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Les samples de The united states of america

the united states of america
Elec. Tech.United future organizationDoopsylalolic
Jimmy mcgriffThe worm
Elec. Tech.United future organizationI'll bet you thought i'd never find you
FunkadelicYou'll like it too
Rap FrWinchester unitedNiveau de la loire
Francis cabrelEncore et encore
Rap FrWinchester unitedTerre brulée
Edith piafExodus
Rap FrWinchester unitedTerre brulée
Oxmo puccinoL'enfant seul

Les artistes qui ont samplé The united states of america

Rap FrDisiz la pesteDans tes rêves
AmericaLonely people
Rap UsMiloGeometry & theology
AmericaA horse with no name
Pop VarietJanet jacksonSomeone to call my lover
America'sVentura highway
Rap UsMac millerSmile back
The united states of americaComing down
Rap Interna.Absolute beginnerDum dum (diedel dum dum)
United states civil defenseDuck & cover

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