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Les samples de Phyllis hyman

phyllis hyman
Pop VarietDick hyman feat. howard aldenI'll see you in my dreams
Isham jonesI'll see you in my dreams

Les artistes qui ont samplé Phyllis hyman

Rap UsBusta rhymesWhere we are about to take it
Dick hymanTopless dancers of corfu
Pop VarietBeckSissyneck
Dick hymanThe moog and me
Rap UsDe la soulPatti dooke
Dick hymanImprovisations in fourths
Elec. Tech.Greens keepersLow and sweet
Dick hyman feat. howard aldenI'll see you in my dreams
Rap UsSmoke dzaPow wow (ft. dom kennedy)
Phillys hymanWhat you won't do for love
Rap Us112U already know
Phyllis hymanCan't we fall in love again
Rap Us9th wonder & nasThe cross (9th wonder remix)
Phyllis hymanBeautiful man of mine
Rap UsA.g.Off the wall
Phyllis hymanI don't want to lose you
Rap UsShowbizWhy should i play games
Phyllis hymanNo love can love you more
Rap UsSkyzooDear whoever
Phyllis hymanNo one can love
Rap UsLittle brotherCarolina agents
Phyllis hymanOne thing on my mind
Rap UsWade watersLifeline
Phyllis hymanSomewhere in my lifetime
Rap UsAvatar young blazeNever impossible (feat. isabella dugraf)
Phyllis hymanMagic mona
Rap UsMethod man and redmanA-yo
Phyllis hyman Magic mona
Elec. Tech.Bob sinclarBisous sucré
Phyllis nelsonI like you

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