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Samples: 54259

Reprises: 2614

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Les samples de Swollen members

swollen members
Elec. Tech.Members of shockwaveEverybody
Snap!The power
Rap UsSwollen membersMeltdown
Solomon burkeGet out of my life, woman
Rap UsSwollen membersBring it home
Henry manciniIt had better be tonight
Rap UsSwollen membersFuel injected
Giorgio moroderTears
Rap UsSwollen membersTake it back
Kool & the gangLife is what you make it
Rap UsSwollen membersThe reflection
Jerry goldsmithKick the can
Rap UsSwollen membersTotal package
Pete rockTru master
Rap UsSwollen membersTotal package
Paul kassMoto perpetuo
Rap UsSwollen membersCircuit breaker
Ferrante & teicherReflections
Rap UsSwollen membersCounter parts
Ferrante & teicherLady love
Rap UsSwollen membersHorrified nights
Dilated peoplesThird degree
Rap UsSwollen membersHorrified nights
EpmdHead banger
Rap UsSwollen membersHorrified nights
KutfatherThoughts i generate
Rap UsSwollen membersHorrified nights
Georges delerueThe bycicle race
Rap UsSwollen membersStrength
Paul mauriatEtude in the form of rythm and blues
Rap UsSwollen membersStrength
Paul mauriatEtude in the form of rhythm & blues
Rap UsSwollen membersStrength
Mobb deepSurvival of the fittest
Rap UsSwollen membersBlack magic
Marion marloweThe man in the raincoat
Rap UsSwollen membersDark clouds
NasThe world is yours
Rap UsSwollen membersGrind
The rootsDon't say nuthin'
Rap UsSwollen membersPut me on (feat. everlast)
The gunter kallman choirDaydream
Rap UsSwollen membersToo hot (feat. dj babu)
Dap kingsNervous like me
Rap UsSwollen membersWeight
Jerry goldsmithRickard escapes
Rap UsSwollen membersFire
Mary jane girlsAll night long
Rap UsSwollen membersNight vision
Mary jane girlsAll night long
Rap UsSwollen membersAct on it
Earl klughA time for love
Rap UsSwollen membersHeavy thinkers
RakimThe saga begins
Rap UsSwollen membersGroundbreaking
2nd chapter of actsThe devil's lost again
Rap UsSwollen members feat dj babuVentilate
Lootpack feat. dilated peoplesLong awaited

Les artistes qui ont samplé Swollen members

Rap FrKartier federalMéfie toi
Swollen membersStop biting
Rap FrViiL'ecole de la nuit
Swollen membersBad dreams

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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