les artistes qui ont samplé E.s.g

Rap UsDrakeOver my dead body
Dj screw ft e.s.gSailin' da south
Rap UsDrake ft lil wayneHyfr (hell ya fucking right)
E.s.gSwangin and bangin
Rap UsBotany boyzCloverland
E.s.g.Swangin and bangin screwed

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