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Les samples de Ran reed

ran reed
Rap UsPuppetmastaz and angie reedGive peace a chance
Plastic ono bandGive peace a chance
Rap UsRan reedDeep into the text
Cella dwellasGood dwellas
Rap UsRan reed10 pm
Chicago(i've been) searchin' so long
Rap UsRan reedTell me
Pierre dutourDeer forest
Rap UsRan reedDedication
MandrillAfrikus retrospectus
Rap UsRan reedRespect the architect
Cal tjaderQué tristeza
Rap UsRan reedRespect the architect
Biz markieNobody beats the biz
Rap UsRan reedSo what you want
Detroit emeraldsYou're getting a little too smart

Les artistes qui ont samplé Ran reed

Rap UsSmif-n-wessun feat talib kweliCrystal stair
Bobby reedThe time is right for love
Rap UsDe la soulEye patch
Jimmy reedJimmy reed blues
Rap FrPremière lignePerfect day
Lou reedPerfect day
Rap UsA tribe called questCan i kick it?
Lou reedWalk on the wild side
Pop VarietZüri west Lue zersch wohär dass dr wind wääit
Lou reed Walk on the wild side
Rap UsMarky mark & the funky bunchWildside
Lou reedWalk on the wild side
RnB, SoulFrancesco bearzatti tinissima 4etCriss cross
Lou reedWalk on the wild side
Elec. Tech.OsymysoIntro-inspection
Lou reedWalk on the wild side
Elec. Tech.RoudoudouWalking on the moog
Mike reedDrag blues
Elec. Tech.Dj shadowSad and lonely
Susan reedI'm sad and i'm lonely

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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