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Les samples de Angel city

angel city
Rap UsAll cityThe actual (dj premier)
Chi-litesWe need order
Rap UsAll cityHot joint (remix)
Silver conventionHeart of stone
Elec. Tech.Angel alanisChi's revenge
Dexter wanselLife on mars
Elec. Tech.Angel alanisLove fuck
First choiceLove thang
Elec. Tech.Angel cityDo you know (i go crazy)
Robert milesChildren (radio edit)
Elec. Tech.Angel city ft lara mcallenLove me right
Ready for the worldOh shelia
Rap UsAngel hazeNew york
Gil scott-heronNew york is killing me
Elec. Tech.Angel of loveOne night love affair
B.b & q. bandStarlette
Rap UsAudio cityBroken heart
Three dog nightEli's coming
Rap UsBad azz & doggy's angelHow we get down
Brothers johnsonAin't we funkin now
Rap UsBong da cityAnima
Wendy carlosTitle music from a clockwork orange
Rap UsCam'ron ft sen cityMy life
Roy ayersEverybody loves the sunshine
Rap UsCam'ron ft sen cityDime after dime
Cyndi lauperTime after time
Elec. Tech.Cheeba cityAll nite long
Cathy dennisTouch me (all night long)
Rap UsChopper young cityDirty diana
Michael jacksonDirty diana
Rap UsChopper young cityStreet dreams
EurythmicsSweet dreams (are made of this)
Rap UsCity boyzDown like 4 flat tires
Lafayette afro rock bandHihache
Rap UsCity boyzDown like 4 flat tires
Kool & the gangSummer madness
Rap UsCity boyzDown like 4 flat tires
Kris krossAlright
Rap UsCity boyzDown like 4 flat tires
Gap bandBurn rubber on me (why you wanna hurt me)
Rap UsCity highWhat would you do
Dr. dreThe next episode
Rap UsCold city crewNothing like hip hop music
Michael jacksonDon't stop 'til you get enough
Rap UsCold city crewNothing like hip hop music
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Rap UsCold city crewNothing like hip hop music
Herman kelly & lifeDance to the drummer's beat
Rap UsCold city crewWe are cold city
Original conceptPump that bass
Rap UsCrown city rockersB-boy
5th dimensionDimension five
Rap UsCrown city rockersWithout love feat. zion i
Peter brownWithout love
Rap UsCrown city rockersSoul
The brothers johnson"q"
Elec. Tech.Dave angelSweet dreams (nightmare mix)
Out of the ordinaryThe dream
Elec. Tech.Dave angelSweet dreams (nightmare mix)
PropagandaDream within a dream
Rap UsFifth city mobMurder type
WhatnautsWhy can't people be colors too?
Rap UsIce cityThey ain't riden
Friends of distinctionAnd i love him
Elec. Tech.Inner cityBig fun
Nitro deluxeLet's get brutal
Rap UsJaybok the city aceHip hop phenomenal
Michael jacksonThriller
Elec. Tech.Julian the angelSweet child of mine
Guns n' rosesSweet child o' mine
Rap UsKansas city original soundBounce
James brownBlind man can see it
Elec. Tech.Mega city 2London to essex in 3 hours
WinstonsAmen brother
Elec. Tech.Mega city 2Atmospheric disturbance
Bob marley & the wailersNatural mystic
Rap UsMo' city posseRun-d
James brownGet on the good foot
Rap UsMurder city mobCriminal type
Boogie down productionsCriminal minded
Rap UsProphets of da cityUnderstand where i'm coming from
Cypress hillHow i could just kill a man
Rap UsPurple city feat. agallah & shiest bubzFly high
Alan parkerWatchword
Rap UsQuad city dj's C'mon 'n ride it (the train)
Barry whiteTheme from together brothers
Rap UsQuad city dj'sThe bass
Public enemyBring the noise
Pop VarietSmoke cityUnderwater love
James brownThe popcorn
Elec. Tech.Ten cityDevotion (the voice of paradise mix)
M.b.p. mixLight my fire
Pop VarietThe city of prague philharmonic orchestraStarman
Jack nitzscheStarman leaves / end title

Les artistes qui ont samplé Angel city

Rap UsChance the rapper ft vic mensa & sulaimanFamily
AngelYou're not fooling me
Elec. Tech.Chemical brothersCome with us
Bay city rollersKeep on dancing
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaReunion
City boyThe day the earth caught fire
Elec. Tech.The prodigyWarrior's dance
Dave angelSweet dreams (nightmare mix)
Elec. Tech.KavinskyPacific coast highway
Garden city police departmentGhost car
Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimChampion sound
Inner cityBig fun
Pop VarietMadonnaVogue
Inner cityAin't nobody better
Elec. Tech.DevilfishMan alive
Inner cityGood life
Elec. Tech.HithouseMove your feet to the rhythm of the beat
Inner cityGood life
Rap UsImmortal techniquePeruvian cocaine
New jack city # dialogue #
Rap FrLinoParadis assassiné
New york cityHang your head in shame
Rap UsNotorious b.i.g.Biggie
New york cityHang your head in shame
Rap UsKrs one & buckshotThe way i live (ft mary j blige)
New york cityHang your head in shame
Rap FrArsenikParadis assassiné
New york cityHang your head in shame
Rap FrRitmo de la nocheToutes nos fautes commises
New york cityMake me twice the man
Rap FrFuturistiqReste toi même
New york citySanity
Rap UsDilated peoplesProper propaganda
New york citySanity
Rap FrTony truand (tnt)Une seule goutte suffit
New york citySanity
Rap Interna.Frankie hi-nrg mcPrecariato
New york citySanity
Rap UsJ rawlsThat very first day
New york cityDo you remember yesterday
Rap UsMac millerDon't mind if i do
Owl cityFireflies
Pop VarietKidz bop kidsGood time
Owl city and carly rae jepsenGood time
Rap FrLa caution feat chateau flightDeserts et lézards
Prince charles and the city beat bandBush beat
Rap FrShai huludC'est la même rengaine
Purple cityPurple city byrdgang
Rap UsAudio push ft lil wayneSpace jam
Quad city dj'sSpace jam
Rap UsMary j. bligeLove is all we need
Rick james (and the stone city band)Moonchild
Rap UsAlkaholiksMary jane
Rick james (and the stone city band)Mary jane
Rap UsRedmanSmoke buddah
Rick james (and the stone city band)Mary jane
Rap Us10 degrees belowHey hottie
Rick james (and the stone city band)Mary jane
Rap UsInfamous mobbHustle hard
Soul city orchestraMission control
Elec. Tech.The prodigyFirestarter
Ten cityDevotion (the voice of paradise mix)
Elec. Tech.The prodigyRebel radio
Ten cityDevotion (the voice of paradise mix)
Elec. Tech.Aphex twinNightmail 1
Ten cityDevotion (the voice of paradise mix)
Elec. Tech.LuxuryThe silencer
Ten cityDevotion (club mix)
Rap FrShurik'nLa même chose
The city of prague philharmonic orchestraSense and sensibility
Rap FrVenomVigilantes feat blaq poet (dj premier vhs remix)
Van mccoy & the soul city symphonyLove is the answer
Rap UsActual proofLet me ride
Windy cityLet me ride

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