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Les samples de Death grips

death grips
Rap UsBlue sky black deathBrain cells
Gravediggaz2 cups of blood
Rap UsBlue sky black deathForgive me
Bobby blue blandI'll take care of you
Rap UsBlue sky black deathThe era when we sang
Soul childrenMove over
Elec. Tech.Blue sky black deathAnd stars, ringed
Vitamin string quartetAmber
Elec. Tech.Blue sky black deathFalling short
Solomon burkeDon't give up on me
Elec. Tech.Blue sky black deathFarewell to the former world
Dusty springfieldThe windmills of your mind
Rap UsBlue sky black deathSky with hand
ImpressionsPeople get ready
Rap UsBlue sky black death & hell razahPray together
Marvin gayeCleo's apartment
Rap UsBlue sky black death & jean graeAway with me
The supremes & the temptationsI'll try something new
Rap UsBlue sky black death & jean graeShadows forever
The velvet undergroundVenus in furs
Rap UsBlue sky black death & jean graeThreats
Etta jamesSomething's got a hold on me
Rap UsBlue sky black death & jean grae ft blacastanAhead of the game
NasIt ain't hard to tell
Rap UsBlue sky black death & nacho picassoBloody murder
Barrington levyMurderer
Rap UsBlue sky black death & nacho picassoKickin out windows
Beastie boysStop that train
Rap UsDeath (mobo click)Brand new funk
Bob jamesTake me to the mardi gras
Rap UsDeath gripsDeath grips (next grips)
Nancy sinatraLightnin's girl
Elec. Tech.Death gripsBeware
Dickie burtonGod is watching you
Elec. Tech.Death gripsCulture shock
David bowieThe supermen (alternative)
Rap UsDeath gripsKlink
CastawaysLiar, liar
Rap UsDeath gripsHacker
M83Midnight city
Elec. Tech.Death in vegasDirt
Roxanne shanteBig mama
Elec. Tech.Death in vegasZugaga
KraftwerkTrans-europe express
Rap UsGrips and tonicLullaby
The cureLullaby
Rap UsPoetic deathOn my mind
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Elec. Tech.Robot death squadHot 9mm
Cypress hillHand on the glock
Rap UsSudden deathGodzilla
Blue oyster cultGodzilla

Les artistes qui ont samplé Death grips

Rap UsGoretexExtreme makeover
DeathZombie ritual
Elec. Tech.Crystal castlesUntrust us
Death from above 1979Dead womb
Rap UsSaigon feat. black thoughtToo long
Death in vegasGirls

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