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Les samples de Circle of tyrants

circle of tyrants
Rap Us2 chainz ft dolla boy (playaz circle)Stop me now
Cissy houstonNothing can stop me
Rap UsCircle of power1 for da trouble
James brownThe payback
Rap UsCircle of powerGhetto state of mind
Funk, inc.Kool is back
Rap UsCircle of powerPsycho 2
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsCircle of powerRun 4 ya life
Run-dmcRock box
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsCarnivores
Fabio frizzi & giorgio tucciMain theme
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsCarnivores
Jack nicholson (jack torrance) # dialogue #
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsFender rhodes suicide
ChicagoPoem 58
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsThe black wings of apocalypse
Goblin Profondo rosso
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsThe four horsemen
Ennio morriconeMystic and severe
Rap UsCircle of tyrantsTheatre of creeps
John harrisonPrologue
Rap UsDa circlePart time enemy
Average white bandJust wanna love you tonight
ReggaeInner circleDa bomb
Joe cockerWoman to woman
ReggaeInner circleIt's not about romance
Lafayette afro rock bandHihache
ReggaeInner circleNot about romance
Club nouveauWhy you treat me so bad
ReggaeInner circleSweat (dancehall remix)
Honey drippersImpeach the president
ReggaeJacob miller & inner circleStanding firm
Val bennett & the revolutionariesBlow mr. horn's man blow
Pop VarietRoger nichols & the small circle of friendsTrust
The peppermint trolley companyTrust
Rap UsSoutch circleFinal call
Tupac shakur ("bishop") # dialogue #
Rap UsWc & maad circleGet up on that funk
James brownGet up offa that thing
Rap UsWc & the maad circleAin't a damn thang changed
Kurtis blowAj scratch
Rap UsWc & the maad circleBehind closed doors
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Rap UsWc & the maad circleBehind closed doors
The j.b.'s with fred wesley, maceo parker, james bMore peas
Rap UsWc & the maad circleGhetto serenade
James brownFunky drummer
Rap UsWc & the maad circleSmokers la la bye
The persuadersThin line between love and hate
Rap UsWc & the maad circleU don't work, u don't eat
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsWc & the maad circleU don't work, u don't eat
James brownMind power
Rap UsWc & the maad circleCaught in a fad
Tears for fearsShout
Rap UsWc & the maad circleCurb servin'
Tom tom clubGenius of love
Rap UsWc & the maad circleCurb servin'
ParliamentDr. funkenstein
Rap UsWc & the maad circleThe one
Chocolate milkGirl callin'
Rap UsWc & the maad circleWest up
George dukeReach for it
Rap UsWc and the maad circleA soldier's story
SunMy woman

Les artistes qui ont samplé Circle of tyrants

Rap UsIll bill I'm a goon
Circle of tyrantsThe four horsemen
Rap UsThe gameLike father like son
Family circleMariya
Rap UsGolpe a golpeEstar enamorado
Inner circleSweat (a la la la la long)
Pop VarietJamie tIf you got the money
Inner circleSweat (a la la la la long)
Rap UsFabri fibraEscort
Inner circleSweat (a la la la la long)
Rap UsPublic enemy41:19
Inner circleBad boys
Rap UsBig noyd Shoot 'em up (bang bang) part 2
Inner circleBad boys
Rap UsThe loxYou'll see
Inner circleBad boys
Rap UsIllegalStick em' up
Inner circleBad boys
Rap UsBrokin english klikWho's da gangsta
Inner circleBad boys

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