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Les samples de Sandra richardson

sandra richardson
RnB, SoulCalvin richardsonKeep on pushin'
Sam cookeA change is gonna come
RnB, SoulCalvin richardson feat rha diggaKeep on pushin ( remix )
Grand master flashThe message
Pop VarietSandra Don't be aggressive
Wally badarou Mambo
Pop VarietSandraSeal it forever
Chris de burghLady in red
Pop VarietSandraSteady me
Pop VarietSandraWhen the rain doesn't come
Tom scott & the l.a. expressSneakin' in the back
Pop VarietSandraYour way to india
Phil collinsThat's just the way it is
Pop VarietSandra(life may be) a big insanity
Beastie boys(you gotta) fight for your right (to party!)
Pop VarietSandra (2)Hiroshima (extended version)
YesLeave it
Pop VarietSandra (2)Hiroshima (extended version)
Led zeppelinWhole lotta love
RnB, SoulSandra nkakeLa mauvaise réputation
Georges brassensLa mauvaise réputation

Les artistes qui ont samplé Sandra richardson

Elec. Tech.2 unlimitedTwilight zone
Sandra(i'll never be) maria magdalena
Rap Interna.CevladeQuieres ser mi amante
SandraMaria magdalena
Rap UsMain flow & 7lPermission to speak
Sandra phillipsNow that i'm gone (when are you leaving)
Elec. Tech.CassiusI love you so
Sandra richardsonI feel a song (in my heart)
RnB, SoulGladys knight & the pipsI feel a song (in my heart)
Sandra richardsonI feel a song (in my heart)
RnB, SoulBob jamesI feel a song (in my heart)
Sandra richardsonI feel a song (in my heart)
Rap UsJohnny doc & polo produceOutro to be or not to be
Sir john roberts & sandra fevaDo you believe in fate ?

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