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Les samples de Living colour

living colour
Elec. Tech.Dark colour i can feel you
Pop VarietLiving colourBurning of the midnight lamp
Funk inc.Kool is back
RnB, SoulLiving colourLove and happiness
Al greenLove and happiness
Pop VarietLiving colourLove rears its ugly head
Nat king coleLush life
Rap UsLiving legendsForces of nature
Hubert lawsRestoration
Rap UsLiving legendsRabbit hole
Jefferson airplaneWhite rabbit
Elec. Tech.Return of the living acidGet funky!
Afrika bambaataaPlanet rock
Elec. Tech.The living tombstoneSpooky scary skeletons (remix)
Andrew goldSpooky scary skeletons
Rap UsYonas ft living in fonctionHello

Les artistes qui ont samplé Living colour

Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimEverybody needs a 303
Living colourLove rears its ugly head
Rap UsCommonNuthin' to do
Living jazzWalk on by
Rap UsBliss n esoPeople up on it
Living legendsDamn it feels good
Rap FrL'exécuteur de hong-kongMacao night club
Reuben wilson and the cost of livingBack rub

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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