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Les samples de Overlord x

overlord x
Rap UsOverlord xRadical kickbag
Public enemyBring the noise
Rap UsOverlord xBrutal bass
Ennio morriconeThe ecstasy of gold
Rap UsOverlord xRough in hackney
Public enemyYou're gonna get yours
Rap UsOverlord x Visa to rock
Tom tom club Genius of love
Rap UsOverlord xPowerhouse
Jimmy bo horneDance across the floor
Rap UsOverlord xPowerhouse
Soul searchersAshley's roachclip
Rap UsOverlord xThe predator
Rick jamesGive it to me baby
Rap UsOverlord xThe predator
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Overlord x

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