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Les samples de Magic system

magic system
Pop VarietAnima sound systemThe power of joy
Jean-michel jarreOxygene part 4
Rap FrD abuz systemTout vient a point
113 feat doudou mastaTruc de fou
Rap FrD abuz systèm feat tepaTout vient a point
Idéal jAttaque contre attaque
Rap FrD.abuz systemC'est la crise
Un fauteuil pour deux # dialogue #
Rap FrD.abuz systemDésolé
Stanley kubrick # dialogue #
Rap FrD.abuz systemPourquoi
Michael ironside # dialogue #
Rap FrD.abuz systemEst-ce qu'ils sont prêts
Al pacino & robert de niro # dialogue #
Rap FrD.abuz systemIntro
Southside movementI've been watching you
Rap FrD.abuz systemJ'vis dans le pêcher
Michael masserMy hero is a gun
Rap FrD.abuz systemLa concurrence
Pino donaggioNo trespassing
Rap FrD.abuz systemLe business
MandrillMovement 4
Rap FrD.abuz systemLe riche et le pauvre
MandrillSymphonic revolution
Rap FrD.abuz systemOn ne vit qu'une fois
Eric galeMorning glory
Rap FrD.abuz systemSyndikat du rap
Solomon burke & gene pageLove's street & fool's road
Rap FrD.abuz systemTraficants
NtmLaisse pas traîner ton fils
Rap FrD.abuz system feat. delta & rockin'squatLa tête haute
François de roubaixLe rapace
Rap FrD.abuz system feat. les spécialistes, rohff & oxmoLa loi du plus fort
Love unlimited orchestraMakin believe that it's you
Rap UsDj magic mikeMove them butt
Booker t and the mg'sMelting pot
Rap UsDj magic mikeMove them butt
Freddie roachBrown sugar
Rap UsDj magic mikeMurder in the first degree
Young-holt unlimitedLight my fire
Rap UsDj magic mike Murder in the first degree
Marvin gayeT plays it cool
Rap UsDj magic mikeM&m getting off
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Elec. Tech.Dj magic mikeHouse of magic
Michael jacksonBad
Rap UsDj magic mikeClass is in session
Bob jamesFarandole (l'arlesienne suite #2)
Rap UsDj magic mike & the royal posseWe're on a mission
WinstonsAmen brother
Pop VarietIbibio sound systemThe chant (iquo isang)
Golden soundsZangalewa
Rap UsJustice systemDedication to bambaataa
Boogie down productionsSouth bronx
Rap UsJustice systemDedication to bambaataa
A tribe called questVibes and stuff
Rap UsJustice systemDedication to bambaataa
Funky 4 + 1That's the joint
Rap UsJustice systemTrouble on my mind
Public enemyWelcome to the terrordome
Elec. Tech.Magic affairOmen 3
NwaExpress yourself (extended mix)
Rap FrMagic systemZouglou dance
Syndicate of lowRight on time
Rap FrMagic systemZouglou dance (joie de vivre)
BuariAdvice from father
Rap UsMagic trick The secret
Fab 5 freddy Change the beat
Elec. Tech.Makossa magicViva!
Michael jacksonWanna be startin' somethin'
Pop VarietMassilia sound system3968 cr 13
Les musiciens de provenceQuand l'erba fresc
Rap FrMassilia sound systemBouteille sur bouteille
Bob marleyNatural mystic
Rap FrMassilia sound systemMarseillais
Maria de rossiIl est marseillais
Pop VarietSystem of a downChop suey!
La bibleLuke 23:46
Pop VarietSystem of a downChop suey!
La bibleMatthew 27:46

Les artistes qui ont samplé Magic system

Rap FrDisiz la pesteC'est la vérité
113 feat. magic systemUn gaou à oran
RnB, SoulSyleena johnsonBull's eye (suddenly)
Blue magicSideshow
Rap UsChris brown Young love
Blue magicSideshow
Rap UsPhantom blackHome
Blue magicSideshow
Rap Us415Sideshow
Blue magicSideshow
Rap Interna.CevladeBesa mi palabra
Blue magicSpell
Rap UsGhostface killah & apollo brownMurder spree
Blue magicSpell
Rap UsDefari405 friday's
Blue magicTear it down
Rap UsChuuweePost mortem
Blue magicTear it down
Rap UsJermaine dupriProtector's of 1472
Blue magicYou won't have to tell me goodbye
Rap UsGravyA ghetto
Blue magicYou won't have to tell me goodbye
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderU wonderin'
Blue magicYou won’t have to tell me goodbye
Rap FrDisiz la peste feat humphreyNébuleuse
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsDilated peoplesRight and exact
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Elec. Tech.Sporto kantesGimme five
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsLuke & swiftBleib cool
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsYoung jeezyGo getta
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsAlchemistRight n' exact
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsApollo brownBorn on halloween
Blue magicBorn on halloween
Rap UsJean graeIntro
Blue magicHaunted (by your love)
Elec. Tech.BackiniChampagne flute
Captain beefheart & his magic bandYellow brick road
Pop VarietBobby womack feat. lana del reyDayglo reflection
Captain beefheart & his magic bandMoonlight on vermont
Rap FrLeeroyTa p'tite amie
D'abuz systemTa petite amie
Rap FrCut killerIntro
D.abuz systemIntro
Rap FrLe vrai benLa vérité
D.abuz systemLe syndicat du rap
Elec. Tech.Chemical brothersStarguitar
Electro systemFly to venus
Rap UsJurassic 5Freedom
Julius brockington & the magic forceThis feeling
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectRump shaker
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Elec. Tech.Chemical brothersBuzz track
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsEazy-eEazy-er said than dunn
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsMc shanThe bridge
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsRun-dmcJam-master jay
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsMantronixKing of the beats
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsCriminal element orchestraPut the needle to the record
Magic disco machine Scratchin'
Elec. Tech.C + c music factoryThings that make you go hmmm...
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsHardcoreHigh time
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsNwaQuiet on tha set
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Rap UsNwaReal niggaz don't die
Magic disco machineScratchin'
Elec. Tech.AirKelly watch the stars
Magic mixtureLiving on a hill
Rap UsGangreneFly brothers
Magic muscleI can travel anywhere/fly brothers
Elec. Tech.HerbaliserIt's just for you
Michael white's magic music companyIn the silence
Rap UsJurassic 5Lesson 6: the lecture
Micheal white's magic music companySpaceslide
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaHollywood
System of a down Lost in hollywood
Rap FrLil starChacun son heure
System of a downChop suey
Elec. Tech.Neil cicieregaCrocodile chop
System of a downChop suey!
Rap UsCruPay attention
The systemDon't disturb this groove
Rap UsTupacLost souls
The systemDon't disturb this groove
Rap FrLa ménagerieM.e.n.a.g.e.r.i.e
The systemBaptize the beat
Pop VarietVictoria beckhamThis groove
The systemDon't disturb this groove
Rap UsBig boiShutterbugg (ft cutty)
The systemYou are in my system
Pop VarietJennifer lopezI'm real
Yellow magic orchestraComputer games
Rap UsDe la soulBig brother beat
Yellow magic orchestraCosmic surfin'
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix ( part 2 )
Yellow magic orchestraFirecracker
Rap UsDe la soulFunky towel
Yellow magic orchestraFirecracker
Rap UsAfrika bambaataaDeath mix (part 2)
Yellow magic orchestra (ymo)Computer games

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