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Les samples de Shaquille o'neal

shaquille o
Elec. Tech.Alexander o'nealEvery time i get up
Bobby byrdHot pants... i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming
Elec. Tech.Alexander o'nealThe yoke (g.u.o.t.r.)
George clintonAtomic dog
RnB, SoulAlexander o'nealLove makes no sense
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Rap UsFu-schnickens & shaquille o'nealWhat's up doc? (can we rock?)
Gioacchino rossiniLargo al factotum
Pop VarietJamie o'nealAll by myself
Eric carmenAll by myself
Rap UsShaquille o'nealLegal money ft mobb deep
Marvin gaye & diana rossStop, look, listen
Rap UsShaquille o'nealI'm outstanding (funk lord remix)
Eric b. & rakimEric b. for president
Rap UsShaquille o'nealFiend 98
Eric b. & rakimMicrophone fiend
Rap UsShaquille o'nealFiend 98
Average white bandSchool boy crush
Rap UsShaquille o'neal Make this a night to remember
ShalamarA night to remember
Rap UsShaquille o'nealVoices
PoliceVoices inside my head
Rap UsShaquille o'nealBoom
Rap UsShaquille o'nealBoom!
Skull snapsIt's a new day
Rap UsShaquille o'nealBoom!
Five stairstepsDon't change your love
Rap UsShaquille o'nealI hate 2 brag
Herbie hancockWatermelon man
Rap UsShaquille o'nealI'm outstanding
Gap bandOutstanding
Rap UsShaquille o'nealI'm outstanding
James brownThe payback
Rap UsShaquille o'nealI'm outstanding
Yarbrough & peoplesDon't stop the music
Rap UsShaquille o'nealLet me in, let me in
James brownFunky president
Rap UsShaquille o'nealShoot pass slam
Kid dynamiteUphill peace of mind
Rap UsShaquille o'neal Freaky flow
Jeru the damajaCome clean
Rap UsShaquille o'nealNobody
NasIt ain't hard to tell
Rap UsShaquille o'nealNobody
Steve arringtonNobody can be you
Rap UsShaquille o'nealEdge of night
Phil collinsIn the air tonight
Rap UsShaquille o'nealEdge of night
Snoop doggMurder was the case (death after visualizing etern
Rap UsShaquille o'nealGame of death
MandrillChildren of the sun
Rap UsShaquille o'nealIt was all a dream
Alicia myersDon't do me this way
Rap UsShaquille o'nealYou can't stop the reign
Loose endsYou can't stop the rain..

Les artistes qui ont samplé Shaquille o'neal

Rap UsPras & john forteMove on
Alexander o'nealIf you were here tonight
Rap UsLl cool jDown the aisle
Alexander o'nealIf you were tonight
Rap UsTupacFuck the world
Alexander o'nealInnocent
Rap UsLl cool jCandy girl
Alexander o'nealSunshine
Rap UsNotorious b.i.g.Party and bullshit remix
Alexander o'nealA broken heart can mend
Rap UsRas kassIt is what it is
Alexander o'neal If you were here tonight
Rap FrCarré rougeNique a long terme
Alexander o'nealIf you were here tonight
Elec. Tech.DisclosureLividup
Alexander o'nealIntro to "hearsay"
Rap UsJay-zSunshine
Alexander o'nealSunshine
Rap UsFu-schnickensWhat's up doc? (can we rock?)
Neal heftBatman theme
Rap FrMatt moerdockBatman of da hood
Neal heftiBatman theme
Elec. Tech.Kartoon krewBatman
Neal heftiBatman theme
Rap Us50 centGatman and robin
Neal heftiBatman theme
Pop VarietR.e.m.Winged mammal theme
Neal heftiBatman theme
Pop VarietPrinceBatdance
Neal heftiBatman theme
Rap Interna.HijackThe badman is robbin'
Neal heftiBatman theme
Pop VarietThe venturesBatman theme
Neal heftiBatman theme
Pop VarietKinksMilk cow blues/batman theme/tired of waiting/milk
Neal heftiBatman theme
Rap UsSnoop doggBatman & robin (ft. lady of rage & rbx)
Neal heftiBatman theme
Elec. Tech.Altern 8Re-indulge
Neal howardIndulge
Rap UsBounty killa feat mobb deep and noydDeadly zone
Neal schonTheme
Rap UsPapooseMidnight express
Neal schonTheme
Rap UsBudgieTruly say
O'neal twinsHe keeps on making a way
Rap UsJay-zFuck all nite
Shaquille o'nealYou can't stop the reign

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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